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  1. Thanks, that seems to help I have GPS now. I don't subscribe to On Star so I guess I wouldn't still have the green light on. If so the light is off. Radio seems to come in a little better too. I don't have satellite radio but no biggie.
  2. Hi all, Figured I would throw this at you to see if you can help me. I have a 2015 Tahoe and it has 66,666 miles on it lol just lapped over to that when I pulled into the driveway today. Well, it has this squeak/squeal from the front driver side wheel. Could be brake dust but doesn't seem to stop it when cleaned out. I did notice today if you turn the wheel like as to change lanes it stops. Other then that it is a constant noise. I am going mental with it. The advice my husband gives me is turn up the radio. Yes, I have hit him multiple times lol But maybe you might know what to check, Brakes aren't that old so don't think it's that. Husband did mention something about some little metal thing on the brake that might be rubbing but come on should have worn off by now. Can ya help a fellow Tahoe driver lol Thanks!
  3. How did you use the Chevrolet app? I don't know how to get that? NOT tech savy. ?
  4. Hi All, I have some trouble with my MyLink navigation. It says NO GPS. I have updated the system a year ago and was working fine about a month ago. Is anyone else having issues with theirs? Frustrating when I need the GPS. Thanks In Advance!!
  5. Hi All, I have an 03 Yukon that was getting worse with the reduce power. We were throwing parts at it for awhile but nothing helped. Then one day we noticed that the display to show what gear you were in wasn't working right. Some days it wouldn't show what gear or it would show neutral not drive. Well finally it stopped working altogether. So hubby replaced the Neutral Safety Switch. Not sure if it's the right part we replaced but it has been a month now and no problem at all. Before he replaced it it would go in limp mode within 50 feet of starting to drive and then keep doing it at least 5 times in a half hour drive. I hope this helps someone.
  6. No not at all. I got my 2015 in June of 2014 so it almost has 47,000. But if you look at it as a true 2015 it would seem like a lot of miles but it actually isn't. Approximately 12,000 a year is what I figure.
  7. I agree with those guys. That is the only thing I used on my GMC Acadia and my 2015 Chevy Tahoe. I wouldn't use anything else.
  8. WOW, so glad that everyone is alright! It looks like it held up pretty good considering.
  9. Anyone have issues with hooking up a Western Plow to their 3500? We got our 2016 3500 Sierra and had a Western plow installed. Well, when they did that somehow they messed up the lights. I know for the plow lights they have to hook into the truck lights but now they truck lights flash for about 10 seconds before they finally stay on. When you unhook the plow harness and reconnect the factory lights it works fine. Does anyone know what might be the problem?
  10. I was just wondering if anyone elses if having an issue with the rear passenger seat base in their 2015 Tahoe? I had it replaced about 6 months after I got it and it cracked in the exact same place and in the same shape as the first time. I blamed my son for the first time but I know he didn't do it the second time. I am glad I got the extended warranty on it so they will replace it again but their has to be a reason why it cracked in the same place and in the same shape as before.
  11. Hi All, Well I took mine to the deal a couple months ago and so far so good. I did however save that pic that TheElementalCashew posted. You know just in case this crap starts all over again. If it starts again I will definitely let you all know.
  12. BabyJayne

    my Tahoe

  13. Ok Guys, I had my Tahoe to the dealer today for the seat fix. They said they put the shims in. So on the way home I made sure I was taking a lot of turns. Didn't feel any movement. They didn't have my order ready so they are mailing it to me or so they say. They were also supposed to do the passenger seat too. I guess when my hubby is driving I will get a chance to see if they actually did fix it. I will definitely keep you up to date on if it starts up again. From what I can tell if it does it doesn't take too long. I have 21,000 on my 2015 so I am sure I will be driving a lot.
  14. I had mine to the dealer today and they said that they have to get a new seat for it. i find it hard to believe that will fix the issue. I guess only time will tell with this. I will keep you all posted on if it was fixed when the new seat comes in or if that one will do the same dang thing.
  15. Hi Jennifer, I bought my 2015 Tahoe in July of 2014. I noticed not 3 months later it was making clicking noise as I was turning. My husband noticed it also when he drove it. It also happens on the passenger side. I took it to Faulkner Ciocca in PA where we bought it and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I am seat paranoid. I had a 2012 GMC Acadia that phyically hurt my tailbone to drive. I got rid of that for the Tahoe. I like to drive the Tahoe but the seat issue is well a pain in the butt!. It almost sounds like it is moving on the thread of a bolt or something like that. Not a big movement but still moves. They told me that they tightened all the bolts on both the driver and passenger seats but they still make the noise when turning. I noticed this not 3000 miles. I drive a lot so I have many miles on it now. Is there anything I can tell the dealer to look for so I can have this issue resolved? Thanks, Jayne
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