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  1. Thanks, topper or not you own the right color truck. Thats a sharp unit, how do you like the Duramax Engine? ~K.
  2. I went with Just the front level 2.1/2 with 22” rims and I get a lot of compliments. No rubbing issues either.
  3. I have the Borla dual and I love the deep sound when you get on it. Don’t know if there is a big difference in sound on the 5.3 but I have the 6.2 and it is very throaty. ✌?~C4
  4. Cheney4


    2015 Denali
  5. gms24, how much (ballpark) for you to put the Xenon 4300 degF bulbs w/kits in? Also..what is the best option on the fog light bulbs? I have a 2015 Sierra Denali w/6.2. Thank you in advance,
  6. Here is a close up view.. You guys like the Denali brake caliper covers?
  7. I have 22" BMF Novakane Death Metal rims with 22" Nitto terra glrappler tires on my 2015 Denali. It has the Ready Lift 2 1/4 front level ~K. ✌?
  8. Cheney4


  9. Cheney4

    My Ride

    Pics of my 2015 Denali
  10. I have the Borla Cat Back and it sounds amazing..especially with the KnN cold air intake. at idle it sounds healthy but in no way obnoxious but when you step on the gas it comes alive!! very pleased with this set-up, no drone noise whatsoever. ~K
  11. I have the ready lift 2 1/4 front leveling kit installed on my 15 Denali. I also had the Dealership install the sensor kit to get the magnetic ride to function properly. Now it rides like my wife's 2015 Yukon Denali ~K€.
  12. Sorry, screwed something up on the attachments. Can't seem to delete the post w/o pic in it
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