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  1. Wheel Spacer?

    2" spacers give a good stable look. Also, on my 2500 1" would have required cutting studs with my factory Denali wheels. So, that's why 2"
  2. My Benchmark is 20% or better off sticker I never paid a dime more than I need to. They gouge you at the beginning but the discounts will soon be rolling.
  3. This is why I'm putting my snow plow on early going to start teaching these fast lane slow motion people where their Lane is:-) just kidding people just kidding
  4. 2015 junked Sierra headlights

    200.00 for set in good condition imo
  5. 2019 Satin Steel Or White ???

    I would rather have my truck resemble Stormtroopers over Peter Pan :-) however some of the guys like me with a big black truck have the Darth Vader resemblance, seems like GM's got a theme going
  6. "I arrived home with at least 3/4 gas tank left." And of course a full bladder LOL when I travel from Colorado to Kansas City I am dropping about 4000 feet and I get about four and a half more miles per gallon going east then I do West. That's the best I can offer :-)
  7. Where can I find this hood??

    Ebay as well. Its a whole hood, not just a scoop
  8. Where can I find this hood??

    It's not an add on scoop. It's integral , you will need the whole hood. They're are after market scoops on ebay though
  9. Local craigslist or ebay. EBAY is where i got my 20s with brand new tires. 8 lug caps nuts and tps (sensors) for 1400.00 shipped. Then sold my 24k 18s for 1300 local. Deals are out there,
  10. I have a 2015 .5 GMC Sierra Denali trim level. I have a microphone right above my driver's visor on the ceiling. It's been replaced with the Dealer's warranty due to the antenna leaking and causing the microphone to fail with static. This repair was done 8 months ago. Yesterday out of the blue I hit the button to do a voice phone call and on the screen on the dashboard it said "voice recognition not detected" I shut the truck down restarted it and the same thing happens over and over again I hear the female voice telling me what to do but she doesn't hear me making my requests. Anything related to the antenna leaking has been warranted to 120000 miles I currently have 40,000 miles. So bringing it to the dealership shouldn't be an issue. As you know when things go to the dealer for one thing it comes back with five more problems. Has anyone else experienced this type of issue with their OnStar related microphone voice detection? If so would you be kind enough to let me know what your remedy was. Or, if this is something you are aware of and maybe of an assistance I would be greatly appreciative of any comments or advice. Thank you Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. 2019 Satin Steel Or White ???

    That white grille "stormtroopers" is very cool.
  12. 2019 Satin Steel Or White ???

    White, w poss black mods. Satin is good as it sits but the definition is lessened with satin.
  13. Not sure but am interested in answers as well as I'd like to find full length factory looking oval.
  14. Which Airbag System??

    I used Airlift. Installed for three years and no issues. Easy install. I use it on a 3/4 ton Sierra and gets used quite often hauling equipment box trailer. It's easy to maintain the level height whether there is tongue weight or not. I also have a 2in leveler on the front. You can change the rear height by approximately 3 in from the stock height by adding air I usually run 5 lb minimum up to 25 lb depending on the load and to maintain levelness

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