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  1. That's a whole bunch of issues, go for an exchange ASAP, if the next unit doesn't do well just get a refund and forget this you're going to be plagued with problems when the thing gets old instead of just out of the box.
  2. Your rebadged High Country looks good your ideas are pretty cool, unfortunate that Chevy decided to emboss Chevrolet in the back of the truck that's the one that would love the living hell out of me. Thank God they didn't decide to paint the inside of that lettering so it's not that noticeable
  3. Topper Questions

    Are. Leer, snugtop, are the best in they are in the 2002 $3,000 range new you can check a dealer that might have some that he's traded in when he sells his new ones. I will keep my eye open in the Kansas City area for you just in case but you're better off just buying a new one and getting exactly what you want if the money isn't a real big deal but like it said your going going to save a couple hundred bucks if you have to do all this extra stuff to it. And all of the terminology you were using is correct. If you can zoom in on my truck on my profile that a a ARE top I bounced back and forth between a.r.e and Lear. I personally like the smooth look on the sides. I had one repainted years ago for about $500 and it was a lousy job and I ended up getting a new one five months later anyway. If the body shop doesn't use the right preparation and right paint it will crack and come off. Good luck and I'll look around some of our listings. Also check Facebook Marketplace I heard is taking over a lot of Craigslist stuff
  4. It definitely is a crapshoot on whether or not any of this customer service from any company will help you with the products that they build. In this climate they are selling their for they are not helping people with their problems as much as they would if they were looking for sales. Definitely make your point known with your checkbook unfortunately you had to pay for your magneride replacement shocks. Highly doubt that GM will help in any way at all but let them know how you feel vent with them and then move on. It sucks I feel your pain I've had my issues had to fix them myself and not involve GM. As another poster said all of these manufacturers have some type of problem somewhere. Therefore as customers this is a crapshoot.
  5. This antenna leaking thing is ridiculous stupid, Beyond stupid. This has been ongoing since they put the stupid Fins Up on the Roof. They're well aware of it they extended my warranty on it until I ended up fixing it myself, they couldn't fix it or didn't know what to do to fix it.
  6. Keep in mind of the mold issue if you take it back to the dealer and you mentioned the mold lssue. Not only electrical corrosion issue they seem to move a hell of a lot faster because of a health-related issue which could stem to extremely large lawsuits.
  7. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    I carry a small assortment of tools for maintenance work on some commercial properties also I have the Line-X bed liner and the GM carpet liner with a leer shell on it might be able to see the pictures in my profile. The dog rides in the back when she comes with me and if I need to whole sheetrock no problem at all caring about 40 sheets of sheetrock on a 3/4 ton with the shell in place. Very versatile multi use. When we go camping we load up all the camping equipment it's locked it's safe, and on our way back from our camping trips if it's wet damp smelly it's no big deal in the back of the truck to Shell windows open. Also with a sliding window on the back of the crew cab and a sliding window on the front of the shell I'm able to put a boot in between that way I can air condition or heat the back for the animal and or the kids lol not really no kids are harmed in this explanation :-) but seriously the pickup truck version to me is much more versatile, you can pick up the Rubbermaid storage boxes bins and or the units that are built for the sides above the wheel wells and they are also lockable. You can still maintain a 4-foot width between the wheel wells for carrying plywood sheetrock or whatever you need to carry
  8. 2019 Denali Heads up Display

    No way? I can't believe this. Oh wait a minute I can. Probably better off using Google to get the latest information on this system.
  9. I still have eight tracks in my old Lincoln's. I love the old-school nasty sound and The Click Click between song wakes you up when you're driving :-). You can tell I am not very fussy audio file type of person so I am easy to please
  10. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    Since 1994 I've been back and forth between Suburban and the pickup truck 4 door. I did a lot of off road camping up in the mountains and found that the pickup truck is much better because opthe gear that might be wet stinky or even a dog that rolled in Deer jizz can ride in the back of a pickup truck with a shell on it. When the same situation occurred in the Suburban everyone encountered a very nasty ride home LOL. Back in the day I had a 3/4 ton Suburban as well as a 3/4 ton Silverado. I have been using a crew cab GMC for the last 9 years and probably would never go back to a Suburban because I was always afraid of getting it messy inside ,, just my little two cents. Nowadays is Suburban has I'm guessing and much nicer interior than the Silverado or the Sierra and of course the price tag follows along with that. Just like everything else it really does break down between your price point and what you're willing to live with. I just find the pickup truck to be more all around useful. However, I did end up with the Denali trim package which adds to something I guess in my head. It's still a work truck, but it cleans up real nice to use everyday. Good luck with your choice.
  11. If you have a sunroof sometimes they say it could be the drain tube for the sunroof. Or if you ever ran something through the firewall and didn't put the grommet back you could get water on the driver side floor pan as well. Has your visor area ever been wet or stained? That would tell you it's the antenna. Others might chimed in and mention the third brake light also has been an issue. I've never had that problem myself.
  12. This has been an ongoing issue for me over the last three years hit-and-miss the antenna leaks. Sometimes no then sometimes it does the dealer has tried to fix it 4 * and I gave up on the dealer. I opened it up and silicone it myself and it appears to be better finally
  13. How to install a dash cam on a 2019 Silverado

    Make sure that you look at the numbers on the side of the windshield it's about 6 in down I believe that is a legal limit as to how far something can be in the windshield space I had a friend pulled over because he had a stick on dash cam with a suction cup in a rental car and he got a ticket for obstructing his view apparently there's numbers or some type of line in the visor height of the windshield make sure you stay above that.
  14. 6.2L Yes or No

    Oh my God I hope the original poster just gets a damn truck gets this thread over with LOL

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