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  1. My 2018 Sierra 5.3 Double Cab is not included in the recall per the linked VIN lookup. I have not experienced odd behaviour from the braking system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. There are lots of different preferences. Some people will take off the stickers, and do other debadging. Some will add more / bigger stickers. Do what makes you happy. I'm sure there are a few who would pay for the larger sticker. I'd be concerned about copyright issues though if trying to sell.
  3. The truck looks good as it sits. Leveling is fine I guess if you never put more than 200 lb in the bed of your truck, but I like my truck to sit level at max payload, not empty.
  4. Good to know, thanks. I'll still continue to connect direct to the battery when not driving the truck though, for a couple reasons. First, it's more efficient. There is no need to convert DC to AC, then back to DC. Second, I don't like to leave a LiPo battery charging out of sight. While I consider the risk to be very low, it's not hard to find a few tales of batteries bursting into flames when charging.
  5. I've had the service trailer brakes message a few times. It was always a result of dirty connections so far in my experience. A helpful warning. I understand others are likely having more in-depth problems though.
  6. I occasionally use the outlet to charge the battery for my RC crawler while I'm driving. If the truck is parked, I connect the AC/DC charger directly to the battery, since the outlet turns off when the key is out. I'm only charging at 5A, and around 8V. IMG_2690_edited by Ryan Jakob, on Flickr
  7. Get a tiny trailer! I love the freedom of being able to drive / park almost anywhere while en route. In my area, there is a lot of demand for campsites at our Provincial Parks. The smaller your trailer, the more site options you have available to you.
  8. In rural areas, fuel stations can be very far apart. Also, if you do any driving late at night, stations that do actually exist, are closed anyway. For those more extreme situations, some extra fuel cans in the bed can get you trough, but it's just nicer to not have to pack 'em.
  9. The competition has a huge edge over GM in this category. I don't know what they were thinking, trying to get a best in class tow rating, with the smallest fuel tank in the class. Not too many people want to tow 13,000 lb with a half ton truck, and not too many people want to stop for gas at every station they pass when towing their travel trailer.
  10. Enjoy the new truck SteveJones! While I can understand some people's preference for the older models, the new trucks are better in most quantifiable ways.
  11. I wanted a truck, and I could get into a well equipped (IMO) Sierra, for far less than a Ford, due in part to the Family First discount. I was not a fan of the styling on the other available trucks. My previous truck was a '08 GMC Canyon, and I was happy enough with that ownership experience. I am somewhat biased towards GM, because my dad is a long time GM employee. Their wages paid to keep a roof over my head for many years. That bias only influences me so far though. Though my dad was not a fan of the decision, I bought a Mini for my wife to drive, because GM did not have anything that interested my wife at all.
  12. I agree with those saying that the rectangular lines look very out of place on such a curvy truck.
  13. The Autoblog article has a date of May 2019, though I'm not sure if that quote pre-dates the article.
  14. The AutoBlog article sums it up nicely "The rumors of a midsize Ram pickup are like a metronome — sometimes in motion, sometimes dead." I've heard numerous times Dodge, later Ram, would bring back a midsize pickup. But, I see no trucks, nor any mules out testing. FCA has the Gladiator, so technically they have a truck in the fight already. Will they bother with another? I'll believe there is a midsize Ram coming when I see a test mule out on the roads.
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