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  1. Here’s the mount. You would not want to leave it on for off road use, but I think that is true of almost any plow mount. Removal is easy. Just the electrical plug and two clips with keeper pins.
  2. This fall, I bought a house with a large driveway. I debated quite a lot about how I would clear snow this winter. My initial thought was a lawn tractor with a blower. But, then I was not sure if such a small tractor would be too easily overwhelmed. So, I started looking at slightly larger garden tractors. I was considering some Kubota 4x4 units, but the price was high, and the GR series had some issues. Next, I was thinking, why not spend a little more, and get a subcompact tractor with a bucket on it as well. I was not eager to spend big money on a tractor, so ultimately decided against that idea. I considered getting an older plow truck, but I'm not a mechanic, and I did not really want a project. Finally, I settled on getting a small, light plow for my 1500. It's a controversial decision, I know. I don't intend for the plow to ever leave my driveway. Will it hold up? Will it get the job done when the snow gets deep and heavy? Is the Sierra 1500 up to the task? Time will tell. I just used it for the first time today, and it worked well for clearing 5" of light now. If anybody is interested, I took a stab at making a YouTube video with my initial impressions. No, my channel is not monetized. The video was in no way sponsored. I'm not asking you to like, our subscribe. I usually make RC videos, but though some people might be curious about this plow.
  3. If it was me, I'd get it fixed, and keep driving it for just as long as I had planned to prior to the accident. I'd do a little research on what options I have for additional compensation due to "diminished value." Laws may vary by country / region.
  4. My boss has a 2014 crew cab with the longer bed option and 4.3L. He loads the truck up with his family, and tows a ~3,500 lb travel trailer. He said it is a much better experience than the minivan he towed with previously (obviously). It gets the job done, and he is happy enough with the power. He does not regret his engine choice. When I was shopping, I was open to the 4.3L, but no dealerships seemed to have them on the lot. So, I happily took the 5.3L, which has more than enough power for my needs.
  5. Just last week was another time I was thankful for a 6.5ft bed. I picked up a king size bed frame / headboard, and it fit perfectly with the tailgate up, not an extra inch to spare. There have been many times I've been happy I had the 6.5ft bed on my truck. I've had a full bed many more times than I have had 4-6 people in the cab, so the double cab is serving me very well for my current stage of life. Sticking to the shorter wheelbase was nice, since I was living in a city when I bought the truck. I was also on a tight budget, so the double cab worked well there too.
  6. It's interesting. It looks more capable than I was expecting. I'm just not sure who will buy these. Who is the target buyer / demographic?
  7. Rented an 8.5x20 for my move. I towed it empty, and I definitely felt it, since it was windy. Burned about 25L/100km on the highway. When it was loaded, my dad towed it with his Denali 2500.
  8. I took mine off the first week I had the truck, for clearance and appearance reasons. I don't miss it. I don't race my truck, or tow 9,000 lb trailers up mountains on hot summer days, so I have not been dissatisfied with the performance in any way.
  9. Rented a 6x10 cargo trailer to move some stuff this week. I loaded the trailer with lots of tongue weight, in addition to having lots of weight in the truck bed. It leveled out the truck pretty good. I hauled it 5h down the highway. Got 14.1 l/100km loaded, with a tailwind. On the way back, empty, I got 16.5 l/100km into a very strong headwind. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. "Watch out Bo, there's a dip in the road up ahead... yeeeeeeeehaaawww!" It really dos not take much to kick up the front end of the truck. Here's the video:
  11. When I took delivery of my truck, it was in 4 auto, and I did not notice until I had a few hundred km on it. No harm done.
  12. Nice tires. I’d consider running those. Honestly though, I’ve yet to have a problem with my Continental LX20, so I probably don’t need an AT. I run a set of winter tires in the winter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. So many people seem to base their oil change intervals on no factual scientific information at all, then proclaim to the rest of the world, they should do the same. I always like when people chime in with some test reports.
  14. Absolutely. Winter tires work much better in the winter, whether it is cold and rainy, deep snow, compacted snow, or ice. I like better. Sometimes other drivers make bad decisions, and you are left to make a split second decision, with no space to spare. The little bit of extra traction over an all terrain tire could keep you out of trouble. If running winter tires for a lifetime helps me avoid even a single accident, I'd say it was worth it.
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