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  1. Nope stock ride height, no relevant mods. I get flashed a ton if I have any payload, but still get flashed with an empty truck too sometimes.
  2. Initially, I too thought it was pretty lame that Custom trucks got halogen bulbs. But, a few owners have chimed in, and said they are not too bad. While I like the bright headlights in my '18 Sierra, I don't like how often oncoming drivers flash their high beams at me when I only have my low beams on.
  3. Installed a rack to get the truck ready for camping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Since I'm not shopping for a new truck right now, I have not kept a close eye on incentives, but in my area, they were running radio ads for the Custom and Custom Trail Boss.
  5. Comparing the on-paper specs only, the Custom does appear to me to be the best value for those who don't want to spend a fortune. The only disappointment for me is the halogen headlamps. That's a step back from the 2018 Sierra Base.
  6. Tire rotation.

    Yup, they are a business, and I understand where they are coming from. They don't make a ton of money selling me a truck, but they can make some good coin by selling extended warranties, exterior protection packages, interior protection packages, dealer installed accessories, useless anti-rust modules, tire rotations, overpriced inspections, etc....
  7. Chit chat

    I wish you all the best with the search for your little family member. That's not a nice situation to be in. I remember last winter, I was following (on facebook) the tale of a 9 month old Standard Poodle who somehow got away from its owner on a hike. With each day that passed, it seemed success was less and less likely, especially given the cold winter temperatures, but after around a week, the dog was finally found, in fairly good health. Hold on to hope for as long as is reasonable, and again, good luck with the search.
  8. Tire rotation.

    Since I always run winter tires in the winter, I never rotate tires just for the sake of rotating tires. When I do a seasonal changeover, I give the tires a visual inspection, and choose their mounting position accordingly. My truck is the first new vehicle I've ever bought though. I'm not sure how I will or will not follow their recommended service visits. They love to pressure you into doing things like inspections, alignments, and other things that may not actually need any attention.
  9. 2019 Blazer - HOT OR NOT

    Are they even on sale yet? lol I have not seen one either.
  10. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Actually, Skyline Drive - Shenandoah National Park.
  11. The article suggests her earnings are comparable to that of her peers at Ford and Boeing. I assume numerous other similar companies pay their CEOs between $15-20M as well. What more is there to say? As somebody who earns a salary closer to the "average union" worker, it is hard for me to fathom "earning" salaries that large. It's a whole other world at the top of the corporate ladder.
  12. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. So, you are thinking of going from an AT to a MT, but you want something that is better for "general street usage?"
  14. Why do you hate the Duratrac? That is a surprising comment. What conditions are you facing?
  15. Chit chat

    Gotta love a good deal! Only $60 (CAD) for a ladder rack. I’m going to work out a way to anchor it into the stake pockets, so I can avoid drilling into the bed rails, and still use my roll up tonneau cover. I bought it for transporting a canoe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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