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  1. Locking wheel nuts are so stupid. A hassle, a waste of time, and in this case, lead to more damage to the truck than what would have otherwise occurred. Sorry about your luck.
  2. I would not hesitate to go 15% over max payload to pick up a load of flooring personally. I have not maxed out my current Sierra*, but I did have by 2008 Canyon at max payload, and it did not feel strained. Of course, I would adjust my driving style, and leave extra braking distance. I would not exceed the posted speed limit. *I may have maxed out / exceeded the payload rating on my Sierra, but I had no way to accurately estimate the weight of the load.
  3. Ugh, I know the feeling of salespeople not taking you seriously. When my wife and I got married 3 years ago, she was 24, and I was 28. Since then, we have shopped and bought 2 vehicles, and a travel trailer. We definitely had a few run-ins with salesmen who did not seem interested in selling us anything. With every year that passes, it seems to get a bit better, but there are still plenty of bad salesmen out there....
  4. Front air dam removal?

    It costs $0, and less than half an hour to remove an air dam. It yields improved clearance, and improved appearance (subjective). A proper lift is far more expensive, and far more labour intensive to install. It also makes it more challenging to step into the bed, or load and unload cargo.
  5. Issues with BFG K02's

    If you want quiet, and long life, go for the Michelin Defender LTX M/S.
  6. What is GMC thinking?

    I've only seen about five T1 trucks out in the wild so far, so I would not say any trim is popular. lol If we're talking about the K2 trucks, in my area, the 2016-2018 Elevation is one of the most popular configurations I see. I snatched up one for myself, so that may bias my perception a bit, but they are certainly not rare.
  7. Front air dam removal?

    On my old truck my motivation was 100% for added clearance, and 0% for appearance. On my new truck I don't plan to do as much off roading, so the move was about 75% for appearance and 25% for added clearance. As others have mentioned, even some parking curbs can catch these air dams, which I think is a little ridiculous.
  8. By the time you unmount the tires, blast, powdercoat, remount, and balance, you could be getting close to the cost of some new or near new takeoffs from a newer truck. So replacement could be an option to keep in mind.
  9. 14 gmc towing

    For a 34ft trailer, I assume that is dry, with no propane tanks or battery. Correct? Typically, when you add a few passengers, and gear in the bed of the truck, along with the tongue weight of the trailer, you run out of payload before you hit your "max towing" number.
  10. really??

    I've seen very few extended cab trucks with an 8ft bed (of any brand) on the roads, in the last 10 years. I do a double-take every time I see one, because they are very rare.
  11. Front air dam removal?

    That's gonna be a no-go.
  12. The "thin protective covering" has failed. That's why your wheels have oxidized. Don't worry about removing more of it. Ideally, you will want to remove all of the coating, and all of the oxidization, using steel wool, or another abrasive method of your choice. Then, clean thoroughly, and add another protectant of your choice, like a spraybomb of clear-coat for example.
  13. Front air dam removal?

    No problem. I typically use Google to search this forum for threads that I know have come up before. Your search will look like: "air dam site:www.gm-trucks.com" or replace the "air dam" with whatever more specific term you are trying to search, just follow it with "site:www.gm-trucks.com"
  14. The OP's wearing through his all terrain tires too quickly, so you suggest a mud terrain? Well, I could go the other direction, and suggest an HT, like the Michelin Defender LTX M/S. The OP did not describe his usage / driving conditions at all so...

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