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  1. If it's local I would definitely talk to them before you go on your trip at least to make an appearance there so you can document that you went back before your trip so they don't claim something happened during your trip. Dealers sell but they are professional Liars. So document everything very clearly and definitely stop by the dealer and just show the sales manager what you got and you'll be in touch with them when you get back from your trip. Good luck and have a good trip
  2. Nice looking truck. Design is great, good luck with her. Flares, mmmm not sure about painting. Would be afraid of paint coming off, either way would look good tho
  3. Contact the aftermarket companies to see if they've got plans for some or maybe they've got some available. I'm sure they've got something in the works
  4. https://sharpline.com/ Check this company out. They've matched some of their stock vinyl to color codes from vehicles that I gave them in the past.
  5. If you are looking at the GMC Evolution and it didn't have the crew cab or the leather it's obvious they haven't EVOLVED yet. LOL
  6. Canadians are ELEVATED to a different set of options
  7. Congratulations, good luck and keep in mind nothing is trouble-free hopefully a GM product will be much less stressful for you.
  8. I believe a Good hub-centric Wheel spacer called Bora, I put 2 in spacers on my truck and have had good luck with them.
  9. And if it's a pickup truck throw them in the back in the bed of the truck. :-)
  10. Scoop and the grill w horizontal bars looks great IMO. But at least the scoop is not just for design , it is necessary for the big air suckers...
  11. Looks great, the 19 ram looks old out of the box. Chevy looks great. Good luck with it. What tires and wheels are on it, looks great
  12. I have had this same issue, Sierra 2500 slow speeds, especially rougher parking lots and gravel roads as well. Sounds like bumper, shocks or something loose,,,, I have a 2" dealer installed level, and was bothered by this, However, at 40k miles I replaced my Roncho "red" shocks and the noise and issue has diminished, but not gone. You have considerably less miles and would think your shocks would be the issue. I have heard of other " solutions" but nothing helped. Knowing that you have a lift or level helps narrow it down. "nothing loose" same here. sadly, more often than not, other guys fix problems and never post repairs that worked updates. so, If you find something that works, share it I'll continue to look, other than removing level.... <<<<< might be the problem.

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