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  1. I had a curb jump out in front of me once, seriously though, I would take it in for a evaluation, just in case. Have them put it on a lift and do a thorough inspection. It's new, so check it out.
  2. Is this with the "remote start"? or with key in engine started? or maybe a key less ignition and distance from FOB is to great? My truck shuts down after 15 min if I use the remote start and allows only one more cycle.
  3. I feel so much smarter for knowing more about a turd. LOL
  4. Ford is safe, GM not so much. I've been GM loyal since 1986, I am however open to doing the best for "ME" and I will definitely review the Ram in the near future. Ram does have the whole package. It is worth looking into. Owner reviews and input are very important, now, and a few months into their ownership of a 2019 model. I'll set up the ram threads on TapaTalk and be a fly on the wall.

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