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  1. There's always going to be something better on one model one manufacturer over the other always has been always will be
  2. Ouch, bundle for cam, battery and rear cam 800$
  3. Wow, astonishing. Shame, Bright side. Scratch and Dent sale..
  4. Yes, agreed especially the 19's. However, his is the first generation stormtrooper. And close enough At least in my opinion. Doesn't look like a hummingbird edition. Lol
  5. Yes, this is the one that I have and it is very good in my opinion I've had a number over the years and this one is very good. We just went on a 4000 mile summer trip and it worked flawlessly. Capturing some awesome video that we weren't even thinking was there so on that end of it it was awesome. However you do need to stay up on the updates that they talk about online. It keeps it running at its highest performance and I believe the unit I have takes a 128gb card where most of them only take 16 up to 32 gigabytes. Try it out you don't like it send it back got to love Amazon Always make sure you use the same cord that comes with it some of them have different wattages even though it may have that small USB connector they may be different Watts so use the one that comes with it, yes I made that mistake because I was lazy to run the new line :-) but I did :-)
  6. You have one big ass battle to fight. Been there, fight like you never have for anything, keep your spirits up and stay optimistic even when you feel like giving up. Keep family close, heck, you will probably be to busy supporting them to worry about yourself. Above all, just remember who's in charge He has plans for you on his schedule, God Bless you and your family. Prayers and Blessings..
  7. Why can't the auto manufacturers just do it right when they have 100% access to the frame. There's got to be a material that they can dump it in put it in a trough spray it or something that would eliminate the rusting of the frame. This seems to be such a normal amount of work and since I'm OCD I know you can never get all of the frame so why bother.
  8. Did u calibrate the speedo?. Not sure if that would affect the computer / gps.
  9. Also, Amazon sells the little frame plug caps for those annoying holes that you see on the frame at the back wheel. Pretty inexpensive for one set and they just push in,. The wheel well inserts are great for soundproofing as well
  10. Footwell lighting, on all the time when vehicle is on? While driving as well?? Can it be tied to the dome lights to gradually dim??? This would be nice set up.
  11. Whatever happened to 36000 mile 3 year bumper to bumper?
  12. if you're handy you can buy that same carbon wrap for about $25 and put it on yourself. It looks as if it's just 3m vinyl wrap material
  13. Definitely check the OnStar antenna that was my nightmare for 40000 miles and they finally fixed it with the replacement antenna different gasket system

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