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  1. So please share what the overall cost was to do this modification. I understand the windshield has to be replaced as well this is true? With labor and materials must have been crazy cost over 2,000 cost over 2000 $3,000? But the overall completed job looks fantastic. But please share what you would realistically charge to do that in someone's vehicle
  2. I really miss my 02 Silverado that had a pin that you would pull out and your headlights would just pivot you can change a bulb with no problem at all 5 minutes tops . my 15 Sierra basically is a 3-hour process taking the grill apart the the second battery out since I have a diesel support brackets that connect the fender to the front assembly, or pulling apart your air filter container / out/ all that just to get to a stupid bulb.
  3. Whatever they are it does not look like the occupants are too happy with them they have a non expressive look on their face...
  4. Prob not as the 2020 2500 starts with the multi gate, 19 didnt have them....
  5. I saw this coming with that Pro tailgate you have that extra step down and you open the tailgate and it will smash right into your hitch receiver. The first truck I saw I showed it to the sales guy that was on the showroom floor at the car show and he's like wow man never saw that happening. Now it's a big problem lot of people are denting the crap out of their tailgates
  6. Return it, if u can, sorry you are not happy, you do have some valid points tho
  7. Yup just let a bit out, that's all the dealer or so called pro would do.. more ain't always better,
  8. Im holding off on a new truck because of the interior. Mt 2500 dmax denali 2015 and the interior is same or better than 2020. Why? Yeah im a snob, i work freaking hard for what i buy and when i buy high end i want high end, and ill pay, but jeez, a mercedes or caddy cant haul what i need it to do. Remember "Dmax" well it wont fit in a cts or whatever is a nice caddy. Lol. Im patient and i love what i have even with the little issues after 55k. No gripes there, just when you do a new truck design, doi it all or dont do it at all.. i trust they will get it right, 2022 prob for hd trucks, at least the "new model" problems should be fixed by then. If not. Gm dont get my money easy as that.. Rant over
  9. Amazing post, I have a 2015 Denali as well surprising or not surprising I guess my driver's window stopped working properly yesterday I can lower the window and put it up but then when it's in the up position it decides to go back down at any level it wants, I can at least get it up to a point and then hit the switch again and it will stop where it needs to however it doesn't do it automatically anymore. If I hear of any resolutions to your problems I will share it with you as I am looking at other sites as well for information. Good luck and if you figure something out let us know.
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