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  1. What ? No kidding that woulda looked awesome. Lol
  2. That is a very awesome story that tailgate is pretty cool but, there's always something. At the car show we lowered the tailgate and if you had a hitch on the back of your truck it would have smashed the inner tailgate when it came down how do you prevent that from happening if you just forget that the ball was there like I would cuz I always have one on my truck?, even the salesman, sorry salesperson prob transgender, didn't even have an idea about that happening... I guess when you remove your trailer you would have to remove the ball every single time. Then again if your trailer is hooked up the tailgate comes down and then you open the inner tailgate it will smash against the front Jack of the trailer. Okay I just talked myself out of getting one.
  3. See if a matt finish or a wrap of some sort would work... or a temporary as need cloth material.
  4. That would be sweet, 2 door, 6.2 4x4 8 ft bed with a good choice of options...... well, not holding breath
  5. Yes, hopefully a new interior. With some care going into the design. Im not happy with what the interior is on the new truck. 2019 1500 2020 2500. Keeping my 15 a couple more years. Paid off and i can't see spending money on something that is just ok , in my book..... afraid of ram and only slightly impressed by ford. Not worth a new truck, still love the 15, and Finally the only problem to date / from new was the leaking sharkfin. FIXED. So other than shocks that's all i needed so far..... at 51k I hope gm get with the interior redo tho..... sad they went backwards IMHO However. Exterior on both Sierra and Silverado are pretty good to me.... for 19 and 20
  6. No kidding that woulda looked awesome. Lol
  7. I would look on Amazon and they've got 17 billion switches that you could choose from probably finding the exact same one that's on the dash
  8. Warped rotor's. Possibly,, have brake shop check on it , or dealer if you get inspection during oil change or other service.
  9. No you didn't. lol. You went and found a mud hole to drive in LOL
  10. just tell people it's a "special" blue Anyway, it looks blue to me what's in a color named go to Home Depot look up what " Ivory mocha mint" paint chip looks like. It looks like diarrhea . What's in a name?
  11. I wouldn't live in a state that needs a front license plate. Kidding, or just move to Kansas. Anyway is there a way to use 3M tape?. It's strong as hell if you get the automotive grade. You just need to find a flat surface on the back of the mount if it has one that's the only concern I would have with using 3M double face tape
  12. First thing I would check is tire pressure balanced on each side.? Second , yes shocks especially those cheap-ass pieces of junk Ranchos or Roncho's that GM puts on can and will fail even prior to 20,000 miles I am speaking from experience. Tire pressure Shocks Update what u find.... Good luck

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