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  1. Kinda pricey estimates for sure. Interested in what you find out.
  2. I just had that happen to me. Truck had been sitting for long time over winter - nowhere to go with COVID - no issues starting or other issues seen but no autstop. Charged up the battery and it started working again. Guess even driving a few times (30 min trips locally) did not charge it enough. Battery was around 12.4 when it did not work and 12.5 when it did.
  3. I have a 2021 and so far no problems at all - fingers crossed! These posts scare me
  4. looks like a lot of squat but could be picture angle. Nice looking truck!
  5. I have a 2021 LT 1500 5.3L L84 (w/DFM) and just over 5000KM/3100miles and so far only check light i had seemed to be with leaving USB charging phone when turned off and it has gone away now (took a couple of starts to disappear). Going for my first oil change but spent summer towing with it and so far so good. Fingers crossed.... What is the date range the cylinders were affected? My build date is 2020-09-18
  6. ya sounds bogus tp me too. I get the hard shifty at low speed sometimes when first starting down road from my driveway. Is thatwhat you mean? I have a 2021 LT
  7. This happned to me this weekend. I have a 2021 5.3l with 2000km. All was fine and only thing I did was charging my phone with a 12v USB adapter in accessory port while I was working on my RV at storage site. Unplugged it whenot was charged and started truck about 20 minutes after that. On comes check light. Drove a few KM's and resterted truck 2 or 3 times before I got home. Turned off and on in drive way and it no loner is on. Sure seems related to this thread, I did not notice any odd sounds or performance issues driving. Very werid.
  8. Well trusting them to contact me I am not so sure about but yes plan to contact dealer to check.
  9. So I saw the notice in GM Authority newsletter about this drain. I have a 2021 1500 LT but have not experienced this issue yet. Is it safe to say I am not affected by this? The customer satisfaction number reference is N212335340 but I cannot find details to tell if I need to get this fix for my truck. Any ideas where I could look it up? https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/05/gm-releases-fix-for-2021-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-battery-drain-issue/
  10. I had the same experience last week with my new '21 LT as well. Low speed as I started down the street and even once it was warmed up at store parking lot low speed felt the bump/thump again.
  11. Would you not just have to open the window first? I know it makes using the console button useless but if you are opening it anyway not sure how big of an inconvenience that is. My cap is on order so will find this out shortly I am guessing
  12. I have to say I am one of those that has been reading of late on these forums and saw the bulletin on the tranny recall on GMAUTHORITY site so all this does make nervous. I have '21 5.3l 1500 with 8 speed and so far so good. Although I did experience low speed hard shift in the parking lot the other day a couple of times. Any advice on maintenance I should do to help avoid some these issues you guys and gals talk about? Makes me miss my simple '06 I had I loved my old '06 and experienced some hard shift with it too so not overly surprised to see it still happens.
  13. I did a bit but felt like it had some coolant moisture on it and does seem to bend up under the tank ..need to look closer as I would have thought it would have out let near cap but do not see it.
  14. Thought that may be the case ..trying to figure out all the new stuff still... and what to keep an eye on. thanks
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