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  1. Some more than others it seems and I'm starting to see a pattern.
  2. It's a common 8 speed transmission complaint (among many). The only thing that smoothed mine out was slowing down more gently (slower) than I normally would right before the 2-1 downshift to prevent the clunk/jerk. Sometimes its just random without a rhyme or reason. I don't think you will find a fix for it.
  3. I ended up selling off the truck for a 10k profit and have a 4Runner TRD Off Road now. But it held up just fine for the 3 or so weeks I drove it after applying the grease. I did get under the hood and sprayed it one more time after my post for good measure, I jammed the boot back against the firewall and applied a bunch before letting go.... but the obnoxious creaking hadn't come back. The service guy agreed with my idea that it was the boot but didn't offer a fix since they had new trucks on the lot that creaked also. He lives around town, if I see him I plan to pass on the info.
  4. It disables it for the same reason it disables DFM. It makes the computer believe there is a load on the engine. Taken from the overview features on Ranges’s website: “ Also disables Auto Start/Stop.”
  5. Hahaha that actually made me laugh when I looked it up. I love dad jokes
  6. Sorry for the slow reply, never got an email notice of the post. Yes it will disable both. The light for auto stop will still be on but it won't do anything.
  7. batman900


    Purchased new from Range about 3 months ago, zero issues, works as it should. Sold off the truck today for a fat profit so I no longer need it. $135 shipped within the US 48 - payment is paypal. I lost the box.... so I'm sorry about that if you wanted it.
  8. Yep, the basics. I mod everything I buy but I'm not super brave so I'd never do the front shocks.
  9. I feel like your the right guy to ask these questions lol. If I only did the rear, will it end up feeling like a Pogo stick? Like .... the front will bounce but the rear will be stable? Or does it give the whole vehicle more balance? Thanks a bunch Edit. Meant rear. If I only did the rear shocks. Accidentally said front.
  10. Do you notice a difference on the highway, turning etc ? Or just the hop on bumpy roads?
  11. Do the fronts take the old boat bounce out of the front? I'm so temped to do the rears because of how easy it is but I'm not sure if it will be enough to notice a real difference. We only have 1 shop around to do the fronts and I'll have to go sit and wait, so I'm weighing my options haha.
  12. Rough Country HD2. Way better quality than I expected for $350+tax & free shipping.
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