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  1. I've owned both, the newer generation seems a bit larger in the back but I haven't measured. You also get the air vents for the back now which is nice. Sometimes the kids ride with me (ages 15 and 5) with the 5 year old in a car seat and space is good for them. I've gotten in the back before and like nichos said, leg room is ok, it's the flat seat back that will end up hurting in the long run.
  2. The option I wanted wasn't on there lol, new Tundra. Super outdated with bad MPG and overpriced but you will still be driving it without issues 10 years from now. This coming from a guy that got a lemon Tacoma which is IMO the worst truck currently made unless all you care about is off road capability. But out of your options, the new Sierra, just don't get the sliding rear window. Honestly every brand makes lemons, my Tacoma was the first lemon I've ever had and I've owned over 30 brand new vehicles at the age of 35. So far, through the 3 Chevy trucks I've owned along with 5 family and friends with newer models, no issues other than recalls and minor things like my mirror cap popping out. GM still makes the smoothest, straightest driving vehicles in my experience. We also use only GM cars/trucks at work and still rock 2 old old Impalas pushing 100k miles with cracking dashes and hubcaps without mechanical problems. My personal work vehicle is a 2007 Silverado that has never been treated right and doesn't complain. Everyone at work treats these vehicles like crap, hoping curbs, gassing drive while still backing up, going way way past oil change time and they never break down. I hit a huge pot hole in one of our Cruze's with 70k miles a few weeks back and the airbag light came on LMAO. Chevy replaced a sensor and she keeps going. Dunno, I honestly don't trust the GM brand but nothing tells my why I shouldn't so I buy them.
  3. Was about to make this same thread if I couldn't find one. Anyone else with a high mileage 8 speed with or without issue?
  4. It's supposed to slam into 2nd gear with a violent bang simulating a rear end collision to help warm the fluid?? I just warm mine for a few min like silveradorst said and it's fine. I want to test drive this 10 speed though, sounds like butter.
  5. That is such a bland play it safe exterior..... Interior looks great though....
  6. I have noticed a LOT of new Silverados going down the highway where it looks like their camber is off. I haven't figured out if it's my brain playing tricks due to the front end design or if they are actually off. When I park next to the 2007 I use at work, the 2007 looks correct and mine looks off in comparison. Like the top of the wheels are pointing in a little. You can get the alignment checked and fixed for free within the first 12k miles. I just don't have a reason to ask for it yet, tires still looks good and drives straight as an arrow, I just hate noticing that kind of stuff lol.
  7. Mine does the same, its become habit that I baby that first 1-2 shift when taking off. Mine also does the same as OP once in a while. I found that letting the rpms drop before leaving has helped, also counting to 2 after stopping in reverse before putting the truck in drive. It's dumb to have to do these things but now I do it without thinking. I have a 2007 silverado at work and the old girl shifts worlds better without anyone being nice to her, so does my 2011 Honda Accord beater with 125k miles.
  8. Fell in love as soon as you posted this picture and then saw that it costs 2 grand..... Now I'm sad again.
  9. I had this decision on mine also. After doing the math, I would almost break even either way after 3 years because of how you pay most of your interest up front and then it trickles down. For me the difference was only 4k though, not 6 but it's also a cheaper truck. It was 13k off or 9k off and 0%. At the time the lowest rate I could find to refinance from GM was about 4.3% for 72 months. Since I am trying to break a habit of trading every 1-2 years, I took the 0% to force myself to keep it at least 3. Long story short, it sounds like you should take the rebates and not the 0%.
  10. I am wondering the same. Replacing the camera would actually be really easy "it looks like." Remove the tailgate flat bottom plastic cover and then from there you can remove the top plastic cover. Camera is held by 2 screws and uses a simple connector that you can pull right off and plug back in to the new hd cam.
  11. If this thing held up like a Tundra I'd drive it for 20 years or more. I don't have those kinds of hopes for it though. This truck is like a burger, enjoy life and eat it, you may live longer with a salad but you wouldn't be as happy. -The bed.......... THE BED ....... The glorious bed haha. Favorite part by far. Deep, long, tall, lots of hooks plus nice payload. -Steering wheel, weird right? But it telescopes just enough for a tall guy that is all legs and heated! -Seat, raise it up plus lots of lumbar = heaven to my back. -Stereo, even the cheap one sounds good, headlights, smoothest ride ever, MPG, doesn't need to downshift up a steep hill or headwind or when hauling 1000lbs of gravel. -Of course the looks, its a beauty! I love love the looks.
  12. Just pulled off my tailgate cover to check my wiring, it's funny, I thought it was so cool that they included these covers now so I don't gotta buy one to protect the metal but after removing it..... I realized it's there because there's almost nothing underneath lmao, just some cross braces, otherwise it's all hollow. Anyways, found a couple wires were pinched but nothing loose, I adjust the wires and then went under the truck. All my wires under the bed from the tailgate were just dangling and the clips were pulled out, I'm guessing the lazy people that did the spray in bed liner before I purchased the truck couldn't be bothered. Had to drop the spare tire to reach them and got it all tidied back up and in place. None of this made any difference. Did a test drive and the camera still flickers when I push on the brake pedal, which means it's also still going to give me the random service camera error. Note that I have the cheap camera and cheap radio, dunno if they can even update these things like yall can the HD stuff. At least the glue I applied to my mirror cap while I was out there seems to be holding, hasn't popped back out yet haha.
  13. Thanks all, at least it’s not just me, makes me feel better haha.
  14. Anyone had this happen on theirs? Is there an easy fix that avoids dealer visits? The chrome mirror cap keeps popping out on the outer side. I can pop it back in and push it together with the black plastic rim but it will slowly push back out after a few seconds. Super glue maybe? thanks
  15. Man, you deserve for something to go right after all this craziness. Hope it works out for you on the diesel, I'd love to have one.
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