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  1. Yep, at least until I see what the new Tundra is like. I don't trust newer GM trucks to be reliable past 100k..... nor Ram or Ford.... but I hated test driving the 2 Tundra's I checked out before grabbing my 20 Chevy. I'd rather be happy in something that lasts 100k than miserable in something that lasts 300k.
  2. Congrats! There are a few of us here that traded from Toyota after the brand didn't live up to it's reputation. Not that Chevy is perfect.
  3. The bed, large with all those tie down anchors, freaking love that, so many ways to secure something right from the factory.
  4. Lol same thing here, I was only doing it for fun but it's been 3 days.
  5. Tossed the Range DFM disable on mine about 800 miles ago. Looks like I lost a little less than 1mpg. It disables DFM and the auto start / stop. Love it.
  6. Goodness that's a lot! Edit: Just got back from the dealership, I've worked with my tech before and he's a really good guy that gave me a bunch of his time. He was able to hear and feel the clicking and also believes its the rubber boot. He pulled up a brand new Silverado and had me crank the wheel left and right while he looked at the boot under the hood. He said it moved more than mine and asked me if I heard or felt clicking..... yes unfortunately... it was worse than mine is. Guess Imma just live with it. My 19 didn't do it but my 19 also shifted like crap and the camera would flicker a bunch, neither are issues on my 20, so I suppose I'm still winning here.
  7. Well, props to the wife for helping me just now outside in the Oklahoma heat after getting out of the shower lol. She pushed on the rubber boot where the column goes through the firewall. Pushing on the sides and top did nothing but when she pushed hard on the bottom, both noise and feel of the click went away. I honestly have no idea how to fix that lol because everywhere I can reach to spray grease has been greased. But at least now I know exactly where it's coming from. She said it felt like a ridge of the boot was popping in and out as the column pushes it around.
  8. Bump for anyone that knows what was done and how to fix this, I feel like the boot needing lubrication is the solution I just can't figure out how or where (outside of everywhere I've already tried.) Or maybe a new column I guess sigh, just hate to have to go that route. If I couldn't feel the clicks it wouldn't be so bad.
  9. I was about to bump this as well for the leather creaking noise from the steering column on my truck. Can only hear it (and kinda feel it) with the radio and air turned down so not a huge issue but annoying. With my head down by the pedals and watching the column while turning the wheel, I (think) its the column rubbing against the boot and retainer as it turns, it really pushes that thing side to side a lot when turning the wheel. I've already tried the lithium grease idea (3 times) and it did nothing. I don't think I can get the grease into the right area and I've already made a mess of it.
  10. I didn't quote you in my reply. And to answer your question, yes you should be able to tow up to the limit right off the lot without your engine crapping out immediately. What do you think these construction companies do with them? They don't baby them for 500 miles then get an oil change before using it for their intended purpose. Those trucks are abused from day one by someone that doesn't own it barely making more than minimum wage.
  11. May wanna snap a pic of the install for everyone. I've had catch cans on my trucks and performance cars, never heard a sound. Did you open the can before install? On one of mine the bottom wasn't screwed on all the way. I've had elite cans and can't remember any issue or special extra procedure for installation but on a different brand, there was some kind of release tab inside it.
  12. I voted diesel. Just such a solid engine even if it isn't a speed demon. It's like a power lifter vs a cross trainer lol, wish I had one. Man that truck took the hit good and glad your ok. This is why both myself and my wife have trucks. Wish my daughter would have taken a truck as her first vehicle, she likes cars and it makes me nervous but it was her money. Short story, a year ago at work we heard a loud bang and went outside. A late model Dodge Ram 1500 had slammed into a K2 Silverado on our 45mph road, the Silverado was standing on his brakes while the Dodge was still spinning tires against him. In front of them was a school bus letting kids out. The Dodge driver had a stroke and the Chevy driver wasn't going to risk letting him go and hit the school kids. Cops showed up, busted out the windows and turned the Dodge off (after it had blown out it's tires and cut groves into the concrete.) Chevy driver had a good sized dent in his bumper and drove away. Made me feel good about what I drive.
  13. The break-in recommendation is to ensure a long healthy engine life, emphasis on long because if you don't follow it, it doesn't mean you should expect your engine to take a dump within the first month of ownership. Makes no sense to point a finger at that just to make yourselves feel better about whats in your driveway. It's a sad occurrence that shouldn't have happened but did due to bad luck or poor quality control. Plenty of well broken in engines have failed prematurely and plenty of those that were abused lived a long healthy life. This goes for all brands, some more than others.
  14. The same, has the cheap radio and camera with zero issues. With my 19 I removed the tailgate plastic cover and checked all the wires, tried un-plugging and plugging the camera back in, shaking wires while my wife held the brake in reverse to see if anything changed, followed the wires under the truck..... all kinds of stuff. I finally just ended up living with it since the dealer wouldn't do anything. Was super annoying.
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