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  1. I had scratches like that on my new black 18 just weeks after picking it up. On her first wash I got in the bed with the water hose to get the roof, I accidentally rubbed the dirty hose against the side of the bed and to my horror it looked like your pictures. I used chemical guys scratch and swirl remover first which got most of the scratches out but left micro swirls and haze. Then I went back over it with 3M 6068 polish, that removed the swirls and haze. The 3M 6068 is just amazing, I was really really freaking out after the chemical guys stuff haha, I thought I'd made things worse. I tried using the 3M by itself on some other scratches but it only worked so so. I did it all by hand and went over the areas multiple times which honestly didn't take very long. The result after chemical guys followed by 3M made the scratches disappear by 80-90%. No one can tell anything ever happened unless I point it out at close range and in certain light and even then it's hard to see. Moral of the story is I'd try a couple things before considering a full repaint. It's 5 months later now and when I wash the truck, the areas that had scratches are so un-noticeable that I completely forget about them even after waxing to a mirror shine.
  2. I tried the range and disabled Afm but it didn’t make any difference with this issue.
  3. Scared of the K2

    My experience with the ecoboost engines comes from my buddy / neighbor. They purchased a Fusion sport with the 2.7 twin turbo and escape with the 4cyl turbo at the same time. Hes at 30k zero issues and her with the escape is at over 50k no issues. Her escape has been very abused, hits every pot hole to the point of popping 2 tires and floors it everywhere, has slid off the road and curbed it a few times too. She also has a small tree branch that somehow pierced the radiator / intercooler 20k miles ago and is still there without causing problems, its the funniest thing to see.
  4. I have the exact same issue OP. It drives me nuts for the first few min every morning and when leaving work, especially now that its winter. I also have an up hill on ramp 1 mile from my house to the hwy, whooo this thing bucks. Smooth as butter once shes warmed up. As a side note, I just got my wife a new 2019 Camry SE, 8 speed 4 cyl. I had to drive it yesterday and take my kid to school so I could go get her tint done. It was 18F and when it would shift it would kind of buck/bounce like in a manual transmission that got shifted too soon, it did this every gear until warmed up. Was kinda funny and made me feel better about my truck. Older autos never had these issues, it's like others have said I guess, a combo of all the computers and trying to run at 1000-1100 rpm even when accelerating. The tuning in these new vehicles really lugs the engines.
  5. Scared of the K2

    lol ^^^ You want something truly trouble free get the 12 year old Tundra and go to the pump every other day. Otherwise I'd say Ford and GM are on equal playing fields. The pretty Fiat RAM..... Nah
  6. Front license plate bracket

    Sorry to revive this but does anyone know the bit size to drill these rivets out? And do I just drill straight into the center of the rivet? Thanks
  7. @EJCarter, you sure it starts from the purchase of the warranty? Not the actual miles on the truck? From every extended warranty I've ever seen, they started after the factory ends and go until stated mileage being purchased. Are you also sure that it is a GM extended warranty and not from someone else the dealer sponsors? I read the article OP linked also and have been considering extending my "OEM GM" warranty as well. I don't like dealing with other brands that dealers support. Did that once and the dealer went out of business, got no coverage, refund or otherwise after.
  8. Good name and good review, AFM still active as well?
  9. I hope irony changes your mind some day.
  10. Hikari LED bulbs

    Did you get the newer version with Philips leds or the older with cree? The newer Philips chips used in some brands like Hikari are legit bright and reliable. Glad it was an upgrade for you either way.
  11. Fuel consumption at idle

    I’ve always been curious of this too because my mpg sure does drop fast when I remote start
  12. Hope you get it figured out, how did the truck take the hit? I drive home on rural hwy every night and have had a bunch of near misses.
  13. A lady at work swears by dryer sheets. She has an old Honda Accord that sits parked in the grass for months at a time and has been doing it for years without a problem, I dunno. My neighbor has 2 cats that poop in my yard but I leave them alone because they are always killing stuff.
  14. So much this hahahaha. Worse than the commercial at topic for me has been the "Your part of the Chevy family" discount commercial. What an opportune time to run that one lmao.
  15. @ Kevin, I have the same engine / gearing and never got less than 22 average a tank during the summer, now with winter gas and using remote start to warm her up for a few min "because it shifts funny when cold" I'm averaging 19+. My drive is 80% hwy 20% city. 75mph for most of it. By comparison I had a 2016 Tacoma V6 that would only average 18mpg on the same drive, it would downshift on a flat highway because of a headwind and downshift twice for hills.... just to hold speed!!!! I finally got my first look at a 2019 yesterday while getting an oil change, I can only imagine that all the arrow added was an afterthought, like they tested it and thought oh crap we need to do something about this. I mean it really looks like the guys over that threw everything they could think of at it. The small wheel wells, the flowing lines on the sides, lip spoilers on tailgate & roof, vents on the front etc. Add to it DFM, auto stop / start, less weight. It blows me away that they couldn't at least break even on the numbers. It looks like a much softer more stream lined truck overall. Off-topic but when I came back in, the sales lady that pointed me in their direction asked me what I thought, I said I hate it haha. I was on the fence about the design at first but it looks so much worse than pictures IMO.

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