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  1. Truth. I had a 2012 Civic Si that needed the engine rebuilt after 13000 miles for burning a quart of oil every 700 miles, same car had a bunch of the black interior pieces replaced because they were fading to white. Never miss shifted or over revved it. Worked great afterwords until sold at 60k miles. 2015 Subaru WRX bone stock had issues going into 1st and reverse, burned oil, sometimes took 4-5 tries to start, engine knock would retard timing badly and it would heat soak in the summer pulling all power when trying to accelerate from a stop. Car was bone stock purchased new and I got rid of it with less than 10k miles because Subaru couldn't find anything wrong.
  2. My buddy called our local dealer about it and they said he'd be giving up 3k in bonus cash.
  3. I have an off brand of one of those from Amazon "DBPOWER" and it works great for $50. Sat in my closet for over a year until last week when my wife's 2 year old RAV4 had the battery crap out. Hooked it up and off to the dealership she went. We were 2 days shy of the warranty running out on her battery "24 months" and they replaced it under warranty. Factory batteries are just crap these days all around. Grandma's Accord has gone through 2 in the last 2 years and when I went to test drive a 2017 Civic Si a while back it wouldn't start due to dead battery and hadn't even been on the lot very long.
  4. Cold air intake

    What numbers were looking bad? Silicon? I have a k&n in the wife's RAV4 and now my truck just for the ease of cleaning and re-using. I've also used them for many years without issue but never did an UOA. Any chance you could post it up for us? Thanks man
  5. I only regret purchasing mine 3 months ago instead of waiting for the deals offered now. I got 12-13k off but could easily get 14-15k now on my dbl cab Texas edition LT with 5.3. I trade often and told myself I'd buy this truck and wait 2-3 years for the new Tundra, now I'm thinking my next truck will be the 19+ models. I love this thing so far "3k miles." Test drove it on the hwy before hand to make sure no shakes. Smooth as glass. It has quirks like any brand, the rubber band feeling when accelerating up and incline, HID's jiggle on harder bumps etc. But it's a pleasure to drive overall so far and gets 20+ mpg with V4 disabled. I couldn't bring myself to purchase the 19s right now, I know in a year or 2 they will have some good deals on them so I made the decision to wait it out. Shoot my local Chevy dealer where I got mine is letting crew cab LT Texas 5.3 go for 29.5k after GM financial discount. These things well equipped are basically cheaper than a Camry V6 now.
  6. Fish Bite/Chuggle

    I did the pedal flex solution long ago and it did nothing for the chuggle accelerating up hills. I have an incline on-ramp both coming and going to work.
  7. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Had my basic Elite can on my 2018 now for 1500 miles. Checked it for the first time after 300 and it was maybe 1/10 full. Checked it this time after 1200 miles and it was 1/4 - 1/3rd full, looked like nothing but oil, no water that I could tell. It was a similar story when I had the can on my 2014 except that on my 14 I had it installed near the front of the truck and got a lot of water, this time it's back by the firewall, no more water.
  8. LMAO!! Would be epic! I'd honestly just guess that it's probably a small town company or person working the case that's new to this and they are being careful because they don't really know whats needed or not in the situation. I always err on the side of caution too. I'd rather be wrong and have no harm done than have to pay something out of my back side.
  9. I was thinking the same as you.
  10. Got rearended :(

    Been with State Farm for 18 years and other than being overpriced, they are super easy to work with. Outside of a couple tow reimbursements back in college during a winter storm, we finally had a real claim just a few months ago. Wife hit the telephone poll in her mom's front yard at the round about while turning around yelling at the kids in her Rav4.......... I know.... I know....... And I wasn't there to stop it..... Anyways, State Farm told us to take it anywhere we liked and then bring them the estimated cost from the body shop, if its under a certain amount, no adjuster is needed. Luckily this body shop we chose works directly with State Farm so they did everything as far as getting the estimate approved. They started the work, State Farm sent the check, easy peasy done. Start to finish was 4 days I think on 2-3k worth of damage "hood, fender, bumper, light." Sorry that happened and hope your experience getting it fixed is trouble free. Also realllllly hope your frame is ok.
  11. Good lord that's fast.
  12. Been a few months since this was replied to but figured I'd resurrect it after reading the whole thing. 2018 5.3 6 speed pushing 2k miles. Truck chuggles accelerating up on ramps and has a rough idle when cold. The chuggle / misfire feeling I'm guessing was never actually solved? I have the range afm delete and have tried premium gas / catch can etc to try and get it smoothed out with no luck. Smashing the go pedal is the only thing that makes it smooth. With the rough idle, I can actually hear random thumps with the radio off and it shakes my antenna. Once it's warmed up it's not nearly as bad. Is that normal too? I'm not into playing the dealer fix it game where they tell me they can't replicate crap or have no fix, already been there for my bouncy headlights that I'll be living with. Overall I still love the truck simply because my mom always had a Silverado growing up and you know..... nostalgia.....With my 5 year low interest loan I can break even in a year if I need to trade so it's not a huge deal, but I'd like to have it for at least 2 years trouble free and minimal annoyances. Thanks
  13. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    5.3 with the 3.42. I was averaging 19-20 on my daily commute which is 7 miles city "50mph with 3 stop lights I always hit and 2 stop signs" 18 hwy "75mph minimum traffic lots of hills" each way. I got an elite catch can and switched from 87 to 89 gas at the same time a month ago. Not sure which to give credit to but now I hold steady at 22mpg give or take .3. ----- With the AFM turned off "range" I get a steady 20.5. For a truck this size I'm happy.
  14. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    Insane price! Picked mine up with an ebay coupon a couple weeks ago for 150 and thought I did good lmao. Last night with it taken out "testing mpg difference" I had the truck on cruise at 75 and it acted like it got stuck in v4 trying to go up a hill, it shook, lost speed and finally kicked into v8. Think Ima put the range back on....... Mine is RA0003 with software V8.6R1 which I believe is the newest.
  15. Bad injectors

    That doesn't makes sense to me either. It's part of the engine.......

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