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  1. leaf clunk

    Mine were clunking so loud at 12k miles that I thought something was broken. Cut and inserted the pieces of bicycle inner tube between the top and middle leaf and the noise is 100% gone. Couldn’t even believe it worked so well for something that cost $8 and 30min of time.
  2. I don't do anything special but I do recommend a hand squeegee. I periodically spray the truck while still washing to keep any part from fully drying. When done I use the hand squeegee on it which only takes a couple minutes, gets it dry and prevents water spots.
  3. Another vote for the 10 speed, I read a lot of good things about the joint venture transmission made from GM and Ford. It's what I'm also considering when it's time to upgrade.
  4. Check out my thread in the troubleshooting section. Just went through the same thing. After hours upon hours of messing with it, it turned out that the only fix was a body shop bending the top of my door inward and adjusting the latch. It was covered by warranty and didn't fix the issue 100% but it's much better now. They said this was pretty common on Chevy trucks and they knew how to fix it right away from past experience.
  5. ^mine was like that when I bought it, dealer fixed it and with with my recent tire rotation / oil change they re adjusted it without me even having to ask. Perfectly centered. To be fair tho darn near every vehicle I’ve purchased has been off to some degree and sometimes they just shrug and say sorry. This Chevy dealer has been better than most about it.
  6. Noise When Backing

    I've had the same issue since almost new 9 months ago. It's a binding like sound when in reverse only. Kind of a popping noise. Does it most of the time but not all the time. Just shrugged my shoulders at it.
  7. Nope, opening / closing feels the same. I do have a faint click where it reaches those resting points when opening but it's always been like that and not loud at all. I suspect the faint clicks will some day turn into pops and I'll have to get it fixed. At 11k miles now.
  8. Figured I'd update this now that it's fixed. After trying everything with no luck, I had noticed that my driver's door didn't close as flush as the other doors. I asked the dealer about my rattle and wind noise during my oil change last week and mentioned the door not shutting flush. They said only a body shop could fix it but approved the fix under warranty. At first he asked if the wind had ever yanked the door out of my hand real hard, that hasn't ever happened, I'm actually very careful. Took it in this morning, body shop did their thing and no more noise. Door closes flush and I guess that was the issue all along. It wasn't sticking out real bad and I had just figured it was one of those things, like nothing is ever perfect and didn't consider it could be the issue until I was out of options. Actually only took the body shop about 2-3 hours to fix, not sure what they did and everything looks 100%. Edit: I was curious so I called the body shop, they've worked on our cars before and are good people. Guy told me that they adjusted the striker and had to carefully bend the top of the door inward. Those 2 things together fixed it.
  9. Leaky Roof 2018 Chevrolet

    Good lord! I stopped buying Subaru’s because I thought the 1.5 hr drive was bad. I don’t think you’d be able to get reimbursement for travel expense.
  10. Lol tried the shop towel in various places, no luck. Gotta be in the door. Oh well :-/ EDIT: Tried a thicker towel today and let the window shove it into the top corner, that's the spot, it was quiet. I don't know a long term solution but at least I know the location.
  11. Thanks Andy, I pumped that area full of silicone and drove around with no prevail. I think I give up, maybe its something inside the door, I dunno. I appreciate the replies.
  12. I'll try the shop towel, andyhaug could you please please show me what you did with a pic? I'd really appreciate it. Thank ya'll so much, I'm not super OCD it's just that this is right by my ear so there's no way I can ignore it or drown it out. Thank ya'll !
  13. Thanks for the tip, I'd be inclined to believe it was coming from anywhere else if it didn't go away when the window is down. "Driving at slow speeds so I know the wind isn't masking it."
  14. Been trying to figure this one out for weeks. On my driver’s door up around the top of the window right next to where your head is when in the drivers seat is a rattle. Ive tried adding foam everywhere in the window channel, shoved foam in between the plastic window trim and metal and weather stripping. Taken the weather stripping out looking for a sign. Added a foam bumper between the top of the door and body where it closes. So far the only progress I’ve made is that the rattle goes away with the window all the way down. So I thought maybe it’s the window? But when I put pressure on it with it up it doesn’t stop or change the rattle? Normally a rattle or noise won’t bother me, just turn the radio up, but it’s right by my left ear! On smooth roads around the dealership 30 miles away I doubt they will be able to figure it out. Around here everything is bumpy so for me it’s all I hear. I have tried jamming foam into everything I can think of without change. If anyone has had and solved a rattling in this area I’d be very grateful to hear how.
  15. Myself and 2 co workers purchased 2018s at about the same time almost a year ago. Around then my parents also got a used 2017 and my buddies parents picked up a used 2016. All 5.3 6 speeds. So far all of us still love our trucks and any complaints are minor. Couple rattles here and there, one had the driver seat shimmy. Nothing major and no vibrations.

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