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  1. Been a few months since this was replied to but figured I'd resurrect it after reading the whole thing. 2018 5.3 6 speed pushing 2k miles. Truck chuggles accelerating up on ramps and has a rough idle when cold. The chuggle / misfire feeling I'm guessing was never actually solved? I have the range afm delete and have tried premium gas / catch can etc to try and get it smoothed out with no luck. Smashing the go pedal is the only thing that makes it smooth. With the rough idle, I can actually hear random thumps with the radio off and it shakes my antenna. Once it's warmed up it's not nearly as bad. Is that normal too? I'm not into playing the dealer fix it game where they tell me they can't replicate crap or have no fix, already been there for my bouncy headlights that I'll be living with. Overall I still love the truck simply because my mom always had a Silverado growing up and you know..... nostalgia.....With my 5 year low interest loan I can break even in a year if I need to trade so it's not a huge deal, but I'd like to have it for at least 2 years trouble free and minimal annoyances. Thanks
  2. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    5.3 with the 3.42. I was averaging 19-20 on my daily commute which is 7 miles city "50mph with 3 stop lights I always hit and 2 stop signs" 18 hwy "75mph minimum traffic lots of hills" each way. I got an elite catch can and switched from 87 to 89 gas at the same time a month ago. Not sure which to give credit to but now I hold steady at 22mpg give or take .3. ----- With the AFM turned off "range" I get a steady 20.5. For a truck this size I'm happy.
  3. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    Insane price! Picked mine up with an ebay coupon a couple weeks ago for 150 and thought I did good lmao. Last night with it taken out "testing mpg difference" I had the truck on cruise at 75 and it acted like it got stuck in v4 trying to go up a hill, it shook, lost speed and finally kicked into v8. Think Ima put the range back on....... Mine is RA0003 with software V8.6R1 which I believe is the newest.
  4. Bad injectors

    That doesn't makes sense to me either. It's part of the engine.......
  5. Think you got hosed a little. I have 785 and was told 5.79 was their best rate. At the table I said I wouldn’t do that rate and they said they had a “coupon” to lower it to 4.79. The guy later said that they basically just lowered it to take a lesser commission to make me happy. So they do indeed have that ability. None of it it really mattered since I planned to refi but I wanted a back up plan just Incase I had to wait a while to find a good rate. 2 weeks later I’m at 3.5 with a local bank. Edit: I still screwed myself a bit with the better deals now being offered “September.” I could have saved another 2 grand by waiting a month. Sheesh
  6. Question about V4 mode

    ^Good info. I recently got the AFM delete and noticed about .5mpg loss. Your post explains why it wasn't more, 90% of my driving is hilly highway. Going down V4, then back up V8 over and over and over. Almost no flat roads. I just got tired of feeling the change over.
  7. Oil catch can:

    There's a pretty lengthy thread regarding catch cans on the "engine, driveline & exhaust" section at the top with some good reading in it. I personally love the elite cans. Had one on my 15 and just got one for my 18. Within 100 miles it already had a small amount of thick oil/gas sitting in it that I was able to swirl around. From my experience, these trucks have an incredible amount of blow by, much more than I've seen on any other newer DI vehicle. Nobody has really reported any issues due to blow by however, so whether or not you "need" a can is still up for debate but I think everyone can agree, that blow by isn't doing the engine any favors. Elite's site is easy to navigate, choose the can you want, choose your vehicle and your good to go. I found this video below to be the most helpful when installing for my 5.3. Good camera and angles. If you get the basic can like me, the top-side nozzle pictured will be on the side of the can, install for the center remains the same.
  8. Anyone have any data or opinion on the stock shocks vs stock rancho? I'm not even sure on the stock shock brand? I had a 2015 Z71 with the Ranchos and found them to be a bit on the harsh side, now with my new 18 LT I kind of find the stock "no name brand?" shocks to be too floaty.
  9. People on some of my other forums like to post these when they pop up. Just got my Range AFM disable for $153.
  10. Crew cab vs double cab

    I think it comes from the fact that DC comes with the 6.5 standard and the CC comes with 5.5 standard. I know while I was shopping, none of the dealers within an hours drive had a CC spec'd with a 6.5 nor have I actually seen one on the road. Yes it's an option but not really common and depending on your dealers you may have to order one to get one that way. Edit: Loco beat me to it.
  11. Crew cab vs double cab

    All about lifestyle but the double was made for me. Kids / wife rarely ride with me and we have an suv for that. The extra bed is perfect for home projects. With the tailgate down, chain link top rails etc sticks out just about 1-2 ft, not bad. Only reason I even have double cab is for hauling random stuff that I don't want to get wet. My back seats are usually folded up but can be down for the very rare time kids are with me. I gotta say I much prefer how the crew looks though.
  12. Thanks harrisonhunter, I think I give up on it. I added 3m tape as pads and no difference. It's here to stay I guess. Would be helpful if anyone that switched to Morimoto can confirm they had the jiggle before and that fixed it?
  13. Whelp, just got back from the dealer, as expected, everything is tight and appears to be working as intended, so without a tsb they can't warranty it. Service adviser said he feels my pain, he said I'm not the first to complain about the bouncing low beam driver's side and said GM won't let them replace it for that. Sigh
  14. Bump. Is anyone still having this issue? Getting ready to visit my dealer and will update. Second question, can these DS5 hids be replaced with an led or anything else? I know Philips g7 lumileds chips are decent as far as aftermarket leds go, better than cree / cob etc anyways. I can't bring myself to spend 200-400 on Morimotos as a maybe fix for the shake unless a few people can confirm it did the trick.
  15. I went to Holiday in Whitesboro Texas. They have decent internet prices but they can still be haggled down a good bit more. Internet prices are usually 5k dealer discount + anything Chevy is doing. Their trucks also normally don't have hardly any addons which I love, cheaper to do it myself. The only "trick" they tried to pull on me was rating my trade as rough / fair condition. I called them out on it and fixed that as my trade didn't have a single scratch and I had already checked kbb, edmunds, blackbook. I knew about them from helping my buddy purchase his 2018 Fusion Sport twin turbo awd. Their Ford dealer was 4-5k cheaper than any other dealers we talked to within 100 miles.

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