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  1. Sad to see the 2020 is still having these problems. Also makes me wonder if the dealers throwing parts at the issue are actually doing to resolve it. Curious if everyone waiting weeks and months for said parts could have just pulled the battery cable.
  2. Good lord man, I never thought I'd see you get the truck back while following these posts. Hopefully yours stays fixed, I saw @Booger T post on the previous page where it happened to him again after the fix was done months ago.
  3. My 2018 did it and at 13k miles the noise was gone. My 2019 just started doing it at 2k miles, not worried.
  4. Same thing here. Not as bad as my 18 was though. It was a lot louder and the dealer had to have a body shop bend the top of the door in to fix it.
  5. What other brand do they manufacture for? It's a familiar name.
  6. Probably normal, the 8 speed is clunky, it's just one of those things ya gotta accept with the vehicle. It does get better the more it breaks in.
  7. For anyone that knows the build date of their truck and has / had this issue, would you mind adding that date? I'm just curious if the released software update back in March? Fixed anything for the trucks that were made afterwords. It also seems that some dealers are jumping straight to a parts replacement solution and some are doing the software fix. Trying to piece that together.
  8. Thanks for the clarification, I couldn't find a parts diagram to find out.
  9. The 6 speed 5.3L trail boss custom still uses the older AFM instead of the newer DFM tech, the engine and trans are straight carry overs from the 2018 K2. I haven't looked a parts list but I'm suspect that it may also still use the vacuum boosted brakes instead of the new ZF brake by wire setup, not positive on that though.
  10. The 10 is a joint venture between Ford and Chevy. It has not proven to be more or less reliable than the 8 but it is most definitely smother and less quirky.
  11. To be fair, you basically have a K2 2018 model mechanically with that custom trail boss. The K2 had it's share of issues but towards the end it became stone reliable.
  12. The dump's scale put mine at 4800lbs, the identical trim wise 2018 I had, read just at 5000. And Tacoma is hot garbage, both me and another member here traded off our 2019 Taco for the same problems that couldn't be fixed. The issues with the T1 I would mostly call small and annoying with the exception of the brake assist going out, that one scares me and it's happened to a lot of people. Add to it that no parts are available to even fix it. Edit: The weights I posted were just for reference, I know you said depending on trim, it just surprised me when I saw the print outs from the scale.
  13. Mine just started with the metal clanking noise yesterday. 2 months old with 1600 miles. My 2018 5.3L with 13k miles never did it. Doesn't sound like lifter tick, it's a metallic kind of noise similar to the videos posted. Still drives just fine so I guess I'll shrug my shoulders at it for now.
  14. With the K2, Black Bear recommended 89 or higher for the 5.3 even on the stock tune as he was seeing timing being pulled on 87. As for the new turbo, no idea.
  15. Anyone know where this cable is coming loose at and how to get to it? When in reverse and I touch the brakes the screen will flicker, it's only given me the blue screen error once and then went back to normal.
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