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  1. I immediately thought of this post when I saw the GM worker strike & Canadian layoffs a few days ago. Even without the strike people are having to wait a month or more, I can't imagine how long the wait will be now.
  2. ^ Nah just need to find a volume dealer. The one I go to does about 30% off without negotiations. Nobody else around will even match them much less beat them. You get less friendly service, they don't try to butter you up or spend time chatting but their prices are what they are. My sales girl I keep going back to told me they don't even get commission, they get paid a $50 bonus no matter what vehicle they sell and then bonuses based on how many they sell.
  3. I think it's just considered a TSB and not a recall. So it won't show up. I believe that's how it works
  4. Recall N192210460 Brake System Control Module Reprogram That's the one that concerns me, I can see it was released in June but no mention of what VIN range it applies to.
  5. Yeah my driver's side vibrates pretty good and the chrome shell on the passenger side keeps separating from the rest of the mirror.
  6. I have towed both of those trailers so far without an issue with either going up to 75 mph. They actually felt a lot better loaded rather than unloaded. Unloaded, the rear of this truck is too light and the springs too stiff so it bounced around but never floated.
  7. ^ Dunno if all that applies for 2020 model but for the 2019s it's true. My finance guy and me were bs'ing when I purchased my 2019 a month ago, he had just gotten a 2019 HD 2500 because they were selling them for nothing. He didn't own a trailer and doesn't haul very often but for how cheap they've gotten and the resale he couldn't say no. For me, it won't fit in my carport with my wife's car and would make zero difference in my every day life but was it a better value for just a few K more? Yes. And is it a steal in comparison to a 1500? Yes. I honestly still feel like maybe just for the sake of resale I should have gotten the 2500. The same however can be said when comparing midsize to full size trucks. Midsize cost almost the same. There is just a fit for every owner even if it means getting less for your money.
  8. Thanks fellas, looks like I need something 6 inch or more to protect the doors. My biggest challenge right now is finding anything for the double cab.......
  9. Do the ionic 41 stick out enough that it would protect the side from other people's car doors? Sounds silly but it's my main reason for wanting them. Yeah it will help the kids too but they don't ride with me very often. Also, how difficult was the install? Edit: Watched the install video, seems easy.
  10. Interesting, never seen that one. To OP, had the k&n on my 2018 5.3 because I thought I was gonna keep the truck longer and liked the deeper engine note it gave. MPG did not change nor did throttle response. Try using some 89 octane instead of the regular 87. I dunno about the tuning on the 2019s but on the 18s, 89 octane got me 1-2 more mpg and the truck ran / idled smoother. This is something that was recommended and tested by black bear tuning. My 19 is still breaking in but so far with the first tank being 87 and second being 89, I haven't noticed a difference.
  11. Good to get confirmation on what it is, I was 99% sure it had to be the spoiler after pushing on it a little and hearing the creaking it made. The sad thing is that even after you get your new one, it will probably happen again.
  12. Despite my distrust for Chevy as a brand, I love their trucks. Had a 2015, 2018 and now 2019 after a short run with a lemon 2019 Tacoma, yeah go figure, a Toyota truck was my lemon lol. The 2019 Silverado has a lot of little electrical gremlins. I'd get a 2020 at least so you can have all of the TSB's applied. I couldn't wait even 2 more months to get out of what I had so 2019 it was. That said, my 2019 at 700 miles has already spent half it's life towing and hauling, rides like a dream and despite the small first year issues "thank the lord I haven't had any of the larger ones...... yet....." I still love this truck. The 6.2 is just butter on the biscuit, all 3 of mine have been 5.3s and they get the job done just fine but that 6.2 is a blast, my uncle has one. I don't think it would make or break any job I wanted to get done but damn it puts a smile on your face. If you can will till 2021 you will probably end up with an even better truck for the same money but that is literally with anything these days. Buy what you want when you want it and enjoy it. There is always going to be something better around the corner.
  13. Mine has started doing it more, meh it's just cheap plastics, gotta be the rear spoiler. Has anyone tried moving their side mirror caps around? I swear these things are barely popped on to the mirrors. I saw one of mine was sticking out a little so I pushed it back in.
  14. Worked after I sent the email through gmail instead of yahoo, ty !!! Very cool !
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