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  1. If it is of any interest after selling my 2015 LTZ with the non-Bose and getting a 2016 Yukon with the Bose setup, the Bose system is MUCH better. After 6 months of the non-Bose going to the Bose is a huge improvement. I could see sitting in the dealer lot for 5 minutes not noticing it but after living with this the Bose is so much better. Not trying to ruffle feather, just my opinion.
  2. My understanding from multiple forums and threads is that GMPP should not be your first choice, look at GMEPP. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/181338-extended-warranty/
  3. I am looking to convert my 9 seat into an 8 seat with a center console. I have rear AC controls overhead. Does anybody know of someone who had dome this or know if 2015-2016 parts are the same? Thank you!
  4. I am not sure if it will, but I have seen cloth take offs and they are cheep enough to try? I will say I traded my 2015 Silverado in on a 2016 Yukon with cloth. I like the cloth better even thought I had heated and cooled seats in the Silvy. The thing I miss about leather is the easy cleaning, smell, and looks. I do miss the cooled seats even with cloth but nothing like the heat of leather in the sun. I have black cloth seats.
  5. I just bought a new Yukon 2 days ago and need to remove or move these actuators. I suspect a persons body shape has something to do with the pain. Anyways, I think i once saw a video on how to take the seat apart, anyone know of directions so I don't break anything? I am an ex mechanic and have the ability just don't want to break hidden clips etc. T
  6. Question on the Katzkins. Did they get any "tighter" than when you first installed them? I am looking considering some but they seem a little loose. No offense meant.
  7. In V4 mode the sound was very tinny, like ping ping ping. It is gone now. I hope it is gone for good. It is crazy how different the truck is now. The truck is running like a sewing machine. I am nervous to jinx my luck. I have my radio off most of the time waiting to hear the crap some back. But so far so good.
  8. They first adjusted my exhaust and the vibration went away for 300 miles. This time they replaced whatever amount is needed to replace the flap valve in the rear. I have a little more than 300 miles now with fingers crossed it stays fixed.
  9. 2015 5.3 LTZ I have a tread but the search engine here does not seem to find it. I have what I quickly tuned tuned in as an exhaust vibration. GM tried to fix it early on but it came back. My complaint was a noise and vibration at 30-40mph under light load. What I did not realize is how much vibration I was feeling at all other speeds and loads. GM recently replaced my exhaust. Holly crap. I did not realize how much I would recognize the improvements it would make all ALL other speeds. I cannot hear or feel the difference in V4 any more. I don't feel the throttle pedal vibrate at a
  10. I have a 2015 LTZ with perforated black seats. So everything is black inside. What are your thoughts on changing to Katzkin As or dune seat covers? I don't want to make my truck look strange but I would like to lighten the interior. I am leaning to the ash which is a grey color. Will it look strange with the black seat bases etc? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2015-Chevy-Silverado-Sierra-Crew-Katzkin-leather-seat-cover-set-Dk-Ash-/231029050691?hash=item35ca678d43:g:0rkAAMXQVERS5eA2&vxp=mtr
  11. Yes, I was fixed for 300 miles by my dealer. They performed PIP5228A, which I just read online saying it is for a 6cyl (mine is 8). The truck ran smoother than new for about 300 miles and now it has come back. I need to take it in again.
  12. You know, I should clarify. My times are without door panel removal. Probably expect 2-3 hours for a first timer with mechanical aptitude and tools.
  13. There is quite a bit of information on this is you search. The easiest way to remove the door panels for me was to download the AMP Powerstep installation guide from their site. Showed door panel removal and installation step by step with photos. The first harness took me 45 or so minutes. The second one took 10 minutes or so. Tip, pull the speaker out.
  14. I have been looking into this. Since the 10 inch was released Maestro also released the i-data link module and it seems you can use it on the X008U. So you could also retain much of the integration functions. At the end of the day the only reason I can think to install an aftermarket HU is to get clean pre-amp outputs without taking the factory speakers outs and converting them. That or if you had a 4 inch screen. I love how nice the 10 inch solution is, the price is just too much.
  15. Can you buy replacement brackets for the 6 inch rectangular factory steps? Does anyone know if this would allow 2500 steps to work on a 1500? From the looks of it the passenger brackets are different to accommodate the diesel exhaust. Thanks
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