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  1. Go for the eibach kit ! Night and day difference comparing it to a spacer kit.
  2. From what I’ve read unless you’re running a heavy winch or some crazy brush guard they do NOT advise running these on the the higher levels. If you’re looking for more lift I’d say get an actual “lift kit”. These pictures are with 33x12.50 tires they deff don’t look stuffed to me !?
  3. Go with eibach ! You’ll be happy you did. I love the look and drive of mine. Using the pro truck kit ( springs, shocks, struts ) you do not need new A-arms. I didn’t do anything to the rear and it’s pretty much dead level.
  4. Good to know ! Thank you for the update I have the eibach set up as well and have been looking for a new block for the rear too.
  5. Truck looks awesome ! Well done which rear block did you end up going with ?? no issues with It ?
  6. Well done ! I love the wheel spacers , did you have to do any cutting ? Do you have any rubbing ?
  7. Eibach pro truck kit 2.5 front / stock rear height 33X12.50R22 atturo trail blade MT so far I’m loving the suspension & tires !
  8. I wouldn’t do that I highly recommend getting the eibach kit and get rid of the rough country it will be level and the ride quality is awesome
  9. Eibach Pro Truck kit - springs and shocks love the ride and look - sits perfectly level
  10. I love the eibach pro truck kit I couldn’t be happier with the ride and look
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