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  1. Truck looks awesome ! Well done which rear block did you end up going with ?? no issues with It ?
  2. Well done ! I love the wheel spacers , did you have to do any cutting ? Do you have any rubbing ?
  3. Eibach pro truck kit 2.5 front / stock rear height 33X12.50R22 atturo trail blade MT so far I’m loving the suspension & tires !
  4. I wouldn’t do that I highly recommend getting the eibach kit and get rid of the rough country it will be level and the ride quality is awesome
  5. Eibach Pro Truck kit - springs and shocks love the ride and look - sits perfectly level
  6. I love the eibach pro truck kit I couldn’t be happier with the ride and look
  7. Eibach pro truck kit ( springs + shocks ) +2.5” front stock rear height 22” stock rims Atturo trail blade m/t 33X12.50R22
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