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  1. Weird, maybe I'm in the minority. I actually really like the current interior style, I think keeping the same design feel but updating the gauge cluster would be enough for me.
  2. Good to know, thanks. Hopefully the new spoiler bolts are being used now that manufacturing has resumed.
  3. I don't think truck size necessarily has anything to do with it. The Tundra Prinsu racks sell just fine. As popular as overlanding is at the moment, it's probably just a matter of time before one is available.
  4. I searched but couldn't find any, but just in case I missed it, is anyone having leaking issues with the solid glass rear windows, or is this isolated to slider rear windows only?
  5. I think generally speaking, that's good advice. For me, I want the locking differential that comes with the elevation trim, so if I went SLE instead, I'd have to pay for the X31 to get the diffential, some ranchos I'm swapping anyways, and some skid plates I don't really need.Then I'm back where I started plus I still don't like all the chrome. I think GM did a good job of breaking down the packages this time around. The elevation gets me the look and mechanicals I need without having to buy the AT4 trim or X31 package.
  6. Looks really sharp! Man, I'm loving how caps look on the new gen body style. The rear spoiler on the cab blends right into the cap perfectly. I'll probably get a cap at some point, once I trade in to a 2020 here soon. There's been some awesome cab and cap racks coming out the last few years. I'm hoping Prinsu will make a T1 cab rack soon. I need a full cab/cap rack combo so I can climb up on top and load kayaks, canoes, and rafts.
  7. I'm blown away you got them that low. Is that on a 6.2 AT4???
  8. that's over 20% off MSRP, sounds like a great deal to me.
  9. I've been looking at upgrading to 2020 and feel like the Elevation package has the best combination of value and looks. You used to have to get the Denali or All Terrain to get paint match bumpers, now you can get that in the Elevation. For some reason, I really do want the Multi-pro tailgate though. I heard it was an option you can get on the Elevation, but when I go customize one on GM's site you can't get that added at the Elevation trim level. Maybe it's something that has to be ordered and put on by the dealership? Anyways, My ideal truck is a satin steel Elevation with the multipro. I'll be getting a BDS lift and bigger tires immediately after. I think the AT4 trim is better than the old All Terrain trim, but too much money for what you get. I forgot to mention that the Elevation also comes with the rear locker. That to me, makes the X31 not attractive at all. I don't need skid plates or ranchos...
  10. I do mind all the chrome! I think the AT4 is hindered somewhat by what the elevation trim offers. The older All-Terrains were the only way to get color-match bumpers. I do however, agree that the suspension is probably mediocre at best and will be easily topped by aftermarket options. The benefit lies for those that feel piece of mind from it being fully warrantied from the factory, and perhaps in addition it being wrapped up in the final cost of the vehicle itself. I am looking at upgrading to a 2020 elevation and for an extra 1800 bucks it sure is tempting to take delivery of a fully warrantied vehicle with a lift in place, already. I don't need the extra cameras or creature comforts the AT4 trim offers and I can get the multirpro added onto the Elevation if I decide I have to have it (I probably will).
  11. Interested in learning more about this factory option. Do you happen to have a part# or #'s for this lift? What suspension parts came with this lift? If oyu don't mind me asking, what was your cost on adding this?
  12. This is my thought as well. I think it's pretty obvious, given what you gain at the AT4 trim level. These new AT4's are in my opinion, a better trim relatively speaking when you compare with the older All Terrain trim. Think about what additional features you pick up at the AT4 trim level and if they are worth the extra cost for your budget. I have a 2015 SLE Sierra and am contemplating upgrading to a 2020. Right now, the Elevation trim with the X31 package ticks most of the "want" boxes for me, without running me into the high 40's in cost. If you have the means, you will absolutely love the new AT4's.
  13. Unfortunately, unless you're wanting to air up a mattress or charge a phone, I don't see a whole lot of uses for the outlet. I guess it's better than none.
  14. Looks sweet! let's get a few more pics of the stance...
  15. For those with the aluminum retrax, can you stand on them? I'm a buck 80 soaking wet....
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