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  1. new dude... if the bumpers (non dual exit) are the same on both the 1500 and hd are the same... they must have multiple mounting points for the different brackets. Seems like the brackets that came on the truck would fit on the dual exit bumper...
  2. The trucks are very similar width. Mounting points could be wildly off tho.
  3. MTU.. are you saying that the 2020s handle leveling kits better than previous trucks?
  4. Just keys. I have been reading about the ball joint issue. I’ll have to find a case of ball joint failure to look at. Without any major off-roading I can’t see the ball joints wearing all that premature. I had a 2.5” kit on my last truck and ball joints lasted 85000 miles and were still on the truck when I traded it in. Never had any problems. Truck before that was a 09 f250 with leveling kit. Had 197k on the clock and changed em once. I’m not saying these won’t fail... I just think it’s a little over stated. I would like to see one with issues though so I can get a good look at the issue. I’m not against adding the uca but I need to justify their necessity.
  5. Rough country keys and shock extensions. 35x12.50 ridge grapplers
  6. Just a bump. I’m going pick my truck up from the dealer tomorrow. I will inquire about the bumpers. I’m doubt they are the same part number but maybe a schematic will show if they can be used.
  7. 150 miles away. My dealer went pick up my truck last Tuesday. It was a dealer that they trade with frequently. Hope it helps.
  8. Rough country kit. 35” ridge grapplers going on today. This was last night when I “test fit” it into the garage. Should still fit with the tires!
  9. Mine came in a kit. Fronts and rears together. I’m sure someone sells just the rears, not sure if gm does. good luck.
  10. I recently purchased a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 SLT. It has the 6.6 gas engine (which has been surprising). I was thinking about wrapping the front and rear bumpers and have toyed with the idea of getting PTM bumpers instead. If I am going to change the rear bumper I think it would be nice to add the factory dual exhaust look from the 1500 and run a set on my truck. I know the trucks use to share quite a few parts... does that still hold true?? Bumpers the same by any chance? thanks for any help. ps. Only pic I have since I put the leveling kit on. Tires being installed as we speak! (No clue why it’s sideways!)
  11. I may just order the grill. I don’t want to mess with much once take delivery of the truck. Leather bumpers grill will get done before I take it. Wheels will get done when I put 35s on and level it. Thanks for the help fellas
  12. I’m not trying to make anyone think it’s an at4. I just like the look of the color matched bumpers and the black accents on the wheels. The question in regards to the grill was just a matter of asking people’s personal opinions on how it would look.. I’m not a fan of the Denali color matched with all of the chrome. I prefer the sportier look. The sle has substantially less chrome on the grill so I’m not sure of the cost of wrapping or replacing would be worth while. I need to find a photo shop expert to render a picture of one. Probably easiest to take an at4 and impose the sle grill onto it. Anyone have photoshop skills??
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