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  1. Just an FYI, I had a 2018 and bought a new 2021 AT4. My winter tire rims would not fit on the front of the 2021, they hit the brake caliper. The bolt pattern was the same. I'm not sure how the 21 rims would look on a 2017, might be fine going the opposite of what I did.
  2. I have the chrome grille I took off my 2008 LTZ when I got the color matched one. Perfect condition. I believe it fits 2007 to 2011 at least, it would be up to you to confirm that it will fit your vehicle. Price $175 shipped. Part is located in Ontario on the Michigan border if anyone wants to pick up.
  3. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys that responed. The only time I can get a reading is if I'm almost stopped on an incline. If I'm moving at the speed limit and go up an overpass and down the other side the reading stays at 0. Dealer has replaced a few parts as explained before, but they say its up to the GM Tech Center to figure out what is wrong since they can't measure the sensor outputs.
  4. Just wondering how others Off-road screen works in the DIC. Mine is a 2015 LTZ, the side to side shows angles when driving even just off the crown of the road it will read 1 degree. The steering wheel shows the angle and the 4X4 graphic lights up 2 or 4 tires depending on what is selected. The problem I have is the front to back never was showing any angles even driving over an overpass which I would guess at 5 degrees. I took it to the Dealer and they told me the scan tool can't read that so it was hard to troubleshoot. They contacted the GM Tech Center who said to replace some module(sorry didn't get the name of that one). It didn't fix the problem, so the Tech Center said to replace the Electronic Brake Controller. It still doesn't read when driving up overpasses, but if I'm on a driveway with a pretty big incline it will eventually read something. Next thing they said to replace was the Instrument Cluster and it acts the same as the last time. So my question for those that have this screen, when you are driving at the speed limit and going up an overpass do you get an angle reading on the front to back? Thanks
  5. We must be neighbours, I'm in Sarnia. I haven't used the Nav in my 2015 LTZ too much, but the one in my 2013 Equinox has problems also. It won't say street names if its also a County Road. I hate when it says turn on CR19 or something when its in the middle of the city. It appears to me that GM has systems in different vehicles, like the HVAC doesn't work the same across the GM line.
  6. There is a recall about torque converter shudder. Its either 15389 or 15396. I think its just a re-program.
  7. My 2008 Vortec Max kind of did the same thing. It was a day or so after I put the stock tune back in. I was running a BlackBear tune and had the AFM turned off. Reading around there is a Valve Lifter Oil Filter just under the Oil Pressure sending unit. Its about the size of a cigarette butt, cost is around $10. It would be really easy to replace if it wasn't for the position that the sending unit is in at the back of the engine. Basically all you have to do is disconnect the harness from the sending unit, unscrew the sending unit and use a small hook to get the filter out. Put new filter in and put the sending unit back in. There are Youtube videos showing how to do it. Unfortunatley I traded my 2008 for a 2015 before I could change mine.
  8. I've got my fingers crossed also. As far as the search options goes, I'm not sure how that would work. I can pick another Artist, or pick a Genre, but that still limits everything from playing. I will have to keep messing with it.
  9. Well I got my Tungsten 2015 Crew 4x4 LTZ2 6.2L 8-speed two weeks ago. I think I got everything except a sunroof. I ordered Feb 26 and it was in Ontario by April 24. I picked it up April 27. I have done alot of reading on the forums here, so I've read about all the problems, which made me a bit nervous. Good news though I can't really find anything wrong with it. No squeaks or rattles, seats tight and doesn't hurt, radio seems responsive, 8 speed seems to be shifting fine, the 6.2 with the 8 speed makes the truck feel very light compared to my 08 Vortec Max. I've been babying it around so far and only have 500km on it. So far 50/50 city/hwy the DIC is showing an average of 13.6 L/100km which is just over 17 mpg (US). I got the bed liner sprayed at the factory and it looks pretty nice also. I've added Weathertech mats front and rear and I can say the rear mats work fine under the rear seat storage. I tested out a 64GB SD Card with a few Artists, I have my music in Folders by Artist/Album and it didn't work, which I suspected. I reformatted the card to Fat32 and it played the music, but got stuck in the first Artists Folder. It would play all the albums under that Artist and shuffle them, but wouldn't leave. I could manually go and pick another folder and it would play that. So what I did was make a Folder called Music and then put all the Artists under that Folder and everything works fine now. Question though. When you say "Play Artist Led Zeppelin" it plays all Zeppelin songs which is fine. How do you get it to go back and play everything on the Card? The only way so far is to eject the card, which is stupid.
  10. My Silverado was ordered Feb 26 and I got it the beginning of this week. The 8 speed seems to be performing fine, I haven't felt or heard anything abnormal.
  11. How far are you willing to drive. I'm in Ontario just across the bridge from Port Huron Michigan. I have an 08 Crew LTZ 4x4 with the Vortec Max, Leather, Navigation. Its got 86000 Km, about 54000 Miles. I'm the original owner. I have a 15 coming in a couple of weeks. I would sell it for $20000 US.
  12. Dealer called today, mine was built last week. Now I just have to wait for it to ship from Mexico to Ontario.
  13. Just talked to the Dealer yesterday and he says the Truck should be built this week. Any one know, If things go well, it takes to ship to Ontario?
  14. I've been reading the forums for awhile now and with some of the problems I've read about I was going to wait until next year to get a truck. Then my buddy bought one and brought it over. I went over it looking at some of the areas people have concerns with and felt it wasn't a concern for me, although it appears the vibration is a crap shoot, his doesn't vibrate yet. So I went and ordered a Silverado Crew 4x4 LZ2 with the 6.2. Everything except the Sunroof. It appears these are shipping now, my Dealer said there were 55 available for Canada, so now I wait. Not sure if anyone would be interested in my 2008 Silverado Crew LTZ Vmax. Its got about 57000 Miles. I live in Ontario right on the Michigan border. I might put it in the For Sale section closer to when the new truck arrives. What do you think an appropriate price would be?
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