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  1. I just went through something similar. Check your mega fuses off the battery terminal that sits on top of the battery. I had no power to any of my fuse boxes. No power inside cab (dash, gauges, radio etc.) Door locks worked and one headlight - didn't look at tail lights. Good luck!
  2. Images of mods and upgrades to my 2014 Z71 Edge evolution CTS2 Programmer - 0-60 in 6.7 sec K&N Blackhawk CAI 2" Level kit 20x9 Fuel Mavericks BFG All Terrain KO2 275/60/20
  3. I run a 100 shot on e. I bought a lingenfelter box (LNC-2014) to pull 4 degrees of timing. Rule of thumb is pull 2 degrees per 50 sprayed. No retune just colder plugs. you could do a 50 shot no problem but that wont last long.
  4. Pardon my laziness, but don't have the time to scroll through 700+ pages. If anybody could recap if a solution was posted for my yr/make/model that'd be huge and a big thanks. 2014 double cab Z71 34xxx miles 33" all terrains 20x9 fuel mavericks Noticed a vibration/shake a few thousand miles ago and it continues to get worse. Shakes my middle console pretty bad from roughly 65-80mph. From what I've scrolled through and found, possibly my drive shaft needs to be rebalanced?. Taking into dealership next week. Thanks in advance.
  5. Here's my 14 build. Had bumpers, head light bezels, bowties and grill color matched over chrome. Did the Z black in the front badge as well. Thinking of middle window pillars next. Had some issue with the grill in the inside corners so switching to a painted grill soon.
  6. How are you liking it so far? Any glitches or issues? Did you order the Camera, latch, and genie plug all from the same site?
  7. I have a cat back from Magnaflow and really like the black tip. I had all my chrome color matched so made more sense for me over a chrome tip, but take a look.
  8. Think a 4" BDS with 20x10s is in my future

  9. All interstate driving between 65 and 70 trying to keep it in V4 as much as possible, but that's long gone since I got it tuned and no more AFM.
  10. No not yet. I can actually buy the grill color matched already, so I'll just need to headlights bezels and bumpers done. It wont be for a couple months tho, but I'll try a remember to post the details when it does happen.
  11. I was charged $500 for both bumpers, bowties, grille and head lights bezels. Think I am going the painted route soon tho. Have had a bunch of issue with the grille corners.
  12. Thanks! Yes, I did lose a little bit of my MPG average, but I did add a few things all at the same time. I also have an issue with heavy foot syndrome. It's a serious issue, but I managed to get 21.7 mpg on hwy not to long ago.
  13. I run the KO2s and love them. Do a bit more off roading than you, but they have been great on the highways and road trips. Always nice to know you can do a little off roading if it's ever needed.
  14. Thanks. The only issue was on the inside corners of the grille. Other than that, I like the way it turned out. I paid to get it done, so the wrap place fixes it at no charge. Did those lights come from Florida? If so, I almost bought them!
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