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  1. North of 8.0 . Slapping Ford around some more .
  2. RCSB sighting

    Well we know the General has announced no rcsb silverado for 19. Article kept referring to silverado and no mention of Sierra. Maybe a slight chance GMC would offer it I suppose .
  3. Seems like when the k2 launched their was a tremendous amount of activity and buzz. Fast forward to the T1 platform and it does not appear as strong to me. Could all just be winter conditions for many parts of the country.
  4. my understanding is no matter where you set controls it is a split of inside /outside air . 80/20 does sound familiar but not sure.
  5. Now we wait for Ford to present their version complete with their famous ''Man handle''.
  6. Ram is discounting heavily . GM has not offered much yet and dealers appear to want close to msrp. Hard to tell but do not see many yet here in new england
  7. GM Reports Strong Earnings

    The General is feasting on prime rib right now. Gone are them bad days of peanut butter and crackers. America is having a torrid love affair with trucks and SUV the ''buzz word''. The sky is the limit with them msrp points. Who wants a Sonic?
  8. Yeah probably like 5 grand replacement plus paint
  9. Oil change - 5.3 L83

    My 15 sierra built in August of 15 states 8.5 quarts.
  10. Oil change - 5.3 L83

    Because 2014 and 2015 models stated 8.5 quarts with filter. Somewhere in 2016 GM revised the capacity to 8 quarts with filter. Nobody received new dipsticks to reflect the revision.
  11. General Motors Begins Mass Layoffs TODAY

    last one out shut off the lights.
  12. Is GM Considering An Electric Pickup?

    Good point on affordable. Have not heard Ford mention price on neither one .
  13. RCSB sighting

    There sure is not a sighting of one on build and price.
  14. So it kinda goes like this ...if ya want to haul the 2x4's buy the Chevy ....if ya haulin the briefcase get a GMC. Watch marketing play this out .

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