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  1. notice how the metal scales. Welcome to the world of boxed frames.
  2. My guess on high end mfg . making close to 20k plus dealer makes probably 5 -7g. On the low end mfg. making 5-7 g and dealer 2-3 g. This just my humble opinion .
  3. It really makes me chuckle . When they were available hardly anyone bought them. They are now gone and all these people say they want one now ?
  4. The salt calcium brine used in Maine is a toxic cocktail that eats GM trucks alive. Any trucks for that matter .
  5. guarantee if the steel cost a nickel more a lb. we don't have it .
  6. Well GM has a sport mode in the 19 models so what does that tell you.
  7. Some say GM got confused and put ''dead pedal'' on both sides for driver.
  8. If you steal a Ford you are taking a chance because it most likely will break before you get away.
  9. I think GM done it intentional so soccer moms and gramps can take off ........slow and steady .
  10. You can buy rubber poly spring liner in a 20 foot roll . it has lip on both sides to hold it in place on springs . It cost about 16 bucks a roll. speedway motors has it and I think summit racing may too.
  11. good old plain rubbing alcohol you can buy at most any store.
  12. I have used amsoil heavy duty metal protector and it is very good . It did not harm the factory frame wax at all like fluid film will do.
  13. I have a 15 but it is 4 wheel drive. See a few here in Maine but not many. 2 wheel drive is scarce here because of snowy winters.
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