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  1. Actually their are cars that shift either way . Kia soul comes to mind .Let it shift by itself or turn knob on shifter and you manually control the shifts.
  2. Yeah as soon as the incentives reach typical 10 - 12,000 off people will be scoffing them up. And as stated GM is not the most ''popular '' corporate citizen in many consumers eyes at the moment. GM may have to do some damage control with some feisty rebates.
  3. Of coarse nowhere have i read has it stated better fuel mpg was a goal for 19. In fairness to GM they have been giving as good and mostly better than competition. No doubt the 2 inch lifted truck is pushing thru the wind with slightly more resistance. Who knows what the fate of half ton trucks will be if they squeeze their nuts much harder for mpg. Then again if trucks are going to replace the sedan car maybe mfg. will be forced to lighten half to segment up. Meaning designate them the ''people moving '' segment with lower power and towing ratings, cargo box weight etc. Mind you it may have to be done to meet more mpg forced by epa.
  4. Just seems crazy you would spend a fortune on new D.O.D. system, aero package assist and weight reduction and end up with the same or tiny bit worse than what you had. Bear in mind you never increased hp on engines neither.
  5. Yes but you have start stop technology and aero curtains. Oh wait there is more.....even tailgate is designed with aero flow top priority . How could this be ??
  6. Reg Cab 2019

    many times with rebates you could get a double cab as cheap or cheaper than a rcsb equipped with the limited options offered. Then as we all know most everyone buying new wants at least a double cab at the very least for the xtra seating capacity and or storage . The secondary market also is demanding basically the same . It all helps keep ''trade in'' or resale value higher. Marketing and buying trends left the rcsb with a very small hand to play in a game stacked against it sadly.
  7. Seems I read somewhere GM auto sales in China are very strong . Chinese loves GM models because they are light years ahead of anything they had before.
  8. GM Parable

    Well after reading that and seeing how GM corporate got so bobbled up on management of steering personal...well no wonder they are pushing self driving vehicles .
  9. Reg Cab 2019

    I think a very limited consumer interest and zero corporate interest killed the rcsb at GM. Ram is in change over mode for 19 so none their this year so I have been told. Pretty sure Ford is the only game in town for rcsb for 19.
  10. Rumored 409 cid. direct injection. GM may set the bar for a gasser . Going to be interesting for sure.
  11. Well from grille crossbar down looks like all truck. From crossbar bar up to hood looks like a camaro .
  12. Looks to me just like Ford GM is pretty much exiting building cars but for a very select few. They like Ford are chasing the gold right now which is trucks and suv .Handing the car building to companies of foreign origin. Self driving sounds nice GM but you can barely make a transmission shift anymore let alone a air conditioner condensor.....I rather drive vehicle than you GM. Trust myself way more than you.

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