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  1. I have a rcsb 15 sierra with 5.3 and 3:42'sand the bumper to bumper warranty is up in December . Thinking seriously of regear to 4:11 with Black Bear tune . Me is a thinking it going to wake it up .
  2. The General getting ''out smacked '' again ??? LOL.
  3. second that on metal protector HD. Used it on my 15 sierra new and truck still looks new after 3 maine winters.
  4. 2019 Silverado Priced Starting At $29,795

    Sure as hell not looking good for RCSB. Nowhere does any articles on the 19 model even mention it .
  5. He dreams Big no doubt on electric vehicles but he also dreams BIG on price lol. For me and that kind of cake is not so much whats in it but rather from the ground up and part of vehicle parts should be nothing but Top of the Mark quality . And then again I would have to think long and hard on them pipe dream prices
  6. Might have taken 10 pages to get there but you pretty much summed it up in a few words . imo . lol
  7. Which Paradigm?

    Bob and Betty were on their way to get a ice cream with their two children in the backseat of their new 1955 Ford country squire wagon car. Bob is driving the speed limit of 60mph when suddenly over the rise in the road appeared a Hudson Hornet three quarters of the way over centerline . Horrible crash killed Bob almost instantly from the steering shaft impaled in his chest. Betty went out thru the windshield and landed 70 ft. from point of impact in the road . She spent 4 months in the hospital from horrible cuts to face and chest with several broken bones. The worst was not over for Betty neither as she suffered the rest of her life from traumatic injury to the brain which went undiagnosed in them days . Children were saved by the back of the front seat with just bruising. Other driver died 6 hrs. later from massive head trauma . Police said his head hit the solid dash so hard it left a skull imprint at point of impact . Hospital reported swelling of brain was so bad they literally sawed the top of his skull off in attempt to treat the brain swelling . These were the days of full framed string bumpers and no air bags, crumple zones , seat belts, padded dash etc.
  8. Longevity

    A delete kit is about 700 and change I believe. A mechanic should easlly do it in about 12 -14 hrs . If you paying mechanic 100 per hr 1,200 -1,400 . so yes about 2,200 - 2,500 max. If you don't trust GM vacuum pump replace it aftermarket for about 150. Hell you lose more than double this on first year depreciation hit on new . Yes this would be pro-active cost if you are worried about AFM failure in the long haul.
  9. Longevity

    Worst case if AFM problems crop up ......open it up and do a delete kit .
  10. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    It has the ''Urban Cowgirl'' look to it imo.
  11. But but ..........it is athletic !!!!!!! lol.
  12. The good news appears for about 1,800 dollars you can enjoy the privilege of 4 hi- lo transfer case as a option. however if you want max tow you be be shit out of luck!!!!. Appears you can't have both anymore .
  13. Yes and then Jeeps are priced almost as much as trucks . lol
  14. Yes if you are a farmer or logger etc. you can encounter situations where you want and need 4 lo. On the other hand a vast majority are nothing more than commuter vehicles with the occasional tow of say a camper . This person will never need to use 4 lo ever. GM basically saying you need it now you pay more money for it . As far as rear gear not equal to competition who knows ? Sometimes I wonder if the competition is steering the ship one way and GM trying to steer it another way rather than match them in certain areas.

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