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  1. Yes and then Jeeps are priced almost as much as trucks . lol
  2. Yes if you are a farmer or logger etc. you can encounter situations where you want and need 4 lo. On the other hand a vast majority are nothing more than commuter vehicles with the occasional tow of say a camper . This person will never need to use 4 lo ever. GM basically saying you need it now you pay more money for it . As far as rear gear not equal to competition who knows ? Sometimes I wonder if the competition is steering the ship one way and GM trying to steer it another way rather than match them in certain areas.
  3. I guess since many trucks never work or go off road no need for 2 speed transfer case. Saves weight and of coarse money for them. When its all said and done ''trucks'' are still in a huge state of transition from trucks are for work and tough hard tasks to luxurious 4 door seating for 5 or 6 all purpose ''family '' vehicles. It really shows the transition when 2 speed transfer is deleted and gear ratio options are limited along with engine and tranny combo's. imo
  4. 4cyl Silverado?

    well one thing this new turbo does is blow to hell the old adage ...GM is slow to react , give them 10 years to catch up, oh GM is very conservative and plays it safe. Riddle me this now because who else has broken ground with a 4 cyl. turbo full size truck ? Are they 10 years behind and playing it conservative on this ?lol.
  5. Well it may be the start of more turbo options to come from the general.....Damm you Ford !!!! lol. Me thinks if the General hangs some turbo's off the 4.3 v-6 in the Future for a option.......Ford you are toast .
  6. Summer tire pressure

    Same here with tire pressure . I run 35 lbs. and ride is much better.
  7. I don't have a beard but wife does have a mustache .....does it count ??
  8. Why in the world should anyone buy a GM truck and have to go aftermarket to ''compete '' with competition? You are laying your hard earned money down and paying as much for GM truck as any other brand . It should be expected that your new GM truck is EQUAL too or a little better than competition. Do you think GM built their reputation on being underpowered or not quite up to the competition? If you accept the fact your a little underpowered to any of them you are settling for less than your paying for .Never in the history of GM has the consumer had to settle for .....We are close but not quite as powerfull as the competition except perhaps the last 10 years.if your happy for settling and paying the same than competition fine but some of us are not. Remember we are not talking econo boxes here but some pretty serious chump change for these pickups.
  9. Had a co-worker get in a similar situation with a new Ford lariat . He had the credit to buy it and he did but after a few months he found the payment and fuel cost was basically leaving him broke. After 10 months of it he sold it at a loss of coarse but got out from underneath it .
  10. I remember when ford had a huge advertising campaign that went like ...have you driven a Ford lately? People would laugh and say...well no I haven't , no time to drive one because it takes all my time repairing it !!! How about chrysler with their infamous K cars that people related to K- mart quality lol. Talk about cheap and barely tolerable driving cars for most peoples opinion...but they might get you there and back for a few years. Paint on hood , trunk and roof top would literally blow off in sheets but at least they had primer underneath. People would not even bother fixing the paint and of coarse chrysler claimed it WAS Not their fault or problem. Many of these cars were trash before you ever got them paid for and in them years car loans were 3 and 4 year loans . believe the max was 5 years because people were taught that is too many years for auto loan
  11. IMO one thing in particular honda and toyota do very well is stick to the names of their models . Take the Corolla , Camry or civic and accord been around forever it seems . Did they ever build a terrible model year or years of any of them? Didn't say bullet proof but terrible bear in mind . Now lets take Ford for example ...Pinto followed by mustang 2. lol.followed by escort followed by fiesta and then focus. How about maverick followed by fairmont tempest ? followed by......you get the point. Now keep in mind a very high portion of the afore mentioned had dismal safety and reliability issues to say nothing about el/cheapo interiors . They kept changing the model names and replacements so much you never knew what the hell you were getting if you chanced buying one . Meanwhile corolla and camry and civic etc still their gaining more and more buyers because they recognized the model. No one ever thought they were unbreakable r bullet proof but they were head and shoulders above a pinto or fairmont or vega etc. Just my simple mind thinking it may play a small part in ford cars death sentence.
  12. Yes would assume Mustang in Nascar and who knows ...Mustang Police Package for cruisers ?
  13. If there ever was a opportunity for GM to gain some traction on getting some more of the lost car sales back it just may be now. One has to ask how can the Asian mfg. turn out a model that people buy in good numbers and the American mfg . unveils a competing model with little to at best barely moderate interest? The only answer I can come up with is ''corporate culture'' must be vastly different in Asian vs. American thinking. How is it that Asian mfg comes out with model that youth likes and buys and it holds up well. Usually well enough that as they progress to mid life they are still buying the Asian auto just perhaps a different model to suit their changing midlife situation. Further as they near retirement they still stick with them. American mfg meanwhile captures a few youth and usually can't wait to get rid of it and rarely considers another make or model from American mfg.in mid life or retirement ? There has to be some serious core value and culture values . Remember the old adage ....shit starts at the top and rolls downhill.
  14. Which Paradigm?

    Lets look at it another way . Fellow gets up 5 days a week and goes to work. His paycheck is 1,000 per week gross but after taxes and probably deduction for health insurance contribution or perhaps a 401k. Bottom line ''take home '' is about 700.00 so boom its gone in the new 6 year truck payment every month. Now between commute to work and week end driving another 100.00 a week in fuel is 400. 00 a month but with insurance and oil changes etc. there goes another 50..00 a week for 450. now needs to come out of your 2nd paycheck of the month. Easily 40% of your work earnings are going to truck . Start adding in some accessory spending on truck and eventual tires, shocks etc and your approaching almost half of your ;;reward '' for busting your ass is going to truck. My generation born in the 50's were taught by our parents that only a fool would work that percentage for a vehicle . Yes even the local bank would encourage you not to be a fool with your money like that . Like Grumpy stated at the end of say that 72 month payment you pennies on the dealer left . I guess I am getting too old because something is not adding up lol.

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