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  1. The heat was coming and they played their hand I would say. You can bet if not for safety they would have done nothing imo. GM seems to have this attitude if it isn't safety related and NHTSA will get involved then screw em. Right wrong or indifferent makes no difference it appears . Now about that AC condensor that is known for failure . LOL. Yeah I know it not safety related so its not GM problem they are junk ....its yours you bought it . Indeed I did.
  2. Pretty sure it is made by Lubrizol for joe gibbs racing inc. Because it is a specialty boutique class of oil specs may be close to impossible to find . It has been around for awhile now . Actually quite awhile.
  3. IT HAPPENED. Silverado sales has been overtaken by RAM

    Hell Fiat pile another 5 grand more on top and they might be the sales leader for a quarter. In reality who cares I have no stock in Fiat or GM.
  4. LOL. And slap tundra in the nuts just to be sure to seal the deal.
  5. Seems like people love to piss and moan about most everything for sure. Of coarse mfg's like to promote all this blah blah bling shit as important , got to have it or you just aren't Joe Kool. Package this stuff into a truck that is built with the cheapest parts you can source and give them a monetary colonoscopy . They will piss and moan and bend over and get in line .
  6. That would be a work truck model payment lol.
  7. No wonder incentives are low . Hell sell less trucks and make MORE money per truck.
  8. I counter act the smell with some serious ''off gassing'' myself.
  9. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    Seems like the only thing Titan about it is Titan of Poor sales. I see a few every now and then key word being few. If they are a contender of anything it would be the best kept secret in the country. They have a diesel that I am told is between a 1500 -2500 GMC. I have only ever seen one at a truck pull and he broke his U joint. Seems like in my area there is mostly no interest in them.
  10. It is interesting for sure . The post above was taken off cargurus site under stabilitrak and traction control light going off.
  11. That is right off another site for what its worth grump.
  12. This info came from www.cargurus.com 2015 GMC Yukon XL SLT 5.3 with the same flashing check engine, stabilitrac lights, rough idle, hard shift 1-2. It had 46k miles the first time, yes I’m on the 2nd round of this issue just 3 months later. Under powertrain warranty, dealer replaced a ‘collapsed lifter’ the first time, my belief it was unnecessary because before picking up they had to replace an arcing plug wire, which would cause a misfire. This second time, a different dealer is replacing all lifters, said the same lifter that was previously replaced was again broken. There was no ticking in the engine that you would get from a lifter issue in either occasion. The problem occurred both times under the exact conditions, at the exact same intersection, making the exact same left turn, slightly uphill, and hard accelerating in the exact same way. I don’t believe it is actually a lifter issue, but more something triggered by sensors and the stabilitrac engaging. I know I’m stuck with a vehicle that will repeat this problem over and over again. I have yet to contact GM, but plan on doing so tomorrow, also when I’m due to get my car back. I’m not holding my breath though. I’ve read about so many issues with these 5.3 engines, it’s unbelievable that there hasn’t been a recall.
  13. Yes it was a good read grumpy . The point he made about seeing pin damage from like pin damage from sequence of events not happening at cam base but under ramp up of lobe. And you can search many other forums and sites and quite a few say same thing ......Going along and all of a sudden stabiltrac light comes on and 15 to 30 seconds later check engine and dreaded misfire felt . Still others report on failure order of lights coming on is reverse order . Just keeps my simple mind stimulated Grumpy

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