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  1. Them are used truck prices on brand new left overs . Great deals to be had it looks .
  2. See your ''friendly '' GMC dealer today for a new truck built by the Company that cares . It can sell a lot of vehicles !!!!
  3. Titan sales are poor so they toss on the warranty for free. GM sales however are very robust so they can charge you extra for it .
  4. But wait it will give you 2 miles per gallon better fuel economy than the v-8 ......maybe lol.
  5. Fluid Film Question

    give it 10 days or so and it will pretty much go away.
  6. Oil consumption

    I change my oil every 5,000 miles . Mobil 1 5-30 it uses maybe 4 ounces , virtually none.
  7. If you were going to trade every 3 years or so 1 year newer model would add value at trade . If however you are going to keep it at least 5 years or more say 6 or 8 years condition of it will matter more on value than it being 1 year newer imo
  8. Do the 2019's all have Auto-Stop???

    There is some irony in all this start stop techno feature . Was always taught that most engine wear happens on start up. That being said seems like one start up going across city vs. 10 start ups across city is much better for me if I intend to keep truck beyond 3 years .
  9. Baby needs to be Burped .
  10. Reg Cab 2019

    Appears there is still much uncertainty about rcsb. Members on GM Truck Talk- Inside news are reporting no rcsb for 19 and beyond.
  11. 2018 ford 5.0 rcsb

    I have a 15 rcsb on E 85 which Gm claims 385 hp for 5.3. Weighed mine several times with half tank of fuel and tonneau cover ...4900 lbs. Ford rcsb would tip scale at about 4,450lb . Can run very close but 3;;42 gearing is not my friend here and going to go 4::10 eventually which will be a good equalizer. 6.2 from GM only available in heavier truck configuration which does it no favors against rcsb from either mfg. Ford 395 hp. 4400 lb vs. GM 425 hp at 5,500 lb. GM 5.3 on E85 385 at 4900 lb. Power to weight don't lie if gearing equal.

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