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  1. good paint cost money . Profit before paint.
  2. One thing is for certain with the six shooter....They are tougher than a $3.00 steak.
  3. It is not going to replace the pick-up. It willCompliment the all electric sierra and silverado.
  4. Sadly more than likely gone for ever in american market . GM has convinced 98.9 % of population they do not want them. Four full doors dripping with all the candy inside and out. Keep the bed short so I can park it at store or mall. Big tires and a lift will make me feel much better too. Thank you GM marketing team I was in such turmoil about truck until you gave me some therapy. Now that my head is on straight i will take that Denali....
  5. how many miles because with that damage it sounds high.
  6. There was a thread about coolant temps on gauge cluster here in about 2015. seems like someone reported with his mechanical gauge 210 on truck was really 198- 200 ran on aftermarket mechanical gauge.
  7. parts stores are full of cheap chinese knock off parts. American name but chinese made
  8. Being offered 30 on a trade deal is just smoke and mirrors . their just manipulating the figures to make it sound good . I don't believe a dealer would offer over 22,000 outright sale to them with no trade.
  9. Amazing how far off topic this thread went . More talk about the v-8 at times and people who don't own or have driven the six telling about it .lol
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