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  1. I had an 8spd in a canyon I owned. That 8 spd was awful. Hard shifts, hunting for gears and also had the reverse slipping/lag. Have the 10 spd in my sierra. Super smooth and is really a great combo with the 5.3. I'm very happy with the 10spd. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  2. Maybe the aftermarket makes a different intake snorkel. Have to research this. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  3. I'm glad I'm aware of this. I'm going to be careful going through big puddles and road flooding. I'm also going to take a good look at the engine air intake under the hood. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  4. Which engine do you have? Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  5. X2! Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  6. While I think this is highly subjective I do have some thoughts on this. Having a quiet ride (low cabin noise) is important to me as well. Before ordering my SLT I drove a Silverado with the Z71 pkg (5.3), an SLT with the X31 package (5.3) and an SLT with premium plus (non x31, 6.2). To me the non off road pkg truck was the quietest by a noticeable margin. IMO the tires make a huge difference. I ordered an SLT premium plus 5.3 without the x31 off road pkg with 22" wheels which comes with the all season tires (rather than the all terrain more aggressive tires) and wheel well liners. I'm very happy with how quiet my truck is. The truck is so quiet at highway speeds I don't realize how fast I'm going, and this is the reason I didn't get the x31 pkg. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  7. Hoping for the best for you. We had massive rain here a few days ago, which was the first real test of my window tsb reseal. So far all is good. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  8. I agree with you. I think my SLT interior is nicer than the interior on the 2018 F150 platinum I traded in. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  9. Tsb attachedhttp://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5fe4efe91f44c/18-NA-383%201..5.pdf Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  10. No problem - happy to help. One other thing to consider is the quality of the service dept at the dealership. In reading through this thread you can see all levels of competence and quality of service. Specifically with the window leak issues - using an auto glass specialist seems to bring the best result. The specialist my dealer uses did a good job, and I couldn't tell the truck had been touched even though they dropped the headliner and removed the spoiler to seal the slider. I have to say the service Dept at my local ford dealer was really good, and they really tried to make things right and to fix all of my issues with my F150. I know they didn't build the truck, and every one of my issues were due to design flaws and production issues, and nothing the dealer was responsible for. I'm also very lucky that my GMC dealer (different owner than the Ford dealer) has a great service dept. and I know the service manager personally. It makes a huge difference when you get good service and they don't dismiss your issues like it's no big deal. Let's face it - with a $60k+ MSRP truck and you should get really good service.
  11. I get how frustrating the window issue is. Mine started leaking within the first 10 days of ownership. It does suck that GM hasn't properly addressed this. Regarding an F150 - I traded in a 2018 F150 Platinum. Here are the issues I had with it within the first 20k miles: 1. Door latch recall. The truck's door latches would freeze in the colder weather. The doors would either not open at all, or fail to latch closed. When this happened the truck was basically undrivable. It took 4 trips to the dealer to finally fix it. 2. At 20 k miles the ecoboost cam phasers started making serious noise. The truck sounded like it didn't have any oil in it. I changed the oil every 5-6 k miles and didn't beat on the truck. This is strictly a design flaw and a known issue. Pretty involved repair requiring a few days at the dealer. Needless to say having the engine torn apart in the first 20k miles doesn't give much confidence in the long term reliability. In checking online this has been an issue going back to 2011 or so, and is still an issue with the newer gen Ecoboost engines. 3. Seat issues - wiring harness for the drivers seat had to be replaced. Sometimes the heated/massage seats worked and sometimes not. 3 Trips to the dealer to finally correct this issue. 4. Moon roof rattle - This started about 4 months after I bought it. Every time I took the truck in I asked them to fix the rattle. Super annoying and they could never fix it. There is a bunch of info online about this issue as well. Still rattled the day I traded it in. Regarding the 3.5L Ecoboost, the turbo lag was very noticeable, and the turbos were noisy. On the plus side the gas mileage was pretty good, and when in "sport" mode the truck really hauled ass. Loved the power but all the other issues with it in the future If I were to consider buying another Ford I would only consider the 5.0 V8. For me the Ford was a disappointment in many ways. I really liked the platinum features and how the truck looked, and really wanted to like it. Given they sell almost a million trucks each year, and the cam phaser issue is still going on these many years later is ridiculous. The media loves to say how great the F150 is, but my experience was very different. I'm pissed that my SLT window was leaking right from the start, so I feel your pain for sure. They fixed it (so far) and the next time it leaks I'm paying to have a solid window installed. Otherwise I love the truck and like it better than the Ford in so many ways. I hope this info is helpful.
  12. I recently purchased and installed a Leer HF350 for my '21 SLT CCSB. I posted a separate thread about this. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/246174-leer-hf350m-hard-folding-tonneau/
  13. I recently purchased and installed a Leer HF350 for my '21 SLT CCSB. I chose this cover because of the design features where it doesn't use drain tubes and how the cover sits on top of the rails, instead of sitting in the rails. I also like the latching system the Leer has, as it doesn't have the traditional wire latch pulls that can be opened using a coat hanger and the design appears to be more secure than the other brands. I'm posting this info because in searching there are very few reviews online about this cover. For background on my prior trucks I have owned a Undercover Flex, Gator retractable cover and a Bakflip MX4. I installed this 2 weeks ago. The packaging was solid, with nothing damaged in shipment. Installation was simple and straight forward. The hardware is of good quality and the fit and finish of this cover is nicer than any of the others I have owned. The overall design is good and it looks like a lot of thought went into the design, specifically how it doesn't need drain tubes. So far in the rain (heavy downpour) I did get a few water drips in the front corners and along the tailgate. I have since made a few adjustments and will know once we get the next rain storm. Both the Flex and the MX4 leaked a little bit in heavy rain, and I'm not expecting the Leer cover to be 100% waterproof. So far the Leer is about the same as the other leaking wise, but I think making the recent adjustments will help and I will know for sure once we get another heavy rain storm. I had the Flex for 4 years, and after about 2 years the paint started to peel off the aluminum frames on the panels. The rubber along the rails and along the tailgate were showing signs of aging and wear. I had the MX4 for 3 years and the only issue I had with it was dents in the top from a hail storm. So far I would say I like the Leer 350 best, and now that I have it on the truck I would buy this one again without hesitation. I'm impressed with the Leer's design, build quality and fit and finish, plus the 350 was a little bit cheaper than a new Flex or MX4.
  14. I agree with you. My Ford was an 18, and I could never understand how much praise the interior got. To me the dash pieces were hard plastic and the fit & finish was just ok, and really didn't meet a "platinum" level vehicle. Before I ordered my SLT I drove the Ram, the Chevy and the GMC. I have to say the Ram interior is really nice and has a premium feel to the materials, and honestly felt like the GM Twins interior was nicer than the Ford. I have no complaints with the interior and really like my truck. I also think the dash layout on the GM twins is more user friendly then the Ford. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Congrats. Love the color! Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
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