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  1. Basic stuff in the cab like gloves, flashlight, phone stuff, Glock and AR with ammo and fast food wrappers. In the bed tools, jerk strap, ATV riding stuff, extra fluids and tools
  2. Must have options

    I got every available options on my 16 SLT, I’d rather spend a little extra for things I may not need. From past experiences on vehicles I can live with adding $25 on my payment vs being pissed I don’t have the vehicle I wanted...especially when spending 50k. That’s an expensive item to live with if you’re not happy with it. Just my opinion
  3. People forget these aren’t the 250 horsepower 4 speed slushbox trucks anymore. Add 100 hp or more and 2-4 more gears the throttle is going to be a lot more touchy.
  4. Xtang 2.0

    I have the xtang encore, I prefer having the lock since I keep my tow strap and normal truck stuff in the front of the bed
  5. I think you either got a good 8 spd or not. My dads is night and day different compared to mine. His only down shifts hard for first a few minutes while mine has about all the symptoms others have had. Downshifts that feel like the u joints could rip apart, had the tc flushed for shudder, mine sometimes acts like it doesn’t fully engage in park if I’m on a hill as it pops 2 or 3 times with any weight on it before it locks the wheels. Most annoying one is when I’m in 1st gear in a parking lot and let off the gas before it shifts to 2nd it will slam itself in 2nd while I’m coasting and it’s loud enough I flinch every time.
  6. I have the single 50 series on my 6.2 and like it a lot. Nice deep sound throughout any rpm range
  7. I’ve got the extang encore and prefer it to any other cover I’ve had. Once I sealed up the gaps along the tailgate sides I hardly get any dust, never had any issues with water at all. Every other brand I had or style has always let water in no matter what they claim. IMO roll up styled ones let water leak into cracks and gaps. The encore really has the best seal from my experience. Also you can open it from the front or back and use your ignition key so no extra key to carry or lose. It’s not a below rail cover like you’re looking for but an above rail one will almost always seal up better with the weight of the cover helping. My dads which I can’t think of the brand is a flush mount one and he regretted it from day one and it was more money than mine.
  8. Prices paid

    Laura’s is 100% legit. It was by far the best buying experience I’ve had with automobiles. I live out of state so I did move of the deal on the phone and the salesman was upfront saying we don’t negotiate our prices, what you see is what you pay. They offered to pick me up at the airport and had all the paperwork filled out and faxed copies to me so I could read over them so all I had to do is sign them and drive off. I was there maybe an hour and a half total including setting up onstar account over the phone. Easily saved 8k over any local dealer for a $300 plane ticket and 150 in gas driving home.
  9. Prices paid

    Yes sir I forget the exact savings I got on my 16 but it was around 14k off sticker and that included the leveling kit and wheels/tires. My dad got over 15k off on his 17 there. Neither one of us could get a local dealer to come close to Laura’s price so we each flew in and they were waiting at the airport for us and made the 6 hour drive home. Well worth it, no hassles at all by salesmen and very quick service once we landed.
  10. Prices paid

    Laura’s GMC is going to be the best price for a new truck I’d guarantee it. Usually average 13-14k off of sticker and have a handful of specials each month. Definitely worth the trip, and with several hundred in stock they will have the combo anyone would want lifted or stock.
  11. Good news from Apple

    It’s a problem with apple’s software. I’ve searched a bunch or forums for Audi, GM, Ford and Nissan owners etc and every brand is having some issues. What’s really weird is it’s spotty, only a handful of people are having problems and 11.4 fixed it for some and for some it made it worse. My first thought was my cord was bad but that wasn’t it so that’s when I seen online I wasn’t the only one. It’s even effecting people with aftermarket head units like Alpines. Just google Apple CarPlay static and cracking noise and the forums will pop up of people complaining about their problems.
  12. Good news from Apple

    Maybe Apple should worry more about getting the audio fixed before anything else. Mine is nothing but static since IOS 11.3 update. I got my hopes up when they said it was addressed in IOS 11.4 but nope. It’s better but still sounds like crap plugged in, Bluetooth isn’t nearly as bad.
  13. You can’t go wrong with Laura’s. I got my 16 for about 13.5k off sticker including the leveling kit and wheel/tires and my dad got his 17 for about 15k off sticker. We both flew down there and they were waiting at the airport for us. Quick trip to the dealer to sign papers and headed home. Local dealers wouldn’t come close to their deals.
  14. diesel for 19

    Can’t wait to hear the sound of the inline 6 turbo diesel! I know it’s considerably smaller but hopefully it has a similar sound to the 5.9 Cummins. The inline 4 and v6 diesels sound horrible imo and v8 diesels sound so so, there’s just something about that inline 6 sound I’ve always loved.
  15. Desktop Mode

    PLEASE add back the option for desktop mode like the old design had. Makes it so much more easier and enjoyable in desktop mode! I use my iPhone for almost all my web browsing and I loved the old design with that option, makes the site so much more accessible than the mobile version. Thanks!

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