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  1. Here ya go, this works great for me https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/14-18-sierra-products/products/14-18-sierra-foglight-always-on-harness
  2. Have the torque converter and tranny flushed. Is a common issue, it should run smoother in 7th or 5th till you can get it done. The dealer should know about it since there was a bulletin for it a few years back
  3. I couldn’t live in a blue state with their anti gun laws. Because remember we legal gun owners are considered criminals most of the time. Thank god in Indiana they passed a law allowing firearms in vehicles at your place of business. Remember vote red...ok there’s my rant for the day lol. Sorry to hear of your truck though, I know the feeling of having a vehicle being broken into
  4. Ok thanks, I’ll have to look into it more tomorrow
  5. Nope nothing sitting near it. Maybe it’s shorting out then
  6. What’s it mean if it’s flashing? There’s no phone sitting on it which is weird
  7. Have no idea idea I’ve never used it. Here’s a pic. Never noticed it before though let alone flashing.
  8. Hey guys I have a question. My gf drove my truck today and screwed around with my infotainment system and there’s a symbol flashing I’ve never noticed before. It’s a green wiggly arrow between the radio and phone button on top and it’s annoying the hell out of me now. So what is it? I half ass looked in the owners manual but I couldn’t find it maybe I overlooked it though
  9. Basic stuff in the cab like gloves, flashlight, phone stuff, Glock and AR with ammo and fast food wrappers. In the bed tools, jerk strap, ATV riding stuff, extra fluids and tools
  10. I got every available options on my 16 SLT, I’d rather spend a little extra for things I may not need. From past experiences on vehicles I can live with adding $25 on my payment vs being pissed I don’t have the vehicle I wanted...especially when spending 50k. That’s an expensive item to live with if you’re not happy with it. Just my opinion
  11. People forget these aren’t the 250 horsepower 4 speed slushbox trucks anymore. Add 100 hp or more and 2-4 more gears the throttle is going to be a lot more touchy.
  12. I have the xtang encore, I prefer having the lock since I keep my tow strap and normal truck stuff in the front of the bed
  13. I think you either got a good 8 spd or not. My dads is night and day different compared to mine. His only down shifts hard for first a few minutes while mine has about all the symptoms others have had. Downshifts that feel like the u joints could rip apart, had the tc flushed for shudder, mine sometimes acts like it doesn’t fully engage in park if I’m on a hill as it pops 2 or 3 times with any weight on it before it locks the wheels. Most annoying one is when I’m in 1st gear in a parking lot and let off the gas before it shifts to 2nd it will slam itself in 2nd while I’m coasting and it’s loud enough I flinch every time.
  14. I have the single 50 series on my 6.2 and like it a lot. Nice deep sound throughout any rpm range
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