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  1. Yep, and also true Z71 have a locking rear diff. That's the most important part for me and no one ever mentions it in these debates of whether it's worth it or not. Without the locking rear diff in 4x4, the best you will ever get is 2 or 3 wheel drive.
  2. In certain areas of the country, when you visited the Chevy website, you would get a pop-up on screen for a "private offer" after browsing the "build your Chevy" page for a while. It was normally an extra $1500 off trucks and large SUVs, $1000 off traverse I think, and $500 off Equinox and maybe some car models. Not 100% sure on the others, but it was for sure $1500 off trucks and it WAS stackable with all other discounts. My 2016 was $52k sticker and between the $4k rebates, friends and family discount, some other thing for like $500 off and the $1500 off private offer, it was 10k off sticker, and I put down $5500 so I ended up financing $36k and change plus taxes. Was $39,400 on the road. I could never get one in Michigan, tried for weeks with my truck already on order... (probably cause trucks/Chevy are already popular here) but when I travelled to Nashville, TN for work, I got one the first time I logged in, then went back in incognito mode and got 2nd one first try for a friend also. Not sure if they are still doing it or not.
  3. It'll be back, have no worries, lol. Dealer fixed mine with that clip and it lasted about 3000 miles.
  4. If that parts diagram/image is correct, those are the normal non-LED assemblies. The "cutout" for the reverse lights is in the center on the non-LED, and on the bottom of the LED versions.
  5. 35mph is correct, so it's basically good if you are crawling down a muddy road or doing winter time donuts in a Walmart parking lot, lol. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  6. I made a post way back when on this thread, probably 6 to 8 months ago when the dealer fixed mine. It's been about 6000 miles since the fix I think, and the click is coming back now.
  7. Same here, but the dealer did mine, way back many posts ago. It's been about 3000 miles now and seat is still solid. Zero noises or issues.
  8. Looks stock to me. The front leans down quite a bit in that pic. The space in the wheel well of the front looks much less than the rear also. The levels I've seen all show the wheel well space between the tire and fender in the front are nearly the same as rear, maybe a half inch less. But that looks like the front is still 2 inches or so lower than the rear.
  9. I looked into this when I got my truck. It is possible, but I gave up due to cost alone. OEM new LTZ lights are like $1000+ for each one, might even be $1500 each, I don't remember exactly. You can find them used on eBay for $700 or so each, but they normally came off wrecked trucks and have some broken brackets or scratches. After that, you just need the resistors to make the LED turn signals work properly. I believe there is also some adapter needed for the headlamps as well since the LTZ uses LED bulbs instead of HID like the LT models. The colored trim just snaps off so you could swap it or just paint it to match again.
  10. Mine was fixed by the dealer about 3000 miles ago, still no issues. I posted a pic of the SB and # for it a while back.
  11. Yeah, I was just clarifying that not all 16'+ have LED, that's all.
  12. For 16'/17', Only LTZ and above trims get LED. My 16' LT Z71 has HID. Co-workers 16'LTZ has LED.
  13. Lol, yeah mine doesn't do any hardcore off-road either, maybe driving through the occasional cut corn/soy bean field or logging road to get to tree stands, that's about it.
  14. Ouch, lol. Are the painted ones the same exact flaps, Just painted? Or are they a different brand/model?
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