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  1. Tint, bed cover, tray for center console and really wanting the Borla exhaust but holding on that at the moment.
  2. Ran into the same issue last week. My work gets a supplier discount and I couldn't find a dealer that would let me use it. 2 dealers close to me are doing the BS Markup as well. So I kept looking online and drove to a dealer about 2 hours away that had 2 trucks I liked listed below sticker.
  3. I bought from their dealership in Bentonville AR and had the same experience. Great dealer to work with.
  4. Up for sale are the premium floor mats from my 16 GMC crew cab. These are black and in great shape. Replacing since I upgraded to Weathertech floor mats. $75 + shipping
  5. Several places have the BakFlip MX4 on sale for $809.
  6. Anyone bought the new hard cover from BAK, BAKFlip MX4?
  7. Looks right to me. I ordered from gmpartsheadquarters.com as they had the best price I could find. Great customer service too!
  8. Got mine in today finally. I used the jump seat harness to power the 3 port usb receptacle in the console rather than the ports inside the box. I guess the 3 port usb receptacle isn't Apple Car play friendly as it won't work. i took it apart and plunged in the two port from the jump seat and Carp Play worked.. Any ideas on how to fix this other than splicing/soldering wires?
  9. The console arrived on Friday but i wasn't home and didn't get to look at it till yesterday. Unfortunately it was damaged. The boxed had been ripped open on one corner and looks like it was dropped pretty hard on the rear cover. the plastic clips that hold the rear cover on were broke and it looked like the side was dragged a bit. GMpartsheadquarters is great to work with. They already had the damaged unit picked up this morning and another one is due to arrive on Thursday. Great customer service.
  10. Just ordered the parts for mine this morning from gmpartsheadquarters.com.
  11. I am interested in doing this as well. Quick question though. On the list of parts you have I am not seeing the armrest/lid. Did that come with the console?
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