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  1. Anyone have a work truck or custom grill and hood scoop they would want to trade for an LTZ grill and hood scoop? I want to color match mine, but don't want to remove or paint over the chrome.
  2. Does anyone else get a clunk from their transfer case when shifting or in reverse? My transfer case clunks pretty bad shifting into and out of park, and when feathering the throttle in reverse. I have a 2020 2500 4x4 LTZ with the Duramax
  3. I know there are a few different forums on this topic, but they seem to have gone dead. The steering in my truck clicks and clunks especially at low speeds, and the truck wanders on the highway. I am constantly holding the wheel to the left or right to go straight. I have had the intermediate shaft replaced per the service bulletin. After it was replaced some of the noises were reduced, but not eliminated and the truck will still not track straight especially at highway speeds. It almost feels like a bad tie rod end or ball joint, but the dealership said everything is nice and tight, and I che
  4. DId they replace it? I had mine replaced per the bulletin, and it did not fix anything. I still have the clicking and on the highway the steering feels disconnected.
  5. Im not sure. Here are a couple of pics I took this morning before heading to work. I'll see if I can find it from the part number on the sticker. Update: Looks like it is a Weather Tech
  6. Im selling a bug deflector for a 2014+ sierra 1500. My wife bought it for me for christmas, but I don't like the way they look. I never installed it, and it's in perfect condition. Asking $75 but open to trades as well. Ill post pics as soon as I get home.
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