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  1. Had the Pro XS installed yesterday on the way home from work. Only charged $30 this time! Definitely quiets it down. Still drone on the highway, but not near as loud and I would say tolerable. Slightly louder than stock on acceleration in the cab. Haven't had a chance to have someone rev it while I'm behind to hear it. Cold start this morning had a bit of a grumble, but not near as loud as the muffler delete which should make the wife and neighbors happy (she said deleted cold start startled her out of bed ). I'm going to leave it this way for a couple months to let the muffler settle in and get some soot build up, then see where it's at.
  2. Thanks for the info. I had the stock muffler deleted yesterday and it is definitely too loud for my particular taste. I left the flapper ('21 only has one before the muffler) and resonators. Ordered the XS and hope to have it installed early next week. Looking for mostly quiet, just want to know its a V8 when I get in it. Hopefully it does the trick!
  3. What they do to these trucks is awful. Restricting airflow in and out, the dfm, and everyone's favorite... auto stop/start. Spend all that $ on a truck just to spend even more to undo the nonsense. Love to cut out the flapper, just worried about added drone. There is another exhaust thread on here that had a bulletin on bolting it open. May try that as its easily undone. On my '15 I had cai, borla cat back, and afm disabled and just that made it so much more responsive. Over extended a bit on the specs on this one so don't have as much cash to play with
  4. Your shops are expensive!! I paid $55 for the muffler delete, just a straight piece of 3.5" welded in (they found a 4' piece in the back). Pro XS is only $97 + another $55 to install, so only be at $217 total. If that doesn't suit me I'm just going back to stock (yeah, another $55).
  5. The manual thing definitely helped, but still just not for me. Way louder than what I was hoping for, at least on the highway. I just order a Borla Pro XS muffler (40359) and I'll have it installed hopefully next week. Exhaust shop is gonna love me by the time its all said and done!
  6. The drone would be tolerable if it was one note. Never realized how active the DFM is. Just non-stop note changes from constant configuration changes. So far gotta say I'm not loving it, and Pulsar's are backordered for the foreseeable future. I'll give it the week to see.
  7. Kept resonators and flapper, just muffler delete. Apparently YouTube videos don't get great audio cause it is WAY louder than expected inside the cab!
  8. Mine necks down to 3 for the muffler, but then goes back up to 3.5 after. Its probably only temporary so just letting the shop use their 3" pipe. Can't be any worse restriction than the muffler, right. He's cutting now so we'll see how she sounds in a few minutes.
  9. Happen to know what diameter pipe they used? None of my local shops carry 3.5" to match stock piping. Wondering if it'd be a big deal to have them just use 3".
  10. Did you leave the flapper too? How's the drone? Thinking about deleting the muffler on my '21 AT4 6.2. The cat back is too much, IMO. Love to just swap to an S-Type muffler, but Borla told me no dice, they want me to buy the $1450 system.
  11. Wasn't just me, there were tons of reviewers with the same issue. Love to try the Pulsar, but no one has em.
  12. Looking to upgrade the exhaust on my '21 AT4 6.2L. I had a Borla cat back on my '15, but what they're charging now doesn't seem worth it for a better exhaust tone and minimal hp gain. Was thinking about a muffler swap to a Borla Pro XS. Anyone done this? Planned to leave the flapper and resonators,, but was wondering about drone too. Also part #? I've seen some using 40359 on their '20s, but its a 3" and Borla says the '21 6.2L is 3.5". Not sure what to make of it cause all they seemed interested in was upselling a cat back. Thoughts?
  13. Anyone with the Pulsar LT have any issues with battery drain? I had the Range AFM Disable Module in my '15 Sierra and if it sat a couple days the battery would be dead. Had to unplug everyday when I got home.
  14. If it was the other way around and you were selling the touring system I'd be all over it. S-type is just a little too loud for me Also, it is the same system for a crew cab standard bed, but you do need the pipe extension to make it work.
  15. What?! An SLT listed for 72k? Have they gone up that much? My '17 Denali Ultimate was only 65.5k list. That lease is up in 9 months and now you got me worried!
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