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  1. Thanks for the info. I dont think it will be to loud for me...the wife maybe but she will get used to it..haha. I watched your video. Excellent by the way. I will be purchasing it soon. Thanks again
  2. I think I'm going to get the borla atak. I've called around to a few places and im going to bite the bullet soon. Up here in Canada prices are frigging crazy. Most places want any where from 1300 to 1800 bucks for this set up.
  3. How does it compare to the borla atak? I'm in the market for a catback aswell. I can only go by sound clips on YouTube for the sound. The part that drives me crazy is the borla systems have to add the extension pipe (60706) for the crew cab standard bed truck. I want a nice 304 stainless system so its a toss up between afe, borla or corsa.
  4. I only got about 60 km on them so far. They pick up rocks really easy, they ride a little stiffer but not alot of differences. The road noise is a slight hum but not overly bad. We have no snow here yet but, I had the same tires on my old ram and they preformed great in the snow and slush. I'll take some pics of them when I get home. I originally wanted the firestone xts but I couldn't get them until January.
  5. I just installed some general grabber atx on my silveraldo. I stayed with the stock size 275 60 20s. Im planning on leaving them on all year and rotating ever 5 or 6000 km. I had them on my old sierra and my old ram and they were great all around tires.
  6. Hey all I'm also thinking about going with the same set up. Just wondering if anyone added the afe y pipe to the system aswell? If so would it possibly make the system louder?
  7. When you remove the stock exhaust do you have to cut it off or can it be taken out?? I love the corsa sound. I'm thinking about the same set up.
  8. Hey all...just recently picked up a 2020 high country and I'm thinking about adding a cat back. Does any one here have any info on the afe Vulcan series cat back? The part number is 49-34101. I have emailed Borla and Gibson about the crew cab standard bed trucks and there reply was they were working on it. If any one on here has any information about the afe cat back please comment..thanks
  9. If you search magnaflow 19026 on you tube you will find all the info you need. One near the rear is a resonator and that's why there is no drone in the cab. I have the system on my truck..well made and excellent fit. I would highly recommend it
  10. Hey man I have the same system on my sierra. Nice sound and no drone in the cab. Fitment was perfect.
  11. I'm looking at the rbp rx3 running boards..they are nice...but they don't look like stock
  12. Ive got those on my sierra as well...but on 18 inch stock rims.
  13. I have been looking at the anzo front and rear lights. I cant really find much info about them. They are quite expensive and I don't want to chance the aftermarket lights to be dimmer than the stock ones.
  14. I'll add some later. Did your exhaust get any louder?? I was thinking about emailing magnaflow and see if I could purchase the resonator piece..cut it out and add a piece in place of it.
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