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  1. I just got notice from the dealer that my 2020 Sierra 1500 arrived at the dealership on Saturday and is going through PDI today. I will be picking it up either tomorrow or Wednesday. The truck was ordered on March 12. It was built the week of June 8. ETA was July 24 but then it just sat at the port in Portland for several weeks but it is finally here!
  2. The GMC that I ordered is a diesel. The GMC dealerships around the Portland Oregon area seem to be getting diesels in however they don't last long on the lot. The local Chevrolet dealerships don't seem to be getting many if any of the diesels.
  3. The helpful agent via chat told me today that my truck is being unloaded from the railcar at the GM distribution center in Mira Loma, CA. It is getting closer to arriving ...
  4. Now my truck is at status code 4200! Does anyone know if there is a way to get an ETA on when the truck will show up at the dealer?
  5. You can use the chat feature at either chevrolet.com or gmc.com or ask your selling dealer to look up the status code for you. You will need the order number when you use the chat function. The selling dealer will be able to provide you with your order number if you don’t have it.
  6. From what I have heard, production has been suspended indefinitely. When I inquired about my order last week I was told to check back two weeks after the production week to see if there were any updates. I don't mind waiting given everything that is going on in the world at the moment. I was just hoping to finally be done with the ongoing saga that resulted in the ordering of the 2020 as part of GM buying back my 2019.
  7. The dealer placed my order for a 2020 Sierra SLT on March 12. Today I was notified that my order was at event code 3300 with a TPW of 04/06/2020.
  8. HI @JohnCasey do you have a picture of the rust that is on the seat hardware? I would like to compare it to what I have going on since the dealer keeps telling me that the corrosion is not a problem. Thank you!
  9. I forgot to mention this before but my 10/2018 Fort Wayne built Silverado LT not only had a cracked sliding window frame but it also suffered from lack of seal/adhesion with the glue at the top of the window.
  10. FUYAO is located on the glass in the same place as VITRO. VITRO was on the 2020 loaner. As I understand it those are the two different glass manufacturers.
  11. You have more corrosion than I do but my 2019 with the recently replaced rear window has corrosion on the seat brackets and jack.
  12. FUYAO is what is on my Oct. 2018 Fort Wayne built Silverado. I can't remember or find the picture of the name on the 2020 loaner that I had.
  13. I took pictures and videos of the truck before I dropped it off. I also received a 2020 Silverado loaner. Between the pictures and the loaner, I was able to verify the two different glass suppliers on the actual glass. The 2020 had the new supplier glass whereas my 2019 still has the same supplier glass before and after the replacement.
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