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  1. Did you notice How did they compare to the SRA as far as road noise and MPG?
  2. Hi Everyone, I am looking to upgrade my goodyear SRA's to a better tire since i live in the northeast and i love the outdoors. I am looking at the Defender LTX and also the BFG KO2. I know they are 2 completely different tires, I use the truck 90% on the road and the rest would be on log roads/camping/outdoors. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were? I am a little worried the BFG KO2 will drop my gas mileage significantly And also Road noise? I had the Michelin Defenders in the past and had no complaints however i was thinking of a little more of a A/T tire than a highwa
  3. I am having the same issue with my 2017 GMC. I dropped the truck off and they replaced the window module. Its back in the shop today and now they are ordering a new wire harness. I hate when they need to take the door panels off. Hopefully they don't need to take a lot of things apart.
  4. I was building a Denali online and it doesn't look like the 2017 still offers locking diff. Anyone have any info?
  5. Wondering if the vibration issues are resolved in 2017? Anyone know of any changes in 2017? I was told control arms?
  6. Anyone know if they made any changes in 2017 to fix the issue? Someone was telling me that they did. How are people making out on the 2017?
  7. Hi Everyone, I am in the market to install a soft cover on the 1500 crew. In the past i have had the access cover and liked it. I was looking at my options and i noticed the revolver x2. Anyone have input on what one to get? I looked at the revolver x2 on a raptor today and it looks like a quality cover.
  8. Checked all my settings and they look correct. Anyone having issues with the system not beeping?
  9. Hi Everyone, My backup and front sensors do not beep anymore. Is there a setting to eliminate the beep or is there something wrong with the system. The display on the console shows me getting close but no sound.
  10. Hi everyone. I am looking to install the access tonneau cover,backrack and a weathergaurd low profile toolbox on my 2016 gmc crew cab. Someone was telling me that you can't install all three items, even though access sells the short cover version for a toolbox. Anyone know if this is true? I would like to have all three items.
  11. I would use a penetrating oil with a rust inhibitor. https://www.amazon.com/Cyclo-C10-Break-Penetrating-Lubricant/dp/B004M1ZKTY The stuff sprays great and worked really well
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