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  1. No I don't, I have BPS G7 LEDs in the headlights, have had them for a couple years and they aren't bad, but the fogs will help them out a lot. The lights match well, thought I had a picture with the headlights on but I'll have to grab one.
  2. Took the snows off and installed my XB LEDs while I had the fronts off to give me some more room to get under the bumper. Can't believe the difference. Had a license plate bulb out too so I put a pair of Zevos in there.
  3. Saw one of these driving around Kapuskasing, Ontario today while snowmobiling through... Or at least I think it was one of these. Had to have been a 2500 at most, single rear wheel, but had the towing mirrors all covered in camo too. Didn't get a good look at it though.
  4. LED bulb in projector housing?

    No problems with oncoming traffic with projectors, the shutter keeps the light cutoff point down below the oncoming drivers line of vision. But a higher color rating will make the light output more blue/purple and make it not seem as bright, especially on a dark rainy night. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  5. LED bulb in projector housing?

    I've had the BPS LEDs for a year now, everything tucked inside the dust cap as advertised and no issues. Noticeable difference over stock halogens, found they lit the ditches better. Forward throw is better but not great - though signs do illuminate quite a ways off in the distance. Overall I'm happy with them and they are plug and play. Haven't bit the bullet on a pair of Morimoto LED fogs to go with but I think that pair would be the ticket... Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  6. It's driven by exchange rate here. I looked at a 2013 CC Kodiak Edition with 50000km on it in Dec 2015 and bought a new one for $9k more, same options. They are making a killing selling these into the US with the exchange right now. But like I said, I'll find out how good of a deal it really is on Thursday.
  7. Just to give you guys an idea what its like north of the border... My dealer called me today out of the blue wanting to know if I'd be interested in a new truck, and to set up an appointment to price one. I'm going Thursday. Got home tonight and there was a letter in the mail from GM on behalf of my dealer as well, basically saying trade values have never been higher because of the dollar, demand is strong south of the border, and dealers here can't get their hands on used trucks at auction. The letter says I should be able to get into a new truck for equal or slightly higher payments. We will see Thursday, but apparently they had a list of owners they are calling. I have a 2015 CC Sierra Kodiak with 24000km.
  8. Thanks for checking. Looks like our best deal up here will be Amazon! Which is a surprisingly good price anyway.
  9. Type G Morimoto XB LED Fogs are $166 CDN on Amazon.ca with free shipping. I'll be surprised of this group buy beats that by the time we factor the exchange rate. Type G are the ones for GMC. https://www.amazon.ca/Morimoto-Type-LED-Projector-Light/dp/B00XA3CE58/ref=sr_1_4?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1489715601&sr=1-4 *edited to change URL to desktop site and not mobile
  10. I don't suppose that the free shipping includes Canada does it?
  11. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    The place I bought my MX4 from had an undercover model (think it was a flex) there as well, wasn't this one because the MX4 was the only one with the universal tailgate seal. Couple things the sales rep mentioned were the undercover's rails don't sit on the truck bed rails at all, so in theory the cover could be pushed down into the bed with enough force - probably unlikely though. The bigger problem to me was that when folded all the way open, the prop rods hold it straight up and down, rather than leaning it against the cab - so it becomes a sail. Dealer said the owner manual for the undercover states speed limits for driving with the cover vertical as well - might have been in the 50-60mph range but I don't remember for sure. At the end of the day they are almost identical and made by Truck Hero (parent company) anyway... And the Flex and MX4 were the same price.
  12. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Picked up and installed my MX4 today, looks good so far but I left the cab bumpers and the bulkhead weather stripping off until I can install in warmer weather. BAK has a deal on now till March 17 - you can get a $50 rebate (whoopdy doo) or a Husky Gearbox for free, which is $165 for a crew cab. Just an fyi. Edit: Only applies to MX4 or Revolver X2, and has to be bought from a BAK dealer, not BAK themselves.
  13. Happy With 5.3L Fuel Mileage

    Whoops, good catch. That's what I get for using Google to convert. 9.8L/100km is 24MPG, my lifetime of 14L is 17MPG. Reason I said over 60miles is because I have my DIC set to show my fuel consumption (L/100km) over the last 100km - or roughly 60mi. I really don't care if it's close or not, I'm just watching it more to see how my mileage changes day to day. If I cared enough about whether the computer is a liar or not I'd manually calculate it.
  14. Happy With 5.3L Fuel Mileage

    I'll admit I've never checked the computer against a manual calculation. Best I've seen on mine (2015 5.3L CC 4x4, 18") is 9.8L/100km, 28.8MPG (over 100km/60mi). Lifetime of the truck (23000km) sits around 14L/100km or 20ish MPG. Thing is, none of us bought trucks for mileage, but I've got no complaints on how mine does on fuel.
  15. Silver Ice Metallic paint fans

    Bought my 2015 QuickSilver SLE Kodiak Edition in Dec 2015, and honestly haven't taken any good photos of it! Need to change that. I honestly didn't like the idea of a silver truck at first, and actually wanted the metallic blue, but the dealer with the Quicksilver truck threw a way better price my way than the one with the blue one, and it grew on me... simple, clean looking truck. Pictures... Have one as it sat on the dealer lot, had mud flaps, aeroskin hood protector and a Line-X added before I brought it home. Changed the stock halogens out for BPS G7 LED. Ordered a Bakflip MX4 for it today as well. Anyone have bed rails on their silver truck? Toying with the idea but not sure how it'll look. After scrolling through this thread I can see why people ditch the factory rubber straight away... Think I'll wear mine out first though.

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