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  1. Sorry guys. I read through 12 pages of this thread and couldn't find what I was looking for. Here's my question. I installed a 2" rough country level with the stock Rancho shocks. The ride got much stiffer. I really don't like it. What way is the best way to go here? Would installing the 5100 on the stock setting give me a better ride? Or is there a different shock that would smooth me out? OR..Just remove the lift all together? Thanks.
  2. I had traction control on and off and it sounded the same. I understand now what that noise is. Between the G80 and the way it works and this POS transmission I just hope this truck lives the 12 years I need it too. I have owned , F***, Dod** and toy***. NONE of them had a transmission that downshifted and make a random clunk. And a rear that sounded like this when it locked up. How can any of this be good for the drivetrain U joints ect... I can be a little upset if I want too. I guess it is what it is now and i'll live with it.
  3. Yes 8 speed. When I went in for my first oil change at 4000 miles I complained and they said it's normal and has a service bulletin. I said I want it in my record anyway. I'm going back tomorrow to schedule an appointment. I'll keep going back until I feel it's right. I can't cut my losses. I paid $52K with tax. I owe 45K.
  4. I'm sure may of you have this issue. I sold my 2003 Dodge to buy this 2017 GMC Sierra. My plan is to keep it for another 12 years like my Dodge. I am so upset about this transmission issue. I have 6500 miles on it now and it still clunks when coming to a rolling stop, Long delay when going into reverse and now the latest. I left it in 2wd with the traction control on while in the snow. I drove up the hill by my house real slow to see how it works. All of the cars I owned when traction control comes on you could feel it working sounding like a slight GRRR GGRRR sound. No problem. This trucks BANGS...when locking and unlocking. NOW...I turned off the traction control and it sounds like the rear is going to fall out when it grips and then slips. I spent more than I wanted for this truck and have no idea what to do. The dealer says the transmission issue is normal...I'm going back to see about the traction control. I'd really like to drive another new truck to compare. I have NEVER owned a vehicle that sounded like this. The worst part is I plan on keeping it and am worried it won't last 5 years....I might start writing letters to GMC..This is BS...
  5. Well I ended up finishing the first part. It's a 2 inch RC level. The ride is a little rougher. I can feel the road a bit more. There is about a 1 inch rake. I'm good with that.I don't get all the fuss with the kit. I installed both sides in 20 min not including jacking and removing the tires. All I did was jack up the entire front end so both tires were off the ground. Remove top nut on sway bar. Remove both strut bolts. Use a pry bar and push down on the upper arm. Just slid the puck in with some effort and that was it. No removing ball joints ect... I think I'm going with 275/65r18 Falken Wildpeaks.
  6. The 275/70 you have is 33.2" tall. The stock I have is 31.6" 265/65. I like the 285/65, but the more I read I don't think I'm going to do it just because I'm looking more for function than looks. Kinda 60/40... The 275/65 is 32.1" and they don't weigh that much at all. It should still look good with a nice tread like the Wildpeaks and not affect my gas mileage too much. We''ll see. Thanks
  7. That's what I'm looking to do. This Friday I'm doing the 2" RC Level and still debating on the 285 or 275. What PSI did you fill them to? Any Idea in loss of MPG yet?
  8. Stock 15.9 city and 21.5 highway with 5100 miles on it so far. I lost 1/10 a mile taking off the air damn so far. haven't tested on long runs though.
  9. Doesn't the Chevy have a little different profile. I think the GMC looks good without it at all..
  10. Just a couple pictures of my Air Dam removed ( Before and After ). I'll be watching my MPG. Next week I'm doing a 2 inch level. Christmas 275/65R18 Falkin Wildpeaks..Looks much different with it removed though.
  11. I have a 2017 Sierra 1500 and am putting in a 2 inch level lift. The tire Rough country says 285/65 R 18 max size.
  12. I want to get some 285/65r18 tires, but they are all E rated at 80 psi. What do you guys do to stop the sensors from tripping? Do they cause errors? I also really didn't want to ride with 80 psi. Must be like driving without shocks, right?
  13. I just got back from my first oil service at 5000K. I told the dealer about how crappy it downshifts at low speeds. He told me GMC is aware and that is NORMAL...WTF..He told me there was a bulletin on this too. Maybe I'll stop by and get it. I'll post it here. As the other poster noted. I also had a Dodge Ram. It was a 2003 I bought new and shifted perfect from the day I bought it. I sold it with 93K. I plan on keeping this just as long as my ram , but am worried the rear will fall out before then...
  14. I don't have the lift yet, but this shows what a 2" would do. Later today I'll post some pics of a 2.5. You can see the CV isn't too bad, but look at the upper ball joint in both pictures. ( click on the picture) http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/200377-some-info-on-cv-angles-with-a-2-level-lift/
  15. Yea I have 18's also. I can see the 265's would be since the factory orders them. I was looking at the 275/65's or even the 285/65's. Those come in E only. Thanks for the info...

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