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  1. I'm having similar issues. Did you get it resolved?
  2. Budget is the $5K range. I'm not really looking for a 1500hd. Will either go 1500 5.3 or 2500 6.0
  3. I've thought about a 2500 with the 6.0 but the gas mileage is just awful on a 6.0
  4. towing will be an 16ft open trailer, 4-5k lbs. That shouldn't be an issue for a 5.3, right?
  5. In the market for a GMT-800 5.3. Will be used for towing my race car mainly, but also on "regular" trips. Do any years seem to be the best, or is pretty much any 99-06/07 good?
  6. Ball joint retaining clips would be on the underside of the control arm on the ball joint. Prevents it front coming out from the top.
  7. I never have any noises on startup with my ‘17 5.3. What oil filter are y’all using? Make sure you have one with a good ADBV (anti-drainback valve)
  8. Gen Vs aren’t known for lifter failures. Not nearly as bad as IVs. The only thing that will really keep your lifters happy is keeping up with your oil changes.
  9. Got the truck back already. They “could not duplicate”, but found multiple TCM updates, 1 ECM update, and trans was 1/2 quart low. Still has a rough downshift into 2nd. Updates did actually make truck much more enjoyable now. Truck doesn’t stumble and bog itself like it used to. Would recommend going to dealer for updates to anyone with a 5.3 6 speed. Dealership was very professional though, and told me I’d i still had issues, bring back the truck with my trailer hooked up to it and we’ll see if we can duplicate it.
  10. Took it to the dealer and had a service advisor ride with me. Had it do a rough downshift, but nothing like it’s done before. Said it seemed normal but he’d have his trans guy look at it.
  11. Have an appointment at the dealership for my ‘17 5.3 6 speed having extremely harsh downshifts into 2nd and 3rd when in tow haul, or manually shifting. Tech is scheduled to do a ridealong. Will keep this thread updated to let y’all know what happens.
  12. I would not have drained it personally. You were fine. I’ve used 8 single quart bottles, as well as used 8 quarts from 2 5 quart jugs and both have got my right at the full line
  13. My 2017 5.3 runs goes a good bit over 210 under load (epically when towing), but cools down quickly. Not too worried about it
  14. Our trucks have a coolant filter? Or is yours aftermarket?
  15. I would like to think so, but old 5.3s had a pretty big range of tolerances
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