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  1. 6.6 gas

    Did i say that there tuning was perfect? No. Does there trans tuning and engine tuning need some tweaking? Yep. However i keep hearing you say that these ecms are not tunable? Hmm Not much aftermarket support? Well if you know how to tune? There is actually a lot of potential yes. However as you stated These trucks are designed to do WOT up Steep hills while fully loaded? How much of that do your trucks see while in Alberta? Ive tuned many 6.0l for better mpg and HP along with a much improved trans life but if you dont watch the timing and knock while towing and setting the tune. You will have issues. However if you wish to keep your warranty intact?? Your kinda stuck with the stock tuning for a few years. The New 6.6 with 3.73 gears is not going to be much better overall than the current truck with the l96. But it is an improvement. What i dont understand is why what seem to be loyal GM fans continue to bash there own equipment?? Every brand needs tweaking!! however what brand has the least amount of trans and engine problems??
  2. 6.6 gas

    The stock tuning is set up for the guy at max gcwr with foot to the wood full of cheap 87 going up the side of a mountain. Edited 6 hours ago by SierraHD17 Um Yep That is what these trucks are designed to do!! Not be hotrods like the 1500's. Yes they are decapitated a bit from the factory. However would you like to be GM and have to pay for extensive warranty issues if they were tuned to run at max Hp without a consideration for breakage? I hope the new 6.6 is as strong and reliable as the l96. However put the 4.11 back!
  3. 6.6 gas

    Possibly. And yes you can get over 15 with a 6.0l I even did it regularly with my 2001HD with 4 speed. . However the extra 2mpg while unloaded and cruising still doesnt get you to the top of the hill faster than the old out dated under powered 6.0l LOL
  4. 6.6 gas

    So you have no first hand experaince!! And youll believe what guys driving the competition are going to say? LOL. Yes all HD gas engines get bad mileage! Continue to drive your 1500 like i said. And while towing none of these trucks. Ford / Dodge /Or Gm get better than 8 or 9 mpg. And sorry but never heard of any Dodge or ford getting 18-20mpg. Maybe if you drive the absolute speed limit with zero weight in the truck and in a Completely Flat Province or state. Otherwise not gunna happen. OH wait. and they still cant pull the same load up the same hill any faster!
  5. 6.6 gas

    Its funny all the bashing of the 6.0!! This engine has to be the most reliable HD gas engine in the market. It out pulled and out performed its competition with less Power. On paper at least. Gets just as good of mileage as any other HD gas engine. Now lets bash its replacement before we have even get to drive one?? Some more power, Probably a little better mileage and it will still be the Most reliable engine in its class!! Will Ford put out more power?? Well they sure as F should with a 7.3litres. And if they dont get over 500ftlbs they are going to be laughed at. Fuel mileage?? Not likely!! Will it outlast a 6.6?? Time will tell. Will it outpull one? Yet to be determined? Does a gas engine need a 10speed? Not really to much shifting. People say fleets dont buy the 6.0 gas engine because of Fuel Mileage?? LMAO. Look at how many are in Delivery trucks/vans/ busses/ etc etc etc. Heavy Duty trucks are not built to get fuel mileage. At least not yet. The gas engines are meant to last at WOT all day long. Should GM have made some more Power with the 6.6? Yes i think so. But its a good revision for little $$ and has potential for more in the future. If you want a 7000lb truck to get good mileage? You are in the wrong market/. And Sorry but Diesels dont get great mileage either for the money they cost.
  6. 6.6 gas

    The new Not so New engine. Its a 6.0l based block with .25 inch more stroke. Direct injection with variable cam timing and more compression. Pretty simply change from the old l96. Added direct injection in order to get away with the higher compression and a bit cleaner emissions. .25 inch increase in stoke to get a little more torque. Id like to see the cam specs? So if i do a cam swap on my 2016 l96 with around .525 lift and 220ish duration along with a good set of long tubes and the tune to match. I will have more power and at least the same amount of torque.. Was hoping to see 440 450hp and 460+ ftlbs But its a basic safe and reliable refresh that will last in the commercial side of the market. My guess is that the 7.3 from ford will be around 460-500ftbls. And low to mid 400 for hp. Just my 2css
  7. what year and model is your truck? Your description says LTZ z71 6.2. That would be a 1500 truck and could be different than my 16 HD ? I dont remember it being an 8 pin plug. Only 4 or six. A test light will get it figured out in less than 5 mins. Do you not have the correct harness? Or? Sorry its been a while since i looked at it.
  8. if you look up into the junction block while laying on your back under the truck. cant remember if i had to remove the spare tire? dont think so. There is only 3 pins. One is switched power from the cab. one is ground and the other if i remember correctly was linked to the brake lights for some reason. should be easy to figure out as they were opposite corners etc .
  9. If you can fire up your carbed vehicles in the middle of winter or anything under 10deg. and it will idle and drive away cleanly in under a minute. Your idle circuit is way to rich.. And you are using to much fuel under normal operating conditions. To rich at idle. A correctly tuned carb will run perfectly with a good choke setting and correct jetting under all situation. Only reason to not use a choke is not knowing how to set one up. Or a race engine that doesnt require it. Not picking on anyone. But a well tuned carb will run almost as good as Efi. Even in the cold.
  10. Hence why i asked where and how to add the switch to a non plow prepped truck. along with if the wiring is there on all trucks or not? thanks.
  11. So only on Plow prep trucks? Or all trucks?? Did not see a 100% answer. And if its there on all trucks without homelink and Sunroof? what and where are you adding the switch? Thanks!
  12. Hence why i Said you may get better mpg and or back to stock like etc. If you want to pay you gotta pay as has been stated. And im sorry but i have modded many things in my life. And can tell you that with the right combination of parts and drive train you can get stock like mpg and sometimes better. Even with the lift and bigger tires!! Its possible. He asked for opinions and i gave mine!!!! Its not my money. Will you gain the money spent back in MPG NO> but it will be a more fun truck etc..
  13. Re gear for the tire size. 4.56 or 4.88 without calculating will get you back to stockish mpg to compensate for the tire size. A good custom tune will gain you some HP. A good truck/ torque cam will gain you more HP and TQ witch in turn with a proper tune and gears could result in better than Stock MPG pending you can keep your foot out of it. A supercharger would also give you more Power across the board and in turn with gears and a tune also probably get you back to stock or better mpg. All these will help as the engine will have to work less to get the truck moving.. Its only $$$ Only problem is wit all this the truck becomes more fun to drive so then MPG go down. LOL
  14. Too Hot for my Liking

    How long is your driveway?? Or did you just basically come of the highway from a long haul? Heat soak etc? I cannot see any reason for your trans to get that hot while just backing into the driveway unless you have a trans issue or you have done one of the things i asked? Was the engine fan locked and on and what was the engine temps?
  15. I fully understand how the system and switch/cargo lights/mirror lights work. I was wondering if anyone has put aftermarket Led backup lights in or under the bumper and tied into the same circuit?? Thanks for the help

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