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  1. They found a bad connection in a module and repaired it. They did replace a steering angle module, that wasn't the issue. Tech back probed and found the the connection was loose.
  2. UPDATE: 6/28/22 Light came on this afternoon I was near the dealership at the time. they checked for codes and found this. "Lost communications with Steering angle and Electronic brake system". Goes in for service next Friday. Will update again if they find and fix the issue.
  3. So a year later and the same thing is still happening, dealer found no codes. Only when its hot out and comes on at startup the ESC system is off. No cruise available when its on. Of course today I had it at the shop but no light till I got home go figure. An ideas or has it happened to anyone else. No DTC,s I will tr onstar when it happens again
  4. Go to settings and reset system, I had 2 options ( don't recall what they said) but I reset both. Had to enter phone info etc and reprogram the favorite stations but it's worth it as long as it is solved. Basically cleared all the settings. Settings - system- factory reset Good luck
  5. I did the hard reset in April a week after I bought the truck. Its now almost October and have not had to touch the settings since. It works just do it.
  6. I have not. It's so new I'll just tell the stealership at the first service. Just strange it is only on very hot days and not everytime at that either.
  7. Hello all 2021 2500 HD 4X4 with 4000 miles. When we have temps above 90, and I start the truck the Service ESC light comes on and shows ESC is off on vehicle. Then after sitting the next start it is fine. Anyone else have this happen? I will mention to the dealer when I have the first service, but with it being intermittent I'm not holding my breath for an answer from them. Thanks for any ideas and comments in advanced.
  8. Browse the radio menu's to Settings > System > Return to Factory Settings 2) Select Reset Vehicle Settings 3) Wait to reset 4) Select Erase Settings and Personal Data You will need to reset your stations etc. I did both options listed forreset the radio has kept settings since doing this. This was on my Silverado, I would guess it is similar for the equinox. It worked for me and it's been 3 months
  9. Sobby The radio reset works I did mine weeks ago and it is working fine. Others have done the same
  10. Go into settings and scroll till you see Reset I don't recall exactly where but its there. There will be 2 options , I did the reset for both. You then have to program the radio again, phone stations etc.. Mine has been fine since I did it 2 weeks ago. Good luck
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