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  1. got a question about my 2016 silverado 2500HD diesel pickup today i hook up a equipment trailer and plug the trailer in as soon as i moved it went from connected to check trailer brake system. I used the trailer Saturday and truck and every thing work like there was no trouble now there is no brake. I got all the lights on the trailer and power i check the fuse and move two 30 amp around to see what happen and i still have nothing. i toke a test light to test the plug it works but the one pin for brakes should it have power or not because i put tape on the manual trailer brake lever to see what happen and still no power to the pin. So i toke my cousin 2015 gmc pickup and back up to it and plug in and it connected and work. So could someone tell what is going on with my 2016 diesel ? Remember i move 2 30 amp fuse around and no change
  2. 2016 Silverado HD 14000miles but I fix it the plug was bad. I ask the body shop guy that work a gm dealer, he told me that the usb is plug and gave me a new plug and told me how to take it apart and put the new one in now it works like it should
  3. today my USB ports in my center console stop working. They was working for a year and now they stop working today. My car-play wouldn't load up or charge my iPhone so i test the USB port in the glove box. So could someone tell me what happen why center console UBS stop working and how do fix it ?
  4. we have a 2001 silverado 2500HD 4x4 and the dash works part time and part of the time it don't work? we put 2 new dash in and still works and don't work but now the ABS light is on and brake light is on and the CC works sometime and sometime. We clean all the ground and check the wiring and we are to the point we don't know what to do does any one know what it is going on because we put the old dash back in the dash still works and then don't work but the ABS light and brake light are not on now so could someone tell me WTF is going on
  5. the backup camera works just find with no trouble sorry for the delay on getting back with ya
  6. the back up camera still works the plug for that is under the bed
  7. I know how to make it not lock any more when you lock the pickup. I got tried of it with in the first week I bought my 2016 duramax and I toke the tail gate panel off and unplug the power wire to the lock and then put the tail gate panel back on the locking tail gate don't lock any more, and I have toke it to the dealer for my free first oil change and they check my pick up over at 5000 miles and they didn't say 1 word about unplug the tailgate lock
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