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  1. So..... I am looking at re-gearing my 14 1500 from 3.42 to 4.10s. I do not have a shop in the area to check with and have been doing reading on here and am checking to see if what I’m looking at is what I need. I appreciate any help and advice.
  2. I am putting on an iron cross front bumper on my 14 silverado and am going to put on the led fog lights. I’ve searched and am maybe using the wrong wording but is there an adapter to plug the leds into the factory fog light harness?
  3. Swapped out factory Z71 grill with black aftermarket, installed led light bar behind the grill and swapped out to black headlight. Installed the Bilstein 5100s last week with air bags in the rear to help with towing.
  4. I have a set of weather techs I had on my 14 for around a year for sale if anybody is looking
  5. I have a 2014 silverado cc and have a 2” zone lift in it. When it was installed I was told by the installers that the rear shocks were now too short. I’m looking at the 5100s and after reading I still am not sure..... are the rear 5100s longer and will help with this?
  6. I have a 2014 silverado and the license plate lights are not working. I had changed out the rear bumper and the lights worked in the old one but not in the new one. I used the same harness. All other lights are working properly.
  7. They are the Bushwacker pocket style. Was looking at the tyger ones and a few other brands too. I liked the style of these best with the larger lip on them.
  8. If I remember right $300. And that might have included pulling out a small dent on the bottom of the door. I can’t remember if it did or not.
  9. I found a photo of my lower portion sprayed. Have to zoom in but showed what the sprayed liner looks like
  10. I had my lower portion sprayed in bed liner to protect against rock chips..... I can try and get some photos. If anyone is interested I still have the panels and for a small price they can have they would just need some new adhesive for the drivers side.
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