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  1. Sound is subjective. You should decide what sounds good to you and not someone else.
  2. There is a space either above or below the molex to run new wire. It can be a PITA!!. Run a coat hanger from inside the door into the footwell and tape the new speaker wire to it and pull it thru.
  3. Subs with stock radio?

    Depends on how serious you are about your music. Yes a processor is needed for “max” benefits such as time alignment, setting crossovers if running active and the ability to Eq everything. If you’re looking to just add a little low end to the existing setup it will work just fine.
  4. Subs with stock radio?

    It will work with non Bose
  5. JL center console sub

    Give it a try. You might be surprised
  6. Back Wall Amp Rack

    Liquid nail and industrial velcro
  7. Mpg

    33's on a 6" lift. Diablo tune. AFM deactivated. 1300 mile trip last weekend from Amarillo TX to central Michigan. 70-75 mph all of the way and averaged 13.2.
  8. $5 DIY Raptor Style Grille Lights

    Don't you know that you should be unique and have a black truck that's all blacked out and not have anything flashy on it?
  9. The rear speakers are full range and you can tap into the wires in the B pillars
  10. I have a 92 John Deere STX 38 riding mower that my dad bought new. He died in 96. I got the mower about 6 years ago from my mom and still use it regularly. I plan on buying a new one this spring and retiring the old one. My oldest nephew has spoken for it so at some time I will pass it on to him.
  11. It would look so much better if these came from the factory centered up on the back of the roofline. These have always looked like an afterthought to me.
  12. New stereo upgrade build

    I have all of my speakers ran into a JL Fix 82 and from there into the JL tune. The only time that the chimes are loud is when there is no music playing and I have the volume cranked up. Even then it's not by any means deafening.
  13. New soeaker can be run into the door. There is enough room either above or below the molex for it.
  14. I had MT35's and now have AT 33's. Getting a tad better fuel mileage.

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