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  1. I cut 2 1/2 off from mine and they still lock in place just fine. I personally did it to have access to my amps.
  2. Disabling AUTO Headlights

    Has anyone just unplugged the sensor? I've modded my light switch so that I have to manually turn them on but the dash lights are also tied into the sensor and these are the ones that bother me with numerous switches at dusk.
  3. JL fix 86

    I have the 82
  4. I've seen them mounted in the sail panel but that negates your goal of looking factory.
  5. I put my tweets in the factory dash location.
  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Are your fog lights yellow?? If so where did you get them?
  7. Ground location for amp/subs

    Be careful using that. If you over tighten it it will snap off. Ask me how I know!!
  8. Speaker Wire To Door

    On the 16 there is enough room on the bottom of the molex to pass wire thru. Yes its a pain in the ass but is doable. Run a wire coat hanger from inside the door into the kick panel and then pull your wire into the door.
  9. Reklez UCA's

    What part of MI are you from?
  10. Reklez UCA's

    What is it that you like about them?
  11. Reklez UCA's

    Does anyone have these installed? Looking for thoughts, opinions, pros and cons.
  12. What have you done to your K2 today?

    How long did it take you to do this?
  13. Auxiliary light switch board placement ideas

    Do you have a link for these? Thanks.
  14. Need input

    Customoffsets has a large gallery of trucks with all different sizes of wheels and offsets that could give you some idea of what you might want.

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