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  1. I had to bring my Truck in for service about a week ago for a random CEL. They replaced the negative battery cable, again, with the same exact explanation as last time. I think I'm going to sell it before my bumper-to-bumper warranty expires in April. I'm a bit frustrated and not real impressed with (new) Chevrolet Trucks these days, which sure is a bummer to me.
  2. My Service stabilitrac message was from a "bad" negative battery cable that was replaced under warranty. It was causing excess resistance while starting the truck which wigged the system out just enough to trigger the DIC message.
  3. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    My Range AFM device showed up on Saturday so on Tuesday I had a 3 inch Flowmaster super 40 series installed with the tailpipe exiting in front of the rear whees on the passenger side. It sounds good and there is no drone.
  4. I got the "Steering assist is reduced drive with care" DIC message this AM in my 17 CCSB w/12,770 miles when I was leaving for work. Thankfully the steering still feels ok. 3-4 key cycles later it's still there so I called the dealership and they can't get me in until Monday. I'm glad that I'm still under warranty, but these electrical glitches are getting old and starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Last month or so it was in for the "Service stabilitrac" and transmission clunks (They couldn't replicate the stabilitrac error and they said the trans clunks are normal operation) I'm going to be bring up the TSB for the transmission software update again while I'm there.
  5. My lawn equipment and my old V8 S10 prefer non ethanol, lol
  6. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    I ordered on Monday and grabbed it out of the mailbox today. Mine is V8.4R1, I'll try it out tomorrow.
  7. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    Done and done. I'm a sucker for the OG Flowmaster 40 series but I might try the super 40 this time. The plan is to just hack the stock exhaust off right before the flapper and then weld in a Flowmaster with a side exit, before the rear wheel tail pipe. Easy peasy. I heard that when you acquire enough rep points you get a new model year Silverado! (jk)
  8. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    Thank you very much for the heads up 2009GMC, I really appreciate it! I ordered one for myself as well. I've been waiting to buy exhaust until I found a good deal on these so I'll start shopping around later today. Cheers!
  9. Did you have to get new u-bolts when you removed the rear block?
  10. I bought my '17 5.3l new and have had it for almost 15 months and 11,000 miles now and I still hate the AFM. I haven't had an issues this far, but I'll get a tune one of these days. I can feel it EVERY time it cycles on or off, while my wife couldn't at first. We (and by we, I mean I) used to play the "AFM game" where I call out "4" or "8" and she has to look at the DIC and tell me if I'm right or not. (I'm really good at that game so it's just annoying to her now, haha) I get some gnarly twangs and bangs sometimes but we've got alot of gradually inclining and declining roads and I think they help "confuse" my truck.
  11. Deal of the century?

    I like turtles
  12. Crew or Double Cab?

    I loved my old 99 Silverado (nbs) with the ext cab and 3rd door, it worked out great when it was my turn to be the DD and had to haul my big ass friends around town. I went CC (flip up console) short bed this time because of the extra interior space and with the tailgate down, it adds the needed room to fit full sheets of plywood and 8ft lumber. We've got 2 kids now (1 rear facing) and I couldn't imagine all that in a DC.
  13. Airaid Modular Intake Tube

    Thanks for the heads up wforrest!
  14. Airaid Modular Intake Tube

    I think I may end up getting one of these just to clean up the engine bay, if nothing else.
  15. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    So, honeycombs on L and Snowflakes on R?

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