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  1. Does anyone know can a 275/60/20 fit my 17 Sierra SLT? No lifts or level kits. Stock is a 55 series tire
  2. It likely wont change anything. Do for sound and/or just personalize your truck that way you wont be disappointed. I do it to every vehicle I purchase because I not into crazy modding. Just catback, CAI, everything else is just for appearance.
  3. Ok well congrats on your new truck, and $400 is not a big deal to roll over. I've seen and done much worse.
  4. Why would you want an 18 with the same Crappy (works as designed) 8-speed transmission? Don't be a victim of buyers remorse. And yes, the dealer will pay off you $26K Colorado but that's not the whole picture is it? How much are they giving you for it, and what is being rolled over on your new truck? 17-20% off on a new truck is in fact a decent deal that GM frequently do. When I purchased my 17 Sierra, GM did 17% and the dealer did 3%. I was happy to pay $45K for a CC 4x4 SLT w/SLT Premium plus package. If you are set on that 8-spd you may want to wait, the closer to the release of the 19 model the higher incentives go up. Yes I've sold Chevrolet/Cadillac so I know just a little on how this works. GL with your decision!!
  5. Nothing today but installed my AFE gt momentun last week. Nice little sound and "mine is different from yours" effect . Dont really care about any claim of added HP, I just like doing little mods
  6. Bro my 2017 Sierra did that the first week I took it home. 13 months and 35K later it is a lot better but it still exists. You will soon discover there's no fix from the factory for it. Just like you explained, the issue mostly occurs while crawling like in stop and go traffic. Moderately accelerating it's fine, as soon as you get into bumper to bumper traffic you will get the "thunk". Software update did nothing to fix mine. I drive 112 miles daily (round trip) just for work, so in 3 yrs of ownership is well past the mileage I usually trade a vehicle in. Other than this issue (non-issue according to GM), with my first GM product, i haven't had anything else go wrong. Still, not sure I'll be a repeat customer. In 2 yrs we will see.
  7. 397 mile road trip from TN to GA @ 72 mph on Cruise control, 5.3 CC 4x4 Sierra. Got close to my destination and decided to fillup. put 16.1 gal in which manual calculations worked out to be 24.2. Close enough to the computer for me and impressed for a truck. Probably could get better but lost of mountainous roads during my trip.
  8. Here's an email from Bose when I asked the same question about my 2017 Sierra CC 2 weeks ago. Even Crutchfield will tell you it's 2.4 ohm for some and 2.7 for other speakers. Seems like it's not consistent throughout the truck On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 9:11 AM, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote: Hello Kenrick, Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Bose Automotive Music System in your 2017 GMC Sierra. In answer to your question, in general the speakers are 2 ohms what is the specific model you have extended cab, crew cab etc ? Patty Original Text
  9. No they don't. I've sold these trucks and we dont send any of them anywhere. They come to us that way because that what we ordered
  10. Those trucks go to SCA performance from the manufacturer for an authorized list of modification all of which are covered under the regular GM warranty. The stuff you and I modify isn't covered. It's a constant back and forth and seems like some people dont get it. You modify you assume liability, and yes the dealer has to make the connection between your modification and the issue. I don't get it either because they are paid for the warranty work the perform. Maybe it's at a much lower rate IDK LOL
  11. Yeah I've heard of lawyers, I did put it in my post. And for the second post there's nothing great about it. The insurance paid you what their estimate it'll cost to get your car repaired at a shop. I'm also willing to bet your $105 parts replacement doesn't quite tell an accurate picture but eh. Whatever works. If getting it totalled is what he wants I hope its paid for, or he has gap or hes coming out on the losing end period
  12. What year and transmission is in your truck? Blackbear specifically said that they are Unable to unlock the 8 Speed transmission module so not sure how the tune you got helped your shifting issue, unless you have a 6 speed.
  13. I'm sure you guys have heard of Black Widow and other authorized lifted trucks that come with factory authorized warranty. Do you think there's a different steering system on those trucks? No most of them are regular LTs that go directly to SCA performance. I doubt your level caused it, but I'm no Engineer/Mechanic, just a regular guy who sold Chevy/Cadillac .
  14. Sorry about your accident man. But why do people always say "get the insurance company to total it"? As if you control that. Two things: 1. Every state has laws that govern "total loss of a vehicle" 2. An insurance company looks to spend as little as possible on a claim. A total loss hardly fits into that category. Best of luck!! Hope that lawyer will work for free until you sue the trucking company if that's your plan.
  15. Lol incidentally I'm in the dealership addressing this exact issue right, even provided them with the TSB#. Hope that was the culprit and they're able to resolve it. I posted about this a while back so thanks again.
  16. My 2017 Sierra had the thunk on downshifts/creeping down the freeway. 13 months later and 32k miles it has gotten significantly better. Software update did nothing, and I never got it flushed. So GM has no fix for this "#worksasdesigned" but they have collaborated with the Blue Oval to create the 10 speed auto. I recently drove a rented F150 with the 10 speed auto and initial impression are ok. This is the same 10 speed that will be in 2019 GM trucks according to reports.
  17. Steve I have the same problem with my 2017 Sierra I've had for 11 months. Software update did nothing. Just like you, it was worse when first driven from overnight or all day at work (8hrs). Now I drive 112 miles daily for work and my truck now has 33K miles on it......yep in 11 months, and it has gotten better but still exists. My first GM but you have to live and learn is all I'm going to say. I typically get rid of vehicles after the 3 yr mark just because I get bored so I'll stick this one out until then. FYI I've sold Chevy/Cadillac and didn't even know this problem existed, SMH.
  18. Heck the "bean counters"at GM smile everytime a full size pickup truck is sold, whether 5.3 or 6.2. Its their highest profit line of vehicles.
  19. I recently emailed them about my 17 Sierra 5.3, its seems like GM changed something and there's nothing BB can do for our crappy 8spd shifting since they say its locked by GM. With that said, what's to be gained on a newer truck like mine? Only mod is MF catback but will add a CAI before and if I do a tune.
  20. Hey peeps, Any of you electrical savvy owners know if the receptacle in the center console is the same amp as the 2 up front (17 SLT CC)? I want to install the lighter kit but I want the lighter in the center console and not up front like it would come from the factory. Just not sure of the volts/amps etc. Funny thing is, I don't even smoke nor would anyone ever be smoking in my truck . Just purchased the kit and want it installed.
  21. I just installed it. The new handle had a Pin in the middle that I cut out with a knife and was able to mount it. The plastic pin which was part of the entire assembly was supposed to go in a hole in the frame. With it inserted in the hole it would not allow the mount holes to line up. I pulled off the passenger side just to take a look. Although the mount holes had no threads I assume the metal was soft enough for the mount screws to create threads as I inserted it. That is exactly what happened. When I previously took it to the dealer months ago they were the ones who ordered the part and attempted to install it. The only reason I ordered one as well was because I figured out that it was not the correct part (or so I thought) so I asked the dealer to order it and compared part numbers. I wish I had taken pics of the plastic pin I cut off with a knife. If you guys didn't have to do that then there are two pieces floating around GM Parts bin with the same Part #. Either way I'm happy it's finally done. The only reason I attempted this again today is because I was chatting with a GM Rep yesterday and he was convinced it was the correct part number lol. After 15 years as a Black Hawk Helicopter mechanic I couldn't believe a little plastic trim was giving me a hard time. No one mentioned cutting off the plastic pin
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