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  1. Cigarette Lighter

    Ok thanks for the response.
  2. Hey peeps, Any of you electrical savvy owners know if the receptacle in the center console is the same amp as the 2 up front (17 SLT CC)? I want to install the lighter kit but I want the lighter in the center console and not up front like it would come from the factory. Just not sure of the volts/amps etc. Funny thing is, I don't even smoke nor would anyone ever be smoking in my truck . Just purchased the kit and want it installed.
  3. Yes they came with the new handle.
  4. I just installed it. The new handle had a Pin in the middle that I cut out with a knife and was able to mount it. The plastic pin which was part of the entire assembly was supposed to go in a hole in the frame. With it inserted in the hole it would not allow the mount holes to line up. I pulled off the passenger side just to take a look. Although the mount holes had no threads I assume the metal was soft enough for the mount screws to create threads as I inserted it. That is exactly what happened. When I previously took it to the dealer months ago they were the ones who ordered the part and attempted to install it. The only reason I ordered one as well was because I figured out that it was not the correct part (or so I thought) so I asked the dealer to order it and compared part numbers. I wish I had taken pics of the plastic pin I cut off with a knife. If you guys didn't have to do that then there are two pieces floating around GM Parts bin with the same Part #. Either way I'm happy it's finally done. The only reason I attempted this again today is because I was chatting with a GM Rep yesterday and he was convinced it was the correct part number lol. After 15 years as a Black Hawk Helicopter mechanic I couldn't believe a little plastic trim was giving me a hard time. No one mentioned cutting off the plastic pin
  5. Weird indeed, and I really want this.
  6. This is crazy but I still cannot get this done. Is my 17 Sierra different from everyone else or something? I couldn't do it, neither could the dealership with the part they ordered (same as the # in this post). On mine, once I remove the old cover and look at where the new handle mounts, they are 2 holes BUT they are NOT threaded holes so where are these 2 provided screws going? Additionally, the mounting holes do not even line up with the holes on the handle I purchased. What gives? Called GM customer service and he gives me the same part number as the one I ordered, which is the same part number the dealership ordered. This part does not line up with my truck. Any suggestions?
  7. horsepower peaked

    I highly doubt that. Just remember the increase comes with increase in technology which comes at a price. GM could put 300HP in a Chevy Spark of they wanted, but for what it would cost, who would buy it?
  8. Yea thats the problem bro, if GM doesn't acknowledge there's a problem then zero fixes will be implemented, so your dealer transmission specialist will be at a lost bro. It's really not his job to implement a fix. They only do what GM tells them to replace for a widespread problem etc. It appears that GM do not see these transmission clunky shifting as a problem. It occurs exactly like you explained in slow moving traffic and bothers me too. I am on the interstate daily for work, and trust me, it isn't smooth sailing on the interstate i travel. My solution isn't really a solution and I'll lose $$ but when the 2019 Tundra comes out and they have updated their powertrain to get more than 13/17 MPG this POS Sierra is a gonner.
  9. I'm so upset..

    Bro it's a problem with the 8-speed. I have a 17 Sierra SLT as well that bangs into gear. I've only had it since July 12th and it now has 17,xxx miles on it. I drive 55 miles one way to work, and at this rate this truck will be out of warranty in 18 months with its shitty transmission that there's no fix for, regardless of what anyone tells you. Get on social media (FB) voice your concern on any Silverado / Sierra ads and their Social Media Rep will ask you to send them a private message. Although there are not really customer service, they will forward it to someone who WILL contact you and open a case for you. They will set up an appointment with your dealership to "look" at it again and where it goes from there is up for discussion. It's been going on with some 2014 models and 2018 has the same 8-speed. In my opinion it's just a design flaw that won't be fixed for years to come as manufacturers don't just overhaul a major components like a transmission, if it's not a "Safety" issue. Here is what I find helps mine, I have to let my truck warm up for 3-5 mins before I start driving. I just remote start about that time when I'm about to leave for work and do the same 5 mins to quitting time. It's doesn't fix whatever the flaw is but is substantially reduces the clunky downshifting/upshifting or whatever the hell is going on with it. It's my 1st GM, I waiting to see what the 19 Toyota Tundra updates are and this truck is gone. Good luck
  10. 2017 Sierra fog bulb

    I forgot. It was about 2 weeks ago.
  11. 2017 Sierra fog bulb

    No I was not. I called my dealership but the gave me a part number for the replacement not a bulb number lol. I may look into the Lamin X film
  12. Better Gas Mileage Mods

    Oh I agree, yet so many of us swear by aftermarket claims, instead of just admitting we just simply like it but no gains lol.
  13. Better Gas Mileage Mods

    I'm fine with your response, but, about this statement: If there was a way to get better gas mileage out of these trucks other than drive slower, the builders ( manufacturers) would do it. Do you think someone made that same statement 7 years ago? Look where we're at now. So yeah maybe next 5 yrs or so :-)
  14. Better Gas Mileage Mods

    Bad mood? Not at all. My response was directed to the quote of “not needing”. It seems like every truck forum has the same response whenever someone asks about better gas mileage. There is always that one guy or more who will respond if you’re worried about gas mileage you should have gotten a car. I guess we forget that just a few years ago every V-8 truck got between 12-17 MPG. Today, just about all V-8 1500s (except Tundra 13/17) gets around 15/20, 16/21, 15/19 depending on brand. So, the point is, it is not outside the realm of possibility to get better gas mileage out of these V-8s, nor is it unrealistic for someone to expect or look for ways to get better. So, when someone responds with “not needing” a truck if we ask about better gas mileage, the question is does anyone “NEED” a truck? How many of us use our truck to make money? Not just transporting tools etc, lots of people use cargo vans to transport tools, equipment for their jobs. See the correlation now?
  15. Better Gas Mileage Mods

    None of us "NEED" any of this so your point is moot. Bet you don't "NEED" two vehicles do you? Opinion is a hell of a thing isn't it?

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