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  1. This thread just helped me out so much. I love all of you :-)
  2. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up! And happy holidays everyone
  3. I was thinking the same. Gonna have to wax them a lot also
  4. So as I live in upstate New York, of course we get snow before thanksgiving . Nothing out of the ordinary.. but this is my first snow fall with my 17 double cab silvy. Anndddddd the headlights **** during a storm as they don't project enough heat to melt the snow off the headlights. Wish there was a fix for this, or is there ? If not, I wish everyone would be cautious of this and be safe while driving!
  5. Yes, I literally took the harness out of the shutter assembly and plugged it back in. Zip tied it in a “safe” location. Had a light at first, cleared it and haven’t gotten anything again yet. Most of these vehicles have a memory up to 20 minutes after ANY BCM movement. Even if you open the door. Which it recognized that it was unplugged so I had to clear the code
  6. Just installed the 30” light bar kit from Rough Country, my truck has/had “Active grill Shutters”. Yes you have to remove them. Had a buddy of mine who works at Chevy help me out, removed the motor from the shutters, and removed the shutters from the truck. Then mounted bar with the given brackets and ect from RC. Plugged everything back in, haven’t gotten a light yet. Will keep you guys updated.
  7. I totally see the resemblance of the mustache. With that being said, anyone wanna trade ??
  8. Hello, Newbie here! Just purchased a '17 Double Cab All-star.. The Higher end models have a chrome skid plate if you will on the bumper valence that i would like to have on mine. I will attach a picture below IS THIS INTERCHANGEABLE ????

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