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  1. Anyone else find the 'heated' steering wheel does not perform well? my 2015 LTZ steering wheel gets warm and within seconds, but then cools down to Luke warm shortly thereafter. My wife's 2016 Envision has a heated wheel and it works great is this normal for the Burbans?
  2. I understand where your coming from, there are some fantastic techs out there, but I believe it extends a little further than the mechanic, they are often times working under the dictatorship of franchise management, [negative personal experience] - another topic for another day
  3. All work has beeb done at a GM Dealership and as far as what failed, they said it was the torque converter. huh? I know I should have had another service done in the middle there, but it dod not. Im usually better about my maintenance scheduling. My Last Suburban had 285k miles when I traded it on and no trans issues, so I agree good maintenance helps. BUT... ~~~Jiffy Lube???? - sorry, I almost threw up in my mouth~~~ Yes, we all agree that 3.08 is not the optimal choice for towing and there are better options, but frustrating as it may be, this is what I was dealt.
  4. by cooler omit - I meant just using the add on cooler in front of the Engine Radiator and omiting the stock trans cooler what did I learn? I should have left it alone and drove it into the ground - it would have been cheeper. seriously though, the trans missed a service 30k ago, (change, not flush) and this one should have been a change and not flush as well.
  5. Sorry swath diver, I didn't see this part of the question until now... To answer that question, I purchased this Suburban with roughly 72k miles and had ALL the fluids serviced that same week (except wiper and blinker). I have not had the transmission fluid serviced since then. I cannot confirm, but I sincerely doubt the previous owner had the transmission fluid serviced in the first 70k.
  6. Grumpy Bear, I'm going to ask if I can do that bypass during the replacement (and stock cooler omit) as long as it doesn't effect the warranty. If they shay away from that, then its their dime, if it goes south. Heck, I see this replacement as a challenge to work that transmission now ?
  7. Well the jury has convened and its bad news. The Torque Converter Schmidt the bed. ? So I am going to replace both the Transmission and Torque Converter. I have shopped around a little and the average cost is $2500 (plus-minus $400) for a 'remanufactured' transmission, not sure if Torque Converter is included in every search, plus labor and misc, puts me at $4500 average. Warranties are all over the map. Not entirely happy with the places I have contacted today- too many attitudes, too busy to discuss any detail, bad reviews, or just not professional over the phone. I'm going with my dealer who has always given me top notch service. I'm looking at $5100 for a GM Certified replacement Transmission and Torque converter installed - 3 year 100,000 mile warranty. they will provide a 2019 GMC Sierra Pickup as a loaner - could be 1-2 weeks.. We often try to justify our choices and actions. Here is mine... Had I taken the advice of the masses and left the transmission alone, I would not have this expense. Replacing all the transmission fluid at once is seldom met with triumph with todays transmission. And I can now be added to that statistic. However, over the past 5-7k miles, I have noticed a harder than normal down shift with second gear. I even had the dealer do a relearn reset and did not notice any improvement. So this transmission had had an issue simmering for a little while...and now that I have subjected it to a heavy tow, and immediately did a full flush - I just exasperated any potential transmission problems. I must now assume responsibility and except my fate. . On the bright side, "I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching Geico" - NOT
  8. CORRECTION - after reading the service document, I realize a fluid flush was done and not a fluid change... Here is what was written: " Perform Transmission Flush Maintenance Added cleansing agent to dissolve and suspend gum and varnish buildup throughout transmission. Completely flushed old fluid and contaminants and exchanged all transmission fluid. Added Fluid conditioner and ensured proper fluid level 13 88862156 Fluid 8.8 N " So I'm hoping there is still contaminated fluid that remained and that another full flush will correct the problem and there is no (permanent) damage.
  9. New problem... got back from trip and since the trans has 60,000 miles since last fluid change (not flush), I decided to have it done. on way home from dealer, the transmission now shudders from 2nd gear up (6 speed), back to dealer in morning
  10. Bypassing the Trans Temp doesn't sound like something I want to dig into (at this time), but certainly nice to keep that as another option.... Installing a cooler water thermostat for the engine sounds like a feasible mod to improve the temp of both the engine AND trans. I understand the pros of the cooler water thermostat, (engine and trans both influenced), but what might the 'cons' be?
  11. Update: With the added Aux Transmission cooler installed (in front of the radiator). I made the trip...about 700 miles round trip. 1/2 freeway, 1/2 county roads. A fair amount of hills, and road destruction. The transmission temperature fluctuated between 195 and 200 (according to instrument cluster gauge). The only time it seamed to creep up to around 212 or 213, was when I would stop at intersections, exit ramps ext...and this did not happen every time. The real difference I noticed was with the added transmission cooler, the transmission temperature would not creep up as often, and recover sooner. It should be noted the engine coolant temp remained rock steady at 210. So I am going to conclude these temps to be normal for my setup...??
  12. I had an additional (large heavy duty) trans cooler installed (yesterday) and took the travel trailer for a pull today. I got the same transmission temps ?.. so now I’m even more confused. 210+ is too hot (even in tow haul mode) added aux transmission cooler still getting same trans temps
  13. My Setup: 2015 Suburban LTZ 4x4 5.3L with 3.08 gears standard trailering equipment (from factory) dos NOT include the factory integrated brake controller I added a Tekonsha P3 brake controller I am pulling a (new to me) travel trailer that has a dry weight of 5091 lbs I also have a weight Distributing Hitch and a single anti-sway controller According to the 2015 GM Trailering Guide, my tow capacity is 6000 pounds (I thought my tow capacity was 8000 and felt pretty confident when I acquired that trailer, but then I found that GM trailering guide after the fact ) this puts me at 85% with NO payload added. While pulling the trailer home, (about 30 miles from place of purchase), I really babied the suburban. I used the trailer haul mode and kept a very close vigil on the transmission temp (bordered distracted driving ) my normal transmission temps were 190/195, and when pulling it was running close to 210 (outside air temp 85). Here are my concern/question(s). How hot is too hot for the transmission? What temperature will trigger the transmission overtemp warning? How does this Suburban protect itself? (limp mode at a specific temp?) How do I negotiate a fairly long steep hill? At what temp should I take action?
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