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  1. I'm seeing a scary trend Anyone have their transmission issues addressed BEFORE it became an issue? Is this even possible?
  2. Denali cluster in SLT

    not sure - perhaps someone else may see your post and provide that answer
  3. Denali cluster in SLT

    if you look at those lists - you will see that for each year/model listed, there were several part numbers and the ones in bold are the most recent for that group. Also, if you read through this thread - you will find the dealers won't sell you a cluster - but there are a couple sources that will White Audio and Media will get back to you, their office is is closed for a few days - must be patient.
  4. Denali cluster in SLT

    you will need to review page 29 of this thread to find the correct part number for your vehicle. it is also very strongly suggested that you take some time and read through this entire thread, 95% of your question's will be answered.
  5. Has anyone modified their hight mount Third Brake Light to flash or pulse (a few times) when brakes applied? I have had this on all my motorcycles and think this would be a great idea for the Suburban. I know its not "legal" in most states, but neither is it for motorcycles in my state and I never got a ticket for such on any of my bikes.
  6. I have 113,900 miles on my 2015 suburban 5.3l with no engine or transmission issues so far. Any one els?
  7. In aviation - we have a saying... "Take off is optional - Landing is Mandatory"
  8. I like this feature! Im not an aggressive drive (unless I get ticked off by some jackwad playing with their phone).... I believe the alert/brake saved me from an accident during rush hour when cars were stacked up, we were on a sharp curve, traveling about 35mph in a 55 (I did say rush hr ) when a jackwad on her damn cell, cut me off and then immediatly hit her brakes because the guy in front of her brake checked her. Happened so fast I believe I would have at the very least made contact with her bumper. And for you arm chair driving experts, there was plenty of room between me and the knucklehead who brake checked the jackwad.
  9. Denali cluster in SLT

    the only way to obtain CarPlay and keep the factory nav was to replace both the modules (radio and nav modules) - - what you saw in my post was the meat of my receipt - if you know a cheaper way - I'd say go for it
  10. From what I have gathered so far, the catch can is an effective tool in reducing the contaminate's that recycle back into the combustion chamber and that is only a plus for your overall performance. But how much of a plus? As far as reducing intake valve carbon buildup - I have almost 115,000 miles [and didn't have to clean the valves every 30k as some claim] on my ride and no noticeable degradation in performance, NOR have I experienced any miss/stumbling or any other symptoms that have been discussed here. I do take it to my dealer for the oil changes (between 3-4k on this rig) and it's always full synthetic dexos). If/When I experience carbon/intake valve related issues, I will take a closer look at this mod, but until then...
  11. Denali cluster in SLT

    when I went through this process, this is what I had to purchase to accommodate the desired blue/green cluster... yes, $1200 plus shipping was spendy, but it enabled me to: keep the factory nav - which which work with both the cluster and HUD also - I really wanted CarPlay AND - I wanted the CarPlay to work with my steering wheel controls Product Quantity Price 2014 - 2016 Chevrolet CarPlay / Android Auto Enabled Factory System Programming Options - Last 8 of Vehicle's Vin Number: (your vin here) Please Select CarPlay System Needed ($300.00): I06 CarPlay/Android Auto- WITH Factory NAV Please Select: I understand that if I'm purchasing the I05 CarPlay for a 2016 Vehicle, MVI will require the old module back as a core. MVI will email a core form to me before the product will ship. If not purchasing for a 2016 vehicle, No core form will be required Please Select: I understand professional installation is recommended and MVI only allows up to 15 minutes of installation support. As a custom business MVI is not able to provide on demand tech support. Tech support will need to be scheduled via text message (more info below). I have also read MVI’s Terms and Conditions and agree to these terms. 1 $1,199.00" My suggestion is you go to White Auto's website and contact Chris through that channel. confirm the above is required, and the part number to your cluster
  12. Does anyone have any real life examples of intake valve carbon build up based on different types of oils? conventional, vs semi authentic, vs the different types of synthetics. etc?
  13. Denali cluster in SLT

    my 2015 was manufactured/sold in 2014? Blue Denali Cluster was installed and working great

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