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    2014 GMC Sierra 1500 W/T 4.3 2wd
  1. Most useful truck mods?

    My 2 favorites immediately come to mind. -Fisheye mirrors if you don't already have them. -ScanGauge II, you can monitor just about everything going on with your truck, and it can tuck nicely just about anywhere. It also reads codes if/when the CEL comes on. I second the bug deflector, especially with the easily chipable windshield and paint. I have a smoke colored AVS on mine(full size, not low profile) and have no complaints at all.
  2. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Finally got around to cleaning/repainting my ugly, rust covered frame. Did everything behind the front fenders, my wax is still well in tact up in the front.
  3. Crappy radio reception

    I personally think my radio reception is great. Every station I listen to comes in crystal clear all the time, which can't be said about any other vehicle I've been in.
  4. Oil Change Question

    I always check mine every few mornings before starting. It always gets checked cold, on level ground, parked in the same exact spot. When I use the full 6 quarts for my 4.3, it's always a little bit above the full mark, but that could just be the dipstick is off by ⅛".
  5. No power steering

    I had a similar issue a few months ago, except for the battery drain. Anytime it rained, the power steering would quit, and then cut in and out for the next couple days. Found a connector that wasn't sealing right going to the assist motor. I let it dry out, then packed it full of dielectric grease. Made sure the gasket was seated right, and I haven't had an issue since. Just a thought...
  6. Gas Tank - How low can you go?

    I personally have never seen the low fuel light in mine. Lowest I got the tank was sitting right on E, and the 34 gal tank only took about 28 gallons. Usually fill up around ⅛. Over the winter, I try not to get it below ¼.
  7. I think this could be a cool idea, but it leaves a lot that can go wrong. I personally wouldn't want to give some Amazon driver access to my car/home, but convenience trumps privacy/security to some people. Although I will say, it seems that there haven't been any issues with the in-home delivery.
  8. Load Causes F150 Aluminum Bed to Break

    I used to work at a landscape supply yard. Had this guy come in with a 2015 F150 right after they started selling them. No bedliner or nothing, and he wanted like 5 yards of cobblestone, taking it half a yard at a time. I was always as gentle as possible when loading material, but his brand new bed was full of holes by the time he had brought home 2 yards At least he wasn't like most others with brand new trucks, insisting their half ton could carry 5k lbs because "it's a lease."
  9. GM sells a harness that plugs in next to the brake pedal. The installation guide tells you which wires are which, so you know what to connect to what on the controller end. I got mine at the local dealer for right around $20, but they're probably a lot cheaper on Amazon. GM part #2318-4088.
  10. 2017 Ecotoc 4.3 sound

    I do think that the LV3 is a rather noisy little engine, at least compared to other newer engines. I don't mind though, I like knowing it's still under there!
  11. I have the OEM "mud flaps" on mine. Whole truck is still covered in stone chips. Although, I'm sure these GM ones aren't too good at guarding much, probably will have much better luck with the Weather techs. My KO2s, daily commute on gravel roads, and the garbage paint probably don't help much either...
  12. Happens to me after almost every cold start. Throttle input doesn't matter.
  13. Maybe check your drain plugs too. I had one that wasn't properly seated behind the seats. Anytime it rained, the vinyl floor lining would be soaked underneath.
  14. I keep about 3-400lbs sitting right over the axle for traction in winter. I lose an average of around .5mpg compared to running empty. This is ontop of my toolbox that probably weighs 200lbs with everything in it. And yes, the ride is much smoother. If you want to see a harsh ride, ride around in an empty truck with the old-school Hendrickson rear suspension. Gives me a hernia just thinking about it lol
  15. I do have a couple complaints, but the major one is my own fault. I jumped into it pretty quick, and was willing to settle for something not quite what I wanted, so long as it was reliable. It's a single cab, and I'm 6'4". There ain't much room in GM single cabs, and I'm starting to realize I can't drive much more than 20 minutes without taking a stretch break. The other complaint I only deal with a couple times a year, and that is driving in fog at night. These projector headlights suck for that. You'd be better off strapping a couple Yankee Candles to the grille lol. I'm having to start to put a little money into it, but not much I wouldn't expect on a 5 yr old 75k mile vehicle living on Michigan's crappy roads. What's more important to me is it starts every morning and has yet to leave me stranded...knock on wood. All in all, I do still like my 14. Gas mileage is great for a truck (22 avg in the summer months, 18 in the frigid winter months), and it starts up every morning. I just wished I had looked harder and longer for a truck I can comfortably fit into lol.

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