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  1. Water build up in Oil

    Yeah Wforrest08, those exact words. I talked with them today and they did mention the pcv possibility before I could bring it up. For now I'll just drive it more often to see what happens. Thanks for all the help and ideas guys.
  2. Water build up in Oil

    A sample was taken. Its not coolant, it's water. I guess they dumped some out and it froze. The dealer contacted GM and the solution was to drive it more often to burn off the condensation build up or have the oil changed more frequently. I understand the idea but this isn't the truck's first winter, I've owned it since 2015. I'm limited where I live with GM dealerships, I really don't have any other choice unless I drive 150 miles to another.
  3. Water build up in Oil

    I understand that usually when I get to my destination my engine is most likely not at the normal running temp but when its -10F non of the vehicles around here are.
  4. Water build up in Oil

    I live in Minnesota, It's cold. I use a garage and it's not heated. My commute is not far, about 5 miles from work but I always warm the truck up before leaving. I cant be the only person that lives with a short commute that has issues like this. They said it wasn't coolant, it was water. But that much water since a oil change 200 miles ago?
  5. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra SLT 5.3 with 10,500 miles. Within in the last month the engine has started to run rough miss firing, pinging, knocking etc.... Brought it in to the service center and they replaced the fuel pump, intake gaskets and changed the oil due to fuel smell. Pick it up, runs great for 200 miles and I start having the same issues. Bring it back to the service center and now they say there is a large quantity (8oz) of water in the oil that is causing the is miss fires, ticks, pings, clunks. Their "fix" if you want to call it that, was to just change the oil. Nothing else. I'm not a mechanic by any means, but I'm also not fool under the under the hood. I understand condensation build up with hot and cold but 8 oz on water in 200 miles in the oil? I'm not buying it. The dealership is playing this off as "Normal." I know this is completely bogus. Any thoughts, suggestions other than complaining and telling the dealership how ridiculous their answer to the problem is. Oh and the kicker! I had to pay for the oil & filter change because of the water in it.

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