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  1. Ok great, I will just order the 35w canbus kit then. I sure appreciate the help
  2. I am intending to buy a set of 35 w hids from ddm tuning. I've been talking to them and cant seem to get a straight answer. I will be buying the canbus 35w system they have. Will I need the dual relay harness in conjunction with the canbus system or can the canbus hid kit be stand alone? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Here a picture of my 285/55/22 that I got installed yesterday, I love the look
  4. The $864.33 seems steep to me for extended warranty aswell. I'm going to try some spring clamps on the leaf springs and see if it helps any and if not I'll pull the trigger on a set of 4600s
  5. Also looking at my leafs it appears that they aren't exactly straight. I'm new to vehicles with leaf springs so I'm not sure if that could cause the slight vibration I'm seeing at different speeds.
  6. Well I'm a new owner of a 2014 sierra slt crew cab with 67k miles. I also am experiencing vibrations like most of you are. I am planning on swapping the shocks on this truck with some bilstein 4600s to see if that'll help or fix the problem. Could any of you lead me to the right part number so I don't order the wrong set. Thanks in advance and glad to be a part of the group.
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