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  1. did your truck come with LT tires? check your tire pressure sticker ive seen some with LT tires listed and some like mine with P tire size listed.
  2. Honestly Till you get a proper tune done try the paint stick trick. Basically wedge a piece of paint stick under the bottom part of the gas pedal bracket as it flexes the first 5% of throttle input on some gas pedal assemblies.
  3. How many km on the truck? I know my front end is low being a non z60 truck. I'm also in Edmonton! Ha its not even cold yet
  4. The transmission thermostat reduces flow to the cooler till around 75C i think and by that time id rather have better cooling flow. on the Envoy i installed a big trans cooler and never had an issue with transmission temps with a 5.3l and 4 speed. basically id just like to keep the temps lower to prolong the fluid life as once its goes over 205-210f your are reducing the life of the fluid to my knowledge.
  5. Towing a Lance 2015.5 1995 7"lift 23ft. 5700lbs gvwr about 650lbs hitch weight. Used to use a 2007 Envoy Denali with a 6000lbs rating with just the Wife and I. Last spring we got the 2016 Silverado crew cab 6.5 bed 4x4 5.3 1620lbs payload 3.42 gears and love it. No issues with towing. added sumosprings in the rear so theres no swat even when the bed is loaded up. Been over the mountains from Alberta to Vancouver Island a few times and out to Tofino with the 18% grade coming home. Would have gotten a max tow but they are hard to find. highest transmission temp ive seen was 98C 208F this was summer heat with AC blasting going up mountain passes. keep fresh fluid in the transmission and thinking about deleting the transmission thermostat next.
  6. all K2 trucks with the vacuum pump have this recall. I got mine done in May.
  7. I've used the lug to run a coffee grinder and charge up the laptop.
  8. Dropped the pan and filter this morning slightly browner than red. cleaned it all up and refilled its a hair smoother so thats nice. what a pain to drop the pan though ended up jacking up the transfer case and lowering the exhaust like the sunday driver videos.
  9. ok this morning I had a tech friend scan for codes and nothing came up. It was warm and about 3/4 quart low on atf so topped it up and the fluid looked clean. No shudder since the one time. going to drop the pan and replace the filter and some fluid this weekend. also found a leaky transmission cooler line.
  10. So driving the family to supper today in my 16 crew cab 5.3 nice hot 21*C day had the AC on and after driving thru some stop and go traffic for 20 min and getting to the restaurant I backed into a slightly up hill stall and pull forward to straighten out and back in again and we feel a slight shudder vibration. I checked the trans temp it was 88C and sat in park with the slight shudder and checked my transmission fluid it was slightly below the hot section but i was slightly rear end high. Came out to leave hour and a half later and could just barely still feel a slight shudder and it didn't get change with a rev of the engine. I drove it the 12km home and it felt normal no shudder at stop lights after we left. Im up to 106,000km and plan to get the transmission fluid changed and filter as I bought it with 72,000kms last april and am unsure now if the dealer did the transmission filter and fluid. Any ideas?
  11. I had mine replaced 2 weeks ago. Had the rock hard pedal in drive thru lines. usually on the third to forth apply with no throttle input.
  12. Yes that looks like a needle bearing. Might wanna ask a tech at the dealer about that.
  13. Yes after initially stopping completely then rolling up and stopping one or two more times without much or any throttle input the brake pedal would build up and be hard to push offering very little assist. Now after the replacement of my vacuum pump those third and forth brake applies feel more like the first and second.
  14. This is exactly what has happened to me in my 2016 silverado. im up to 104,000kms any luck on getting chevy to fix it? kinda worried when the wife drives it and not being able to stop it safely.
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