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  1. I gave up on the charge pad and just plug in my phone it charges faster and I like to use android auto for google maps and youtube music.
  2. Always go by the Gvwr of the trailer which is too much for your current truck. you will easily be overloaded. Also a safe bet to stay within 80% of your tow rating when towing a travel trailer. I have the same truck and would not go over 8000lbs travel trailer. Look into Lance travel trailers they are built around 1/2t towing
  3. I have a 2016 Silverado 5.3 4x4 crew cab with the standard box on stock 265-65-18 tires and a custom tune. I tow a 6000lbs 23ft travel trailer and feel like its the happy medium in the mountains that we tow in. Id guess with your mods of lift and tire size you would do well with a trailer under 6000lbs.
  4. Yea the OP needs to check his trucks payload sticker as I also think its more likely around 1500lbs not 1800lbs. Also when it comes to travel trailers like stated above your ignore that dry weight and just use the gross trailer weight to figure it out. My 2016 5.3 4x4 crew cab non z71 is 1620lbs payload and I tow a 6000lbs gvwr trailer just fine
  5. 2016 1500 crew cab 5.3L 4x4 3.42 6 speed, standard bed (1620lbs payload). Only mods are K&N drop in filter, Elite catch can, Sumosprings, A1auto towing mirrors, and a custom tune. Going to do the transmission thermostat delete this spring. I tow a 2016 Lance 1995 (6000lbs gvwr) trailer over the Rockies up here in Alberta, Canada often going to the West coast. The highway to Tofino has a 18% grade at one spot and the truck does great. Its not passing diesels at will but tows just fine doing 100-105km/h
  6. id guess its likely the low tire pressure most dealers leave the trucks at to soften the ride to potential buyers? Interested to see what others say
  7. Id look into doing the transmission thermostat delete first as the stock configuration is built to get the transmission fluid up to 180.
  8. I have the same high pitch noises too, noticeable in auto 4wd.
  9. I've used the U shaped curved Seafoam hose on the CRC GDI Intake valve spray can. The Seafoam hose is made for this and you can put the air intake hose back on the throttle body.
  10. did your truck come with LT tires? check your tire pressure sticker ive seen some with LT tires listed and some like mine with P tire size listed.
  11. Honestly Till you get a proper tune done try the paint stick trick. Basically wedge a piece of paint stick under the bottom part of the gas pedal bracket as it flexes the first 5% of throttle input on some gas pedal assemblies.
  12. How many km on the truck? I know my front end is low being a non z60 truck. I'm also in Edmonton! Ha its not even cold yet
  13. The transmission thermostat reduces flow to the cooler till around 75C i think and by that time id rather have better cooling flow. on the Envoy i installed a big trans cooler and never had an issue with transmission temps with a 5.3l and 4 speed. basically id just like to keep the temps lower to prolong the fluid life as once its goes over 205-210f your are reducing the life of the fluid to my knowledge.
  14. Towing a Lance 2015.5 1995 7"lift 23ft. 5700lbs gvwr about 650lbs hitch weight. Used to use a 2007 Envoy Denali with a 6000lbs rating with just the Wife and I. Last spring we got the 2016 Silverado crew cab 6.5 bed 4x4 5.3 1620lbs payload 3.42 gears and love it. No issues with towing. added sumosprings in the rear so theres no swat even when the bed is loaded up. Been over the mountains from Alberta to Vancouver Island a few times and out to Tofino with the 18% grade coming home. Would have gotten a max tow but they are hard to find. highest transmission temp ive seen was 98C 208F this was summer heat with AC blasting going up mountain passes. keep fresh fluid in the transmission and thinking about deleting the transmission thermostat next.
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