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  1. Has anyone come up with a solution for the squeaking coming from the plastic window trim and the weatherstripping. If i push against my drivers side window when its closed it goes away, or open the window slightly. From what i can see its that plastic trim vibrating/rubbing. What did everyone do to fully fix it? Thanks,
  2. B Pillar Tick

    Has GM released a TSB on this at all. My 2018 is starting to get this noise and want to get it addressed when I go in for my oil change.
  3. I found their updated instruction manual, they want me to put those clips in every one of those holes. Will give that a try.
  4. Im trying to install my Westin 4" Nerf bars in my 1 1/2 month old 2018 Silverado. In the instructions it says there should be threaded holes in the body of my truck to install the brackets. The only place that shouldnt have threaded holes is the back passenger side. I even looked on youtube and everyone is showing the same. Attached picture is my front drivers side rocker right after the front wheel. As you can see there are no threaded holes to be found. Its the same as this all the way around the truck. Anyone run into the same issue, or what am I doing wrong?
  5. I picked up a new 2018 silverado double cab about a month ago with the 8" radio non bose. The speakers are not great to say the least. I have read the topics here and see you can just tap off behind the screen use an LOC and run right to your amplifier. The issue i keep seeing is that like most modern cars the chimes, blinker, etc are ran off the front speakers. I do not want to lose them, so i dont want to tap just off the rears. I also don't want the chimes to be amplified anymore than currently. I have seen on a post someone stating that in the kick panels gm splits off the dash speaker and the door speakers. In every stereo system I have ever installed (minimum 20-30 in my lifetime, but its been 10 years) I make sure that no factory wiring is cut and that if the stereo was taken out you would never know. What i am asking is, does anyone offer a harness that connects down in the kick panels that still allows the factory radio to power the dash speakers, but that i can then take that signal and run it to my amplifier as well as run the output of the amplifier right back to the front door speakers?
  6. Not worth the time to mass produce and sell them, just looking to make 1 if someone had a design made up.
  7. I just picked a 2018 Silverado LT up last week and noticed the poor tip in response. I noticed the flex as well. I quickly stuck a paint stick in there and it is a world of difference. On that, i am looking for a more permanent solution. I have a 3d printer at work, has anyone come up with a design that can be 3d printed? Thanks,

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