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  1. Check the junction box behind the spare tire. Your rear camera, reverse light and trailer connection goes through this junction box.
  2. Has anyone just replaced the crimped where they usually leak with AN fittings?
  3. Is your headlights LED? I came across this problem when I installed LED tail lights. I had to add this: HUIQIAODS H11 H8 H9 880 881 Wire Harness Kit 50W 6Ohm LED Load Resistor Fix Hyper Flashing Blinking Canbus Error Warning Canceller Fit Upgrading LED Headlight Fog DRL Light 2PCS In order to stop the hyper flashing.
  4. How old is your battery? When you waited 5 min. then it started again could be a loose connection, check battery, and grounds.
  5. Currently at 129,081, but this is the last pic. I took of mileage. Second trans went out at 92,000 miles while Christmas shopping. No code or the light did not come on, no forward or reverse rpm would climb when I get on the the throttle. Just had the dealer yes dealer do a drop and fill. AFM not deleted or disabled, have a catch can and replace trans thermostat with Superior Solutions bypass valve kit. Highest trans get to is 172 when I mess around and in town 140 when driving normal, 160 on highway on cruise. Truck is still stock had to replace the muffler last year with a Flowmaster.
  6. You tube has video on the RC your are considering here is one of the video. He doesn't talk about how strong or reliable it is.
  7. Bought this from Amazon for $19, works on my Silverado and Malibu. VXSCAN TPMS Relearn Tool El50448 Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Reset OEC-T5 for GM Series Vehicle
  8. I have done this update to my 2014 Silverado LTZ 4x4 added both Android Auto, Car Play and back up camera while in motion. The important thing is to get the VIN # of the donor HMI and Radio module. You will need to either take it to the dealer or know someone with a Tech. II to program to your vehicle. I bought my HMI and Radio module from "White Automotive & Media Services" https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/ . They upgraded the HMI plus have a warranty for the Module I purchased. I got the harness from https://harnessdr.com/ , I think he's on this forum (pgamboa). He has a You Tube channel showing upgrade and update to his Silverado. Here is the link that pgamboa made for this particular upgrade
  9. When was the last time you got an alignment? If the toe is off maybe 1/2 in difference not 3 in, but you said that you just had the front suspension replaced. Was it done correctly?
  10. Clutch could be going out. Check the air gap between the clutch and the compressor. The gap might be to wide a high speed to loose contact at that speed. Check this out: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/217009-rebuilding-ac-compressor-clutch-bearing-coil/
  11. Your extended warranty company will not pay to rebuilt your trans. unless they can get a warranty like a 3yr/100k. What they will end up on doing is get the dealer to replace it with another GM trans. off the self if available because it will come with a 3y/100k warranty from GM. Now you will have to talk to your service manager if you can replace the torque converter with a billet aftermarket one (which I don't think they will cause of warranty reasons). If there enough metal in the pan your extended warranty will give the gone ahead and replace it. While you have the trans. out have them check your rear main seal if its need replacing. How I know this because it has happened to me at 109,144 was 150 miles from the dealer got lucky an found a good tow company that only charge me $230 for the tow. I don't know who you have for the extended warranty, but make sure your service rep. keeps in daily contact with them, it also helps if they know the extended warranty company. Did you buy your extended warranty from the dealer, if so talk to your sales rep. maybe they can help on getting you a new trans. Good luck.
  12. Has anyone tried this instead of flipping the thermostat? I know flipping the thermostat is free, but they are saying 40-45 deg. difference in temp. from OEM. If you live in a cold climate during winter and it gets to -10 plus would this do damage to the transmission due to lack of heat?
  13. 2014 Silverado LTZ 4x4 Crew cab regular bed (6'6"). It was time to replace the shock at 100,000 miles, with all having a good review on the 5100 decided to replace the shock with them. Ordered from Amazon the rears came in first, installed them then waited until I had time for the front and need a spring compressor. The rear were about 2 in longer than the OEM shock. Did not think this would make a difference. The drive in town was improved, but on the Interstate on smooth road was quite and smooth. When you get to an inperfection on the road meaning not smooth or have little speed bumps. I get the worst trampoline effect the bigger the bumps the harsher the effect. Installed the front at the lowest sitting thinking this would solve my problem, nope same result when going over the bumps. Going off road I have no problems with cause I expect these things, but on the highway its different. Raised it to its highest setting the 4 which leveled the pickup liked the look very much. An again this did not solve my problem. I have these on for about 22,000 miles and every time on the same stretch same result the trampoline effect. I also have clamp the leaf springs 5 in forward of the axle. This helped less trampoline effect. This make me think that I need to add a leaf to my rear springs. Has any body else have or had this problem? What did you do to fix it? Am giving these another 10,000 miles and going back to stock an just use blocks to level the truck or go with Eibach or another brand. Thank you.
  14. When you say suspension. Do you mean coil and springs swap? They sell after market upgrade for the coil and springs for the 1500.
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