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  1. Yes, I had a 2003 Cadillac CTS went from a 17 to 20 in rim and the front end would vibrate between 40-55 mph. Had to buy some hub rings to compensate for the difference. It helped. You'll have to get the hub and rim measurement to get the correct rings here is a link: https://us.hubcentric-rings.com/?src=intpopup
  2. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/2014-2015-5-c-k-platform-car-play-upgrade-retrofit-programming/ Check this site. Pick and chose what you want. They will probably advise to get a new HMI and a new radio unit. Price is up there, but it comes with a warranty for the new modules. The plus is when you activate your new modules on SIRIUS XM you get 3 months trial.
  3. It's for the puddle lamp on the side mirror to come on when you first unlock your truck.
  4. Rubber still good no dry rot, yes. Checked it this morning.
  5. Hijacking thread, Who has replaced their spare tire? Is it still safe to use? I just happened to take mine off to clean and air up. The Goodyear tire was made sometime in 2013.
  6. https://globaltransmissionparts.com/6l80-6l90-sure-cool-cooler-flow-system-stl010/ Check this out.
  7. You should still be under the 6 yr/100000 miles power train warranty. Check with your dealer. I also saw this leak when I was changing oil, dealer said it was covered they also found that the seal around the oil pan was leaking took care of both problem under warranty.
  8. Here another video to look at, hope it helps especially the smoke test.
  9. Missed ready that part. Have you had it hook up to a scanner to see what's the sensor reading are? Here take a look at this: He mention that when the cats are replaced you have to reset the ECU or convert replaced updated. I don't know if you need to do that with a GM vehicle.
  10. So you replaced the two sensor before the catalytic convector or the two after?
  11. You will have to purchase the PRO version of the TORQUE App from Google Play.
  12. rockauto.com they usually have acdelco part#.
  13. This warning "Service Trailer Brake System" has happen to me the Chevy mechanic diagnose it as a "Shorted Brake Control Switch". Switch was replaced and the warning has not returned. Part # 84108373. Like you said the warning would only come up when it's raining or wet.
  14. There is a module right above the spare tire on the driver side where your rear camera plugs into. Check the connection for dirt, debris, corrosion and broken wires. I had that message, found two wires broke off they were just brittle. This is the best example I could find to where this module is located.
  15. On my 2014 it's (BTV- Control Remote Engine Start)
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