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  1. You tube has video on the RC your are considering here is one of the video. He doesn't talk about how strong or reliable it is.
  2. Bought this from Amazon for $19, works on my Silverado and Malibu. VXSCAN TPMS Relearn Tool El50448 Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Reset OEC-T5 for GM Series Vehicle
  3. I have done this update to my 2014 Silverado LTZ 4x4 added both Android Auto, Car Play and back up camera while in motion. The important thing is to get the VIN # of the donor HMI and Radio module. You will need to either take it to the dealer or know someone with a Tech. II to program to your vehicle. I bought my HMI and Radio module from "White Automotive & Media Services" https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/ . They upgraded the HMI plus have a warranty for the Module I purchased. I got the harness from https://harnessdr.com/ , I think he's on this forum (pgamboa). He has a You Tube channe
  4. When was the last time you got an alignment? If the toe is off maybe 1/2 in difference not 3 in, but you said that you just had the front suspension replaced. Was it done correctly?
  5. Clutch could be going out. Check the air gap between the clutch and the compressor. The gap might be to wide a high speed to loose contact at that speed. Check this out: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/217009-rebuilding-ac-compressor-clutch-bearing-coil/
  6. Your extended warranty company will not pay to rebuilt your trans. unless they can get a warranty like a 3yr/100k. What they will end up on doing is get the dealer to replace it with another GM trans. off the self if available because it will come with a 3y/100k warranty from GM. Now you will have to talk to your service manager if you can replace the torque converter with a billet aftermarket one (which I don't think they will cause of warranty reasons). If there enough metal in the pan your extended warranty will give the gone ahead and replace it. While you have the trans. out have them che
  7. Has anyone tried this instead of flipping the thermostat? I know flipping the thermostat is free, but they are saying 40-45 deg. difference in temp. from OEM. If you live in a cold climate during winter and it gets to -10 plus would this do damage to the transmission due to lack of heat?
  8. 2014 Silverado LTZ 4x4 Crew cab regular bed (6'6"). It was time to replace the shock at 100,000 miles, with all having a good review on the 5100 decided to replace the shock with them. Ordered from Amazon the rears came in first, installed them then waited until I had time for the front and need a spring compressor. The rear were about 2 in longer than the OEM shock. Did not think this would make a difference. The drive in town was improved, but on the Interstate on smooth road was quite and smooth. When you get to an inperfection on the road meaning not smooth or have little speed bumps. I ge
  9. When you say suspension. Do you mean coil and springs swap? They sell after market upgrade for the coil and springs for the 1500.
  10. You can always have a transmission shop do a drop and fill your transmission. If you take it to the dealer they will push for a transmission flush, but if you push for a drop and fill, talk to the service manager about your concern. If they do a drop and fill try to be present when the pan is taken off so you can look for your self. You still have 8 thousand miles left on your 5/100000 powertrain warranty? If everything looks good to you have them put in the Mobil 1 Synthetic LV ATF HP. This only my suggestion don't take my word for it research and talk to a transmission s
  11. Remote start will only work 3 consecutive times for 10 minutes at a time before you have to manually start your truck, then it's reset. Have you notice when you lock your truck with the FOB does the horn sounds, if not you have a door ajar or hood not shut. The horn sounding is your indication that's something is not closed properly. If your battery has a low charge a bunch of weird electrical things will occur. You should bring it to one of auto parts change store they usually check your battery for free. Have them load test it and if they are able to check for bad cells.
  12. The HMI box is behind the lower glove compartment, check the connection there. You could have accidently bump them while changing the cabin filter. That's also where the Onstar is connected to. Search YouTube they have a lot of video on HMI.
  13. Which spring did you get and can you post the part# and brand? This is what's happening to me, it's driving my wife and I crazy on long highway trips. Thank you.
  14. Is the sound more louder or hear it more when you are going up hill?
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