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  1. I have both nav-traffic and weather, in my opinion I will only renew the weather when the time comes. It gives you an option to reroute to avoid traffic, but google map and waze does the same an they are both a free service.
  2. Here take a look at this at 28:50 on the video, I think this will help on the pull. You might have to go to the dealer to get this done.
  3. Have you figured it out? I might have by accident. Revisit the strut tower bolt an tighten it again, if you couldn't torque it to specification which I think is 37 ft. lbs. It has worked out for me which I could kick my self, plus got tired of the wife complaining. lol.
  4. Question on the ride quality (2014 Crew cab, standard bed, 4x4). Replaced front and rear with 5100. The rear shock arrived first installed them. Smooth ride in city, but on the high that has those ruts on the road seem the rear bounce like a basket ball. When the front came in installed (on the lowest setting) thinking it would fix the problem. The bounce is still there. If I change the front setting to the third rung would this help or not? Thank you.
  5. Hope this helps. Manual-para-referencia.pdf
  6. Ok, I know this is a different year vehicle, but check your weather strip on the passenger door.
  7. I don't think you can turn it off, but from what I have seen you'll have to get a bypass harness to disable the ANC feature.
  8. BFiore, When you did your test were you able to tell if the water was coming from the front or rear.?
  9. Here is another suggestion. Saw this guys replacing his radio antenna wire which went through the firewall from the side.
  10. That sounds worst than the previous video. Something is not right. Keep us updated.
  11. Make an appointment with your Dealer have them take a look at it. Don't ignore it. If its nothing it will be documented, if its something you'll be glad you made the appointment.
  12. Yes, I had a 2003 Cadillac CTS went from a 17 to 20 in rim and the front end would vibrate between 40-55 mph. Had to buy some hub rings to compensate for the difference. It helped. You'll have to get the hub and rim measurement to get the correct rings here is a link: https://us.hubcentric-rings.com/?src=intpopup
  13. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/2014-2015-5-c-k-platform-car-play-upgrade-retrofit-programming/ Check this site. Pick and chose what you want. They will probably advise to get a new HMI and a new radio unit. Price is up there, but it comes with a warranty for the new modules. The plus is when you activate your new modules on SIRIUS XM you get 3 months trial.
  14. It's for the puddle lamp on the side mirror to come on when you first unlock your truck.
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