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  1. Wife's new vehicle is a 2021 Colorado! Z71. Right now it has only 1,200 miles on it. So far, I haven't noticed anything out of the normal.
  2. I don't even have my flapper operational.? I hose clamped it open when my truck was new!
  3. Nice looking tire, but I'm very happy with my Defender LTX's!
  4. I've run 93 in my 5.3 since day one! Not necessary, but I do just because!?
  5. I don't get good mileage anywhere. I've been running E85 for about a year and a half now. No complaints because I don't go very far all that often, and I'm retired, so to me it really doesn't matter much at all.
  6. Yeah, the Helm books are quite expensive. I don't have the truck anymore, but still have the complete collection of the Helm manuals for a 1998 Silverado!
  7. I thought is was just a matter of swapping out a sensor too. I didn't know you would have to get a tune though. I don't get good mileage, but I don't care, as I don't drive the truck a lot being I'm retired. I like the cheap price of E85 too! That's really nice!
  8. Would your tires happen to those junk Goodyear SR-A's? Even though I had 3/4 tread life left, I had to get those crappy things off my truck. In the rain more than once my back end would get squirrelly. As Jacob posted, I opted for Michelin's. I got the 275/70/R18 Defender LTX. What an awesome tire!
  9. Yep. I just had my truck inspected and was told at 45,000 miles, I should get the tranny flush, and their so called fuel system treatment. 180 bucks for tranny, and 220 bucks for fuel system. Truck has 42,000 right now. So I guess I'm safe for a few years, because I'm retired, and lucky to put 1,000 a year on her! I told them if I get anything done, it would probably be getting the valves walnut blasted, and I had to explain to them what that was all about. Is there anything worthwhile doing to the fuel system?
  10. Thanks for that info. Hopefully the possible problems encountered with E85 are hit and miss with different vehicles.
  11. When I worked (retired now) and drove 70 miles a day, my average was 22mpg. Strictly 93 octane too. I couldn't have been happier. Now that I barely put 2,000 miles a year on my truck, I have opted for E85 for no other reason that price. MPG isn't all that critical to me anymore, plus the fact I can go across the border to Ohio and pay as little as 1.83 per gallon. With E85 my mpg is normally around 16. Big difference, but so what. I'm am not a lead foot either, but the noticeable power factor running E85 is pretty cool too. I have no doubt, if I go back to 93 octane, my mileage will go right back to what it used to be. I love the fact too, my truck is a bit over 4 years old now and at barely 40,000 miles, it's still barely broke in.
  12. Not me personally, but my brother has had them on his Sierra for a little over a year now. I've ridden in it enough to say that I really like them, and they will be going on my Silverado when these POS SR-A's finally wear out.
  13. I quit looking on this forum, quite awhile ago. I think it's a pretty sure bet being our trucks are going on 4 years old, nothing is ever going to be done about the crappy radio. I don't even listen to the "regular" radio. Only XM.
  14. Hey Tonykb You know, when I got my truck inspected in November of that year (2014), they (dealer) did something that corrected it. There was a software update they performed, but it wasn't related to the dimmer. If they told me that the update corrected the problem, honestly, I don't remember. Sorry.
  15. KCG, pretty much the same deal happened with me too. Mine was performed in Sept. of '14. The "bulletin" was issued (I'm guessing) a month maybe before that. At first is was going to be an update, then it turned into a radio module replacement, and update. They had to order my radio also. I'm assuming they don't keep those modules on the shelf. My truck was built in 10/13. I got my truck 2/22/14. Like I posted, I do not remember the build cutoff date for the software only update, but it's obviously after 10/13. I'm not sure what this deal falls under, as it's not a recall, but somehow it's still like warranty work. Possibly why you didn't pay anything. My radio was a lot better after the change, but it still has it's problems. Certain stations continue to drive me nuts. One in particular that I listen to that broadcasts the Pirate baseball games, still "repeats" play by play like a skipping record. Unbelievably frustrating as these trucks are going on 4 years old now, and this radio deal, unfortunately, is what it is. Chalk it up to "minor league" engineering by GM. If I had any say about it, those involved couldn't have been fired fast enough.
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