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  1. I just ordered my Sierra SLT 6.2 4WD with a standard bed. Dealer said 0-4 weeks on the release for the the standard bed option. Not sure about the late release everyone is talking about. Of course I have to wait for GM to accept the build. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I didn't think of the hitch being in the way. Will definitely take a close look at it when I get it.
  3. Hello All, I just ordered my new 19 Friday, I ordered an SLT with 6.2L standard bed 4WD. GM has not released the standard bed option yet. Dealer said should be released in 0-4 weeks. I did drive a Denali when I was there I very happy with that truck cant wait for mine to arrive. The new multi-pro tailgate is simply amazing and will be put to the test with my construction business. My previous truck was an 08 DWR 4wd Duramax.
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