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  1. UPR Products catch installed

    Since installing the AFM device I have noticed a bit less oil consumption, at least in my vehicle. Figure a little more insurance couldn't hurt. But I also don't want to break the bank on a catch can since they seem to be all over the place as far as pricing.
  2. UPR Products catch installed

    Ok I'm sold. I'm at 50k and no catch can. I thought with the AFM disabler I'd be safe but never really put much thought into the GDI issue. Is the special still going on?
  3. I'm not a mechanic but that my friend sounds very unsafe and would not recommend it. I tried to do it with a kit at home and the those coils bent the tool! I ended up just removing them completely and sent them to my local pep boys to have them swap out the struts. $40 bucks and I got to keep my appendages lol.
  4. Yikes! What caused it? How many miles before your bilsteins were installed? leveled?
  5. Just did mine about 3 weeks ago and by what I been reading I knew it was going to be a PITA. So since I was going to be hitting 45k soon I figured I'll look into replacing the pan with a after market piece with a drain plug. Put in the B&M pan with drain plug and it added 2 extra quarts. Had to jack to front, remove front tires and inner fender shields to get better access to the exhaust bolts. Dropped about 4 qts plus filter/screen. Also changed the rear diff with a drain plug cover as it was also messy to service.
  6. 20181228_212503.jpg

    Lol. On vacation in Nevada. Found a perfect spot and couldn't resist.
  7. I have a 15 Sierra. Pics are for a Caynon/Colorado. Is the mounting the same?
  8. Anyone have any pics on how the oem factory shield for the transfer case is suppose to be mounted? I have the shield and what looks like three factory self tapping bolts.
  9. So after a few hundred miles with 5100's and leveling kit, I seemed to have developed a clunk rattle that appears to be coming from the front when going over sharp bumps or dips. I have noticed it getting progressively worse and really annoying. I have tried retorquing and smacking everything with a dead blow to try and replicate the sound while I'm under it with no success. So the only thing I have left to check is the strut rod pin and nut. I found a few threads online about this and hope it will help. Now my concern is can I loosen the nut while the strut is installed without any danger? Just seems a bit odd but I thought I saw folks take the nut off completely add washers plus locktite and sometimes adding another nut. Sorry for the rambling, I tend to post late when I'm really tired lol.
  10. Bilestein shocks

    If I go the ebay or Amazon route I just make sure that purchase from a well known retailer (summit, jegs, etc.) Most of the time they'll just drop ship straight from the factory.
  11. Bilestein shocks

    Shockwarehouse.com or ebay if they have coupons.
  12. Tires to fit

    That's what I'm running and have a slight rub (on the upper arm)on full lock. But I'm also running stock wheels.
  13. Motofab kit (2.5 front+2 back) 5100 fronts(lowest setting) and back, rough country forged upper a arms, 285/70/17 on factory 17. Rides way better than anticipated with just a slight rub on the upper arm on full lock. Now just need a side steps cause my wife and kids have to "climb" in. ..whiners lol.
  14. No love for stand alone afm disabler? I would like a tuner eventually but just not ready yet. I drive most of the time in m5 around town and its great. Just wish it wouldn't kick in to v4 while in 6th.

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