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  1. Could have bought a Superchips tuner for about $170 to turn off AFM
  2. Range Technologies

    Unless you get a LT or RST model with the 2.7L 4 cylinder. That engine uses AFM.
  3. Range Technologies

    The way I interpret it is: If the 2019 has active fuel management it will disable both afm and auto start/stop. If the 2019 has dynamic fuel management it will only disable the auto start/stop and the dfm will still function.
  4. Range device or Tune??

    I have tried the Range, Superchips and Hypertech. Never had any problems with the Range device so far. Just taped over the led light since I didn't like the floor board being lite up. The Superchips and Hypertech are about the same for power. Superchips, Edge and Diablo like to throw the power gains in for using e85 which makes them look like they make power than Hypertech. The Hypertech allows some adjustments for top speed limiter and afm that the Superchips don't have.Also gives some shift firmness adjustments on the 6 speeds that Superchips don't have. If you plan on changing tire size skip the Range and go with Hypertech.
  5. Moving the Top Speed Limiter

    I raised my Silverado speed limiter to 112mph but rethinking it now after reading this thread. I have had a driveshaft let go once. Don't want to experience that again. It was in a 81 Monte Carlo that had a built 406 sbc 4500 stall converter and 4:56 gears. Ripped a hole in the floorboard and cracked the tranny bellhousing.
  6. Get a Range device so it wont go into v4 mode.
  7. Search your local Face Book marketplace to get a idea. Around my area new take offs with 500 miles or less are listed around $1000-1200 Used with under 20000 miles on them listed around $600 I took my stock wheels off with 700 miles on them. Sold them with no tires or sensors for $200 Best I could get after a month.

    Where about in NY are you? Sandusky Ohio probably too far to deliver. LOL
  9. WTB Stock exhaust from a 2014+ 6.2 Crew Cab truck.

    The crew cab 5'8" bed and extended cab 6'6" bed would use the same exhaust. I know you said stock exhaust but if you decide on after market I have a MBRP cat back that only had 7500 miles on it.
  10. Bed mat

    I bought a Westin bed mat off ebay. Cost me $70 shipped. I have a plastic drop in bed liner and just trimmed the bed mat to fit in the plastic liner. Works good to keep stuff from sliding around.
  11. 4.3 with a Deep Exhaust

    put a mbrp cat back on my v6. I like the sound of it.
  12. Exhaust

    I put MBRP cat back on my 4.3 Search the forum here. There is a couple post about different v6 exhaust and sound clips.
  13. 4.3 v6 Exhaust Question

    I put a MBRP single cat back exhaust on my 4.3 v6 I think it sounds good. There is some sound clips of it in this thread: If you search the forums there is a couple other brands of exhaust on a v6 with sound clips.
  14. E85???

    e85prices.com list all the stations in the US. They also have a phone app. You can add new stations if you find any that carry e85. Also can notify them if a station no longer has e85.
  15. 4.3 v6 exhaust

    Here is a full throttle through 1st and 2nd gear. Not too loud in the cab.

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