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  1. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Grumpy Bear Here is my oil analysis of my 4.3 v6 using 20 weight oil. Thought I would share it with you since we both used 20 weight oil. I know you posted your results in another thread but they no longer show up. This is a mix of 3 quarts of 0w20 and 3 quarts of 5w20 Walmart Supertech Full Synthetic. No make up oil was added. Used E85 fuel the entire oil change. Currently I am using the same mix of oil but going to use 87 octane E10 fuel this time. Doubt I will see and difference but never know.
  2. 2015 Silverado 4.3 V6

    I paid $23,xxx for my regular cab 2016 4.3 v6 LS 4x4 new off the lot in Feb 2017. I would say that dealer is a little high on the price.
  3. I ran the stock factory tune. Cause there was no mpg increase with the other tunes. The shift points only change at wide open throttle. Don't see a need to change them or rev limit on a stock engine. The shift firmness on street or higher is way to hard in my opinion. Cant be good for the transmission in my opinion. The throttle and shift response felt good at those settings. I also had a Superchips tuner. Did not like the 2nd gear shift.Felt like the truck was getting rear ended.
  4. I had a Hypertech I used on my 4.3 v6. What I used was stock engine tune, stock rev limit, stock shift points, stock firmness, sport throttle response, sport shift response, street tcc slip, v4 mode off. With the 87 octane tune you only get a peak of 4 horse and 2 ft lb torque gain. The 93 octane tune gives you 8 horse and 8 ft lb torque gain.Their dyno graph starts out at 2750 rpm. Probably don't want to show you anything lower cause it loosing power.
  5. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Well the `15.7 average is combined city and hiway driving. If the speed limit is 55 i am doing 58-59 and 65 i am doing 68-69. E30 really is the sweet spot. You really dont loose mpg over e10 and the octane is 94 which is a little higher than premium fuel. I made a chart so i could combine e85 and e10 and keep it close to e30 depending on how much i had in tank before refueling. Just kind of a hasle when the station is busy because the e85 is seperate from the other pumps.
  6. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    Grumpy Bear If the temp is in the mid 70's I can stay in v4 mode up to 64 mph in east or northeast direction. West or south direction about 55 mph is the max it will stay in v4. That little bit of tail wind makes a difference. At the speeds I drive if the temp stays in the 70's or higher all week v4 mode give me 1-1.4 mpg average gain over the course of a tank.
  7. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    With E85 actual ethanol percentage range between 73% and 80% I am averaging 15.7 mpg. This is with 0w20 oil in my 4.3 v6 which helps to keep it in v4 mode a little more.
  8. Range AFM disabler

  9. Range AFM disabler

    I don't have a use for it no more.
  10. Range AFM disabler

    Range AFM disabler. Has red led lights. Has the latest 8.6r1 software. $110 shipped USPS priority mail. Have PayPal or send money order.
  11. Oil Recommendation

    There is on a rebate on that oil on their website site. I bought four of the 5 quarts jugs of it at Walmart. https://rotella.shell.com/en_us/coupons-rebates-and-sweepstakes/save-up-to-10-dollar-per-5-quarts.html#iframe=L0RJWS9nYXN0cnVjay9zdG9yZWxvY2F0b3IuY2Zt
  12. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    If you read his build thread you will understand how he gets 27+ MPG. The truck is lowered, using 0w20 oil instead of 5w30 and never driving over 55mph. It is a regular cab short bed 2 wheel drive. The rest of us 4.3 owners will never see those mpg numbers.
  13. 0W-20 vs 5W-20

    I went from 5w30 to 0w20 in my 4.3 v6. The MPG improvement is really not much. It does go into v4 more often though. I might try 0w16 on the last oil change before I trade it in.
  14. The 6.2 would cost $2510 more to get than the 3.0 diesel cause like you said you would have to move up to SLT to get the 6.2

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