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  1. Good photos, sorry you had the trouble. You are correct in how they can't fix a darn thing nowadays. I had a microswitch problem, unlike yours, with a Shark vacuum. Same deal though - wanted to replace the whole head of the vacuum for $90 because the beater bar wouldn't work. I went to Ebay and bought a $3 microswitch, threw in a little solder and boom, the thing works like new.
  2. I installed the GM Performance Intake which is essentially a cold air intake (but aren't they all?). Anyway, I've had mine in for over 10,000 miles and haven't had a single problem. Like mentioned before, when I bought the upgrade, it came with a "free" program flash for the ECU to adjust for the different air flow. Prior to getting the computer flashed, my truck ran a little rough. My guess is you need an update so that the sensors understand the new flow rate of your intake.
  3. It seems kinda simple to this country boy redneck but couldn't you get the tires you want and just have the speedo reprogrammed?
  4. I'm curious, what engine do you have in your Denali? It is a nice looking rig, by the way. I'm also wondering about the Airstream trailer...why Airstream and not one of the ultralights that have slides? I am thinking about a camper/trailer but know nothing about them. Thanks.
  5. Ken, the truck looks great. As for the topic here, I have the stock Goodyear Duratracs on my truck with 11,000 miles on them and they have been great. Off road they perform and on road they only whine a little. I couldn't be happier even if they are the stock tire. As for the tire width, you really do need to check max turn on the wheel wells...
  6. Great shots from all, however, the truck looks like it could use a little TLC...I thought I saw some mud on the side. ?
  7. Congrats on the new truck! I am on my 3rd and hope that this is the charm. I am loving my 2020 Silverado Trail Boss.
  8. I almost bought the RST but instead picked the Trail Boss. You made the right choice although your 0-60 times just went up a bit...
  9. While not a truck per se, my 2005 Tahoe LS is acting strange because all of the lights work accept the tail lights at night (only). The brake lights work, the backup lights work, the turn signals work, and the tail lights will work during the day if you force the lights on. However, sometimes, the tail lights/license plate light won't work at night but all of the other lights work. I've replaced the light control switch and nothing changed. The bulbs are new and I've check all of the fuses. I'm at a loss...
  10. Just a quick update on my Chevy Shakes situation...the 2018 with the problems has been traded out. GM corporation (not dealer) wrote me a check for the inconvenience but is still working on fixing the truck. The check was not big enough to compensate for the defective truck, however, I spent a bunch of time researching the options and decided to take the money and run. The BBB Autoline is sponsored by the manufacturers so probably not a win, arbitration usually means you lose something, and lawyers love to go to court for the $$$. The repairs are now in week 13 and going. The last part replaced was the shocks but have not heard back from the service guys as to whether or not that stopped the shaking. I don't think it worked because I had to go to the dealer for a part 2 days ago and the truck was still in the service bay. Wow, never thought I would go through anything like this and hope others don't.
  11. How about this... https://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/05/gm-infotainment-systems-ditch-text-messaging-feature/
  12. djw, whether it seems worse than it is or not, people make a considerable investment in these trucks and they should not have to deal with what seems like an impossible situation. Tell me what other than a home you invest more money in and use more for everyday life. I have been a lifetime GM proponent but they are not the company I thought they were and have treated me like they aren't responsible for the problem. When I asked how long GM would continue to keep my truck and try various repairs I was told until my warranty runs out. That is in 2 years...
  13. I'm not just on the hook, I swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. I started this process at 3,000 miles. This terd has had the wheels road force balanced no fewer than 3 times, the wheels swapped out, the front end aligned, the propeller shaft and yoke replaced, the propeller shaft runout measured, the front spindles replaced, and now they are replacing the front struts or shocks. When I asked how long this is going to continue, I was told as long as it is under warranty (2 years) or they figure it out. I have already contacted GM and asked them to do a buy back but they rejected the request. Oh yeah, GM Customer Service blows! It doesn't matter that I am a 30 year customer because Makayla told me that despite being a Senior Advisor, all she can do is relay what the dealership has done at the request of the GM engineer. By the way, nobody can contact this engineer or those directing the repairs, not even the GM Senior Advisor. Since I talked with the Service Manager at the dealership I actually knew more than the GM Corporate idiot. What a cluster...and I'm no closer to a resolution than I was a year ago. Now I'm considering going to the BBB for Lemon Law Arbitration.
  14. Return it. I have a 2018 that vibrates above 60 mph and it has been in for service 4 times. The last time I took it in, they kept it and it has been there for over 8 weeks now. Dump the damn thing, they don't know how to fix the problem.
  15. Silverado-Hareek, I can tell you that GM hasn't fixed the problem in 2010 because I had a 2013 with the classic symptoms and didn't find them until I was 2.5 quarts low on an oil change. I found cylinder #7 spark plug missing some porcelain on the combustion chamber side, changed out the plug and 10,000 miles later found the same plug oil fouled and looking worse than a plug I had pulled from my 2005 Tahoe 5.3L with 137,000 miles on it. I had called GM directly when my truck was under warranty and they denied that my VIN had any issues associated with it. That was until I found the right service bulletin that included my year and engine code. Unfortunately, when I found the good info, my truck was just outside of warranty and they beat me down. I accepted customer loyalty cash and traded that pig in for a 2018 with a redesigned engine. I can only hope I didn't get another lemon. Check out this service bulletin... https://gm.oemdtc.com/683/engine-oil-consumption-engine-oil-consumption-on-aluminum-blockiron-block-engines-with-active-fuel-management-afm-2007-2015-cadillac-chevrolet-gmc-pontiac
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