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  1. I added gloss black flares and used a K2 black GMC tailgate badge.
  2. Wheels for Pac Blue AT4

    I think Black Chrome, Machined or Chrome would be good but also gloss black wheels because the DLO trim is gloss black. I used TB wheels which are machined and like them. I also added the gloss black flares so you could do the gloss black wheels with gloss flares!
  3. Here is the document about the recall. Shows the seal replacement and latch adjust. N192217500.pdf
  4. If you doing this because the power port stays on all the time you can change it to turn on and off with the ignition. In the right instrument panel fuse block, if you move the 50A fuse from F28, and place it in F27 the power ports will only have power when the vehicle is ON, or in RAP (retained accessory power). Basically if the radio is on they will have power. That way you won't have a parasitic drain with your 12V accessories.
  5. The cover is clamped down towards the front so I don't see it flying off but the first front section I suppose could flip over. However I've had mine where they were both popped (seen after getting out of truck) and didn't see lifting at HWY speeds. Also there is a TSB for changing out the front seal as they say the seal is too firm and puts pressure on the latches and that causes the latches to pop over bumps. I'll try to see if I can find the TSB. It also states to adjust the latches. Also mine doesn't leak. I installed it myself and you do need to make sure its adjusted correctly to seal. I will say mine popped a few times and now that it has warmed up doesn't seem to be doing it...seems the seal is now more pliable which matches the seal replacement TSB. I am sure its just the supplier is waiting for the new seal to be available.
  6. Anyone See A Double Cab LT Trail Boss??

    Its coming just not yet available. You can build at https://www.gmfamilyfirst.com/build-and-price/
  7. This is just a note that the fog light surrounds are "black chrome" vs chrome on the D. However I have no problem with anyone modifying their vehicle to how they want!
  8. My AT4 with Trail Boss wheels and Wild Peak A/T3W's!
  9. Sierra 2019 AT4 mirror caps

    Here ya go.

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