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  1. Mine also started right at the 3000 mile mark... prior to that it sounded perfect! Seems like quite a few mention it around this approx. mileage.... GM needs to find a solution for it. Hope someone figures this out...
  2. Bumping this one up... anyone find a solution to the noise or get an answer from GM?
  3. Anyone have any details on this one? Having same issue and looks to be hard to isolate... also agree it sounds like a pulley. 6.2 10sp HC
  4. I’ve had it happen one just as you described, but have been able to duplicate it again...
  5. My 2019 AT4 did this for the first time today at 3k miles... actually thought I was rear ended it jolted so hard. Did feel like the trans slipped in some way. Just backed out of the drive and switched from R to D - also was on a cold start.
  6. I’ve got it as well...as described it’s a plastic on plastic sound when the truck is cold. Started hearing it at 500 miles and now at 1000 it’s still there. Sounds way back in the dash footwell to me, will wait until someone figures it out before I rip everything apart.
  7. Also went with the undercover ultra flex - you have to look for the specific model for the multipro tailgate but works perfect and took about 20 minutes to install.
  8. I agreed, originally thought it was a gimmick... however, after using it I really like it. Having a bad knee (recent ACL) this gate is amazing for getting in and out of the bed - extremely easy!
  9. I have a brand new AT4 with 500 miles and the exact same squeak. Also drives me crazy but seems to happen when pressing the gas pedal. Can’t figure it out but don’t want my dash torn apart...
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